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Scammed By Lee 147-03 182 st Jamaica ,n.y 11413?

Have you been scammed by a company using the above address? You are not alone! A lot of people have fallen prey to these scammers. However, I have good news for you!

You can get your money back, and also be informed how this scam works.

How Does This Scam Works?

Like many fraudulent online stores, this scam uses social media as a bait to get their victims. They advertise items for cheap discounts, but send something different and far cheaper when a customer orders.

Instead of a laptop mobile desk, you’d receive cheap watch. Instead of a scooter, you get a walking cane. On and on it goes!

This scam uses different Facebook Ads, different websites, email address, and of course sells different products!

However, what you should know is this; 147-03 182 st Jamaica ,n.y 11413 is the address of a shipping company.

In the real sense, it has absolutely nothing to do with the online stores that duped you.

Also, the name ‘Lee’ is just a Pseudonym that cannot be tracked. If you have ordered something from a store that used the address, you should leave a review with the store’s name.

If you received a package from the above address without ordering for anything, YOU ARE NOT SAFE! Continue reading…

Should You Be Worried About This?

Yes, you should!

This scam is called brushing, and it has been popping up all over the world ever since the birth of e-commerce. You might receive a package even when you had not ordered anything from online.

Often, the items received are lightweight and inexpensive to ship, such as ping pong balls, or more recently, face masks or seeds from China

The retailers sending these items are either doing it to amass positive reviews (buying it themselves and leaving reviews), to increase their sales numbers (yes they sent it out to you for free, they however know that people may likely return it).

Why it’s bad news for you

The fact that someone was able to have the items sent to you as if you purchased them indicates that they probably have some of your personal information such as your name, address, and possibly, your phone number. Once the information is out there on the internet, it could be used for numerous crooked enterprises.

What You Should Do About This Scam!

  • In cases were the packages come with an address or phone number you should notify the retailer. Especially if it is from known stores like Amazon.
  • Change your account passwords. This may be a sign that personal information has been compromised and to improve account security, keep a close eye on credit reports and credit card bills.
  • You are allowed to keep the merchandise. The Federal Trade Commission says you have a legal right to keep unordered merchandise.

Similar scams we have exposed ; CYiatun, Idex, Joe, and many more.

Have You Been Scammed? To Get Your Money Back!

Shopping from this store exposes customers to the risk of hacked credit card and overcharged fees. Also, customers would either receive an inferior item, a different cheaper item, or nothing at all.

You should contact your bank and request for a new credit (debit) card. On the other hand, if you used Paypal as a method of payment, you should document (screenshot) the transactions for future purposes.

It is true that online shopping has made life easier, however when ordering things online check out the following-

How old is the website? Does it provide return address? Are there customer reviews online? Do the social media icons work?

Always remember you can get the items from trusted sellers on Amazon, like the ones provided above. One of the advantages of shopping from amazon is the return policy.

Scammed? See Different Types Of Online Scam Formats

In this era of internet made easy, it is no surprise that online scams keep springing up daily. In a bid to earn more, with little or zero stress, we have find ourselves clamoring for the easy life; Ecommerce, Work from Home jobs, Investing, e.t.c

As a result of this crave, some people decided to capitalize on these wants. Recreating platforms that mirror our heart desires. Thus, we now have;

Ecommerce Scams: Well designed online stores, luring us with bonus, free shipping, and even unbelievable discounts- BuckramcePeerotKhuki e.t.c

Investment Scams: Allegedly Investment platforms that promise to double your funds within a twinkle of an eye- CryptoWorld e.t.c

Email Scams: The people behind this kind of scam send you mails claiming you have won lottery. They might also claim they have an order for you. ATTPhone Fraud e.t.c

Phishing Scams: These lots might come with the ‘Earn $300 daily from home’ format, or ‘Complete a task or survey and win Big’

Goodwill Scams: They might tell you to donate for a cause, Coronavirus Aid or even the Australia Fire outbreak

What these scams have in common is this goal- To dupe you of your hard earned money. Often times they might look like the real deal. Also, you might stumble on an Ad from them either on Youtube or Facebook. This in no way mean they are legit.

