Are The Pop On Veneers For Missing Tooth Legit Or Another Fad? An Unbiased Review

Did you come across the customer reviews on Reddit about Pop On Veneers? This product claim to be the best solution