How To Avoid Being Scammed Online

  • Make Proper Research Before buying anything online. Can the product be gotten at a known and trusted website?
  • Don’t Allow the lucrative offers let you lower your guard.
  • Search For Customer reviews or users reviews online.
  • Don’t Share Your credit card details to strangers or people you can not vouch for.
  • Be wary of emails you receive. Don’t be in a haste to reply mails from unknown contact.
  • Don’t panic when you receive a ‘Blackmail’ message.


  1. Active
    Order ID:
    Order time:
    2021-01-27 13:29:12
    Shipment Status:
    All Shipped
    Payment Status:
    Your order has been shipped. Please track your package below
    Message: No message
    Contact Name:


    Contact Info:
    order electric whell chair got a bike helmet

    1. My husband ordered a yard meter for golfing got a cheap5 dollar watch.Hopefully charge card company will treat as fraud.Phone number does not work!

  2. I was scammed by this Lee company in New York too. Its been since September of 2020. My back is investigating. They GOT ME.

      1. You probably did not get an unsolicited watch.. You probably ordered something else completely different that they have substituted a watch for. Yesterday, I also got a watch in the mail and it made me suspicious. When reviewing purchases, I realized that I had ordered something on January 30th that I never received. Suspecting it was a scam I reached out to the company and asked for a delivery update. They advised that the product I ordered had been delivered yesterday, and provided the same tracking number as was on the watch. This watch is cheap, costs maybe $2.00, I looked it up and it was $3.60 on Ali Express, which tells me it costs much less than that.

        1. Hi – I received a mreurio watch I did not order from a Lee in Jamaica, NY. I cannot find any telephone number to contact them. Would you happen to have a contact tel number for them?

    1. I received Counterfeit false died BB-304 MORGAN DOLLAR COINS IT WAS 1804 $1.00 WHICH SENT TO PCGS CA. OFTER RESEARCH the results is reported as Counterfeit. Got 20 of them. I cant find third party services phone number . Its unfair. Cheetahed.


    1. I ordered a product from China and traced though China Post to and to shipper Pitney Bowles then to Cal . PITNEY Bowles and then to Atl, Geo. Pitney Bowles WhenI receieved the item nothing like I ordered it came from Lee 147-03 182 st, NY 11413 Paid with Pay Pal

  4. Yesterday, I got a package from Lee. It contained a cheap battery-run toothbrush. I didn’t order ANYTHING from this place. I checked my account and nothing was charged. But believe me, I’m not using anything from a Chinese place, since it was unsolicited. It’s going in the trash. I have reported it to a scam site.

    1. I also received some cheap easter bunnies today and i ordered nothing from here.. Also checked all accounts and credit cards and luckily can’t find anything.

    2. I Ordered from china paid by Pay Pal The tracking number had been changed to a cheap item from Lee in NY Who is changing the trackng numbers to a cheap item from Lee in NY and keeping the ordered item My item was tracked to Alt, Ga. to Pitney Bowles and was to be picked up by UPSP not from Lee in NY Beinging investigation on

    3. I ordered a large rotating 3 Tier shelf for like fruits and vegetables on a Juicing group I belong to, buy one get one free came out to $55.57 got a cheap battery powered blue tooth brush today worth maybe a $1.00 ( YeeMall Trade Co. LTD )

  5. I received a package from lee, which was two bottle of cream, I did order an aloe face cream but what I received isn’t that I have ordered. Plus they charged me extra money.

    1. I received a pkg. Today a stupid looking stuffed octopus and a man’s waler Did not order this garbage. I better not be charged for this crap . And yes it is from China only I can not read the. Crap I am gonna call my company and i better not be charged.for this garbage did not order

  6. Kales Mall Store advertised kitchen adjustable shelves. I paid for express shipping and today I received a cheap watch. Monday I am cancelling my debit card and see what can be done. I’m done with Facebook advertisements!

      1. doesn’t work. When they ship you the cheap junk they then have a shipping receipt that you received “a shipment”. If you contest with PayPal the seller will say they have proof of arrival of the shipment. When you complain about a wrong item then you are told to ship it back (to China), which costs more than your item. That’s the scam. Pay Pal does not care, their got their share of the money and don’t care about their customers as the scammers are making them more money.

        1. I used Paypal Credit rather than just Paypal linked to my account. I’ve filed a claim and have picture/PDF proof of the item I purchased and what I received. Claims Department is telling me that the difference is so great that it will most likely be refunded. I would say to use PayPal Credit any time you can. AND, I’ve learned to check the age of the website before I purchase. If it is less than a year old, do not order from them.


  8. Received cheap plastic set of stairs for ailing dog. No purchase receipt, no documentation. one sheet of paper written in German

  9. I just rec’d a thermometer from Lee which I didn’t order. I have some things on order and I’m not sure what I’m not going to receive ..

  10. I had order a Expandable Faux privacy fence from a company name suppose to be from china , i received a small package in the mail today totally different , not what i order , big scam from Lee from jamaica queens , what a damn shame , i am trying to get to the company if it is real

    1. I ordered the same type of fence. What a joke. Nothing like advertised. Person on email was Kalmedi. Different names. They will not pay to return the product. Told me they will issue a refund but won’t pay to ship back. They also use a different address as well. I found the address on google. Its a distribution center attached to a Dollar Store. They are buying things cheap and selling high through false advertising. Your best to sell the items yourself

  11. I order two bubble bee wreaths…I received the wreaths but the quality was horrible, cheap, and not the correct size. I disputed with my cc company.

    1. I ordered the same thing. JUNK JUNK Size was wrong. VERY CHEAP. Size might have looked good on a bathroom door

    1. I was scammed, too. PayPal is investigating. 8 may stop shopping online except for Amazon.. PayPal should have removed this company months ago.

      1. Judy. Why LEE company has not been removed from Paypal is ato mystery to me as well. I’m at a point where I’m no longer using Paypal to handle any more of my online transactions. Strictly direct credit card transactions from now on.

        1. paypal has many complaints about this company, they let all of us get scammed and has done nothing to stop those who have done this, i will not pay this to paypal either, they allowed this to happen, this will n=be there loss not mine

          1. OK pay pal needs to take care of this and if they don’t than they have a address all I need

  12. We received a a skull head mold ?
    have no idea what we actually ordered !
    but it wasn’t this !
    will have to go back over all my orders not received and bills.
    this is why I use PayPal

  13. I received a package today from Lee, it was 3 funko pop key chains and a cheap watch. I had ordered a box of Amazon electronics returns, definitely not what I got.

  14. why is this guy allowed to keep doing this ?????????
    as Americans we trust people .. this guy keeps screwing people . where is the AG from the state of New York … i got a cheep 5.00 camera .. NOT what i was promised

  15. They were selling Seiko watches on facebook. I bought one. About a month later, I got a super cheap in the mail. It’s NOT a Seiko it’s a OSHRZO. What the heck is that?

  16. I order four different lace front wigs from 2021wigs it took a month and a half to get items only to get all four of the same wigs that I did not order, and they too came from Lee. While I was tracking my order from China. I want my money back!!!


  18. Ordered aqua shoes for my trip to California that the wrong size and not what I ordered. The phone number does not work, and I didn’t get a complete address on the return label to send them back. Very disappointing.

  19. I got one of the Packages from Lee Saturday with face mask, electrical outlet face plate, & little silver chain, things I knew I’d never order. Looked up return address & found out it’s some kind of scam & now I should change all my pass words.

    1. I received these ugly gloves…both like a garden glove…with wicked finger tips on right glove
      …I Neverending ordered them

  20. I received a thong bathing suit I didn’t order it and I can’t find anyway to contact them when I replied to the website it told me that the company doesn’t exist I wish I could have known that it was a $50.00 mistake I want the bathing suit I ordered and paid for not this huge thong I hope they are caught and put in jail for stealing money from us

  21. I received six tops last night. Only one looks vaguely familiar; the others I would never wear. I also remember ordering long or 3/4 sleeve length and these are all short tee shirt tops. There was no paperwork inside the packages and I can’t find any documentation on my order or from PayPal. I can’t even remember who I ordered them from – it was so long ago. I guess a charity is getting five new blouses. One is so ugly it should be thrown in the garbage. Why did I not take a screen shot of my order!!!!! That’s on me I guess. These people are a**holes!

    1. I ordered a tent off of a website saying it is from return warehouse but got some weird mini blanket in a little pouch. Good thing I didn’t pay alot but still not what I expected. It is from return warehouse in Jamaica, ny. Has anyone got their money back?

  22. I didn’t order from EZLogistics I ordered from Coinystore so they may also be crooked because my order was delivered by EZLogistics,with absolutely no paperwork in small flimsy package.Unfortunately my order was quite expensive supposedly being silver coins,which I am having checked by a reliable coin dealer.also my credit card was billed to a company called Miloenzo London who I never heard of but asked Coinystore ,they said they were affiliated with them,I assume also crooked?

  23. I purchased a smartwatch from your company that does not sinc to my phone. I misread the directions on the website in order to smartwatch that does not work with my phone. What is the address I can send it back to get a full refund on my credit card?

  24. I purchased a plasma cut saw and paid 39.99 for it. It came broken and not what was advertised. I have been trying to get a refund from the company I ordered from. They keep giving me the runaround on email. I paid through Paypal.

  25. I don’t know what or even if I ordered anything from RETURN WAREHOUSE located at 147-03 182st Jamaica NY 11412. But I received a mustard color 6×6 inch bubble pack padded RIPPED OPEN – EMPTY envelope in my mailbox. Surprised my mailman would even complete the delivery of an empty mangled envelope. Furthermore, I wouldn’t know what date, company name or product to search my credit card/bank record for to even begin to investigate or ask for a refund. SUCKS!!

  26. I ordered 2 pair of what I thought were leather sandals. Paid $70.67. What I got was cheap, smelly, plastic shoes that don’t even fit. When I email them to return them, because the site said 100% money back guarantee, I get an email back from “Aurora” saying how sorry she is and offered to refund me $8. After many emails she said she would now give me $18. The package doesn’t say it’s from Lee, but does say Return Warehouse and the address is that 147-03 182st St Jamaica, NY. I’m so mad!!!

    1. you need to call your credit card company. However If you can reach someone at the company such as Aurora, tell her you are issuing a charge back with your bank for the full amount unless she refunds your entire amount. Mail order companies get rated for their reliability and when they receive a “charge back” it counts against them and they are charged more for their credit card transactions….they don’t want that…my husband just got scammed too by the address of this warehouse…he ordered an intricate model and received a cheap molded piece of garbage….we have a claim going with the credit card company but it’s a pain in the **** having to do that, it really isn’t right that these scam companies continue to operate when so many complaints have been made on them!!!!

  27. I order two robot like pool cleaners. One was supposed to be for cleaning the bottom of a pool, the other fro the surface. What I got was two floor cleaners for the house. Like cheap iRobot Chinese knock offs. I filed a dispute with my bank, but these scum bags have it all figured out how to screw people with no recourse.

  28. I ordered to large pallets from what turned out to be using 147-03 182nd st in Jamaica, NY. The names associated with the back and fourth correspondence via email are Betty and Li Fiona. The email address is [email protected]. I received a small stuffed childs toy that looks like one of the ghosts from PacMan. The other was a credit card wallet from Men Bense classic. The price on it was L20 (British pounds). When onverted to US dollars, it was just slightly over $27. I have contacted Pay Pal with all documentation, including the address and this: “Need Assistance? Talk to us.
    We’ll do everything we can to make sure you love your experience with us. Have any questions or feedback? Contact us at 【[email protected]】This email was sent by 【Pallet-liquidation】

  29. I am so upset with how the media allow to do such things on here how can we stop them from posting? Here is my story of being scanned dealing with this company by the name of MYLOSO.COM
    ME: As of June 13th you all block me from sending messages & dealing with this company that charged my account on June 14th, 2021. As of today June 23,2021 I have yet in recieving a confirmation number nor a tracking number knowing that this order was cancelled by my bank being that you were informed me that it was refunded which it never reach my bank I need to know what’s going on with this order
    Their E-mail Addresses: [email protected]
    Their respond:
    Dear customer,
    During the peak season, there are a large demand of our products, so we may still need few days more to process your order though we have tried our best to speed up.
    The order  is on the way now, Here is the latest shipping information: 
    2021-06-24 00:44
    Yanwen facility – Outbound

    Second message from them:
    Dear customer, 
    Sorry about the inconvenience, 
    Which color do you receive? please send the picture of the shoes and package list, we will confirm and give you a solution, thank you.
    Me: How can you send 1/2 an order yet I was charged the full price of two items here. This items as I see came out of China yet the address is shown
    147-03 182nd Street Jamaica, NY 11413
    This need to immediately on all media’s such as Facebook, Instagram I’m not sure of all others but it need to stop

  30. I was scammed by a company called Asatory. They advertised (I’m still seeing it pop up) an Electric Car Jack Kit for $59.99 (about a $150 value). What you get is a 2-Ton Hydraulic Jack (<$20 value) that carries the same SKU number as the Electric Jack Kit. I put in for a refund thru PayPal and Asatory agreed to a full refund (including my initial shipping costs) if I send the 2-Ton Jack back to them in China. As I understand it, it would cost me a large amount of money to do that. The USPS package that the 2-Ton Jack came in had at the top of the shipping label:
    RETURN NO: Return Warehouse, 147-03 182 St., Jamaica, NY 11413. I understand that this address is a shipping company named EZ Logistics and not related to my USPS shipment at all.

  31. I just got scammed by the company flirtiva, they gave me a bra that was way too small and are making returns so impossible for me. They told me in order to get a full refund I need to send it back in the original packaging it came in, and the return address in this label is this address and I’m scared. I just want my $40 back and to get this shitty bra out of my house.

  32. I ordered two pairs of Clarke shoes off Facebook. About a month later after no order confirmation from Clarke, I receive two airs of shoes that look like the shoes I ordered but, they are very cheaply made and nowhere does it say Clarke on the shoes. I paid through PayPal so I will be contacting them.

  33. I ordered a leather handbag from DH gate and they sent me a fake pu leather bag that’s peeling. Do not trust this seller very strange it says they are from 147-03 182st Jamaica NY. They obviously have several websites and scam as many people as they can.

  34. I too just got scammed by the Lee company in Jamaica NY. I ordered a extending table and received a cheap pair of creepy woven gloves.
    Why is PP allowing this company to use their services and why does Facebook allow them to continue running these bogus add’s???

  35. I was recently scammed by ordering a discounted whiskey advent calendar from
    The items shipped have a blurry, image copier cover with cheap, incorrect items inside. It has the Jamaica, NY return address noted above. After calling and emailing the number/email address on the website, they were both inactivated.
    My payment was processed via PayPal.
    I filed a claim with my credit card company for a refund.
    Learned my lesson… if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

  36. Just went to the mail box and found a small black package that had nothing in it cuz it looked like it had been torn open and someone took the contents out! So I asked my hubby if he was expecting anything small and he said no. And the return address just said Return Warehouse and then the 147-03 182 St in Jamaica, NY. So I have no idea what would’ve been in this package but now Im wondering if this is a new type of scam or something? Where they make you think you ordered something but when you received it it was stolen so you then have to contact them somehow and they will ask for your info at that point! Not sure! But soo many SCAMMERS out there right now!! This is literally the 4th time of someone who has tried scamming us in the last month and a half!! ;(

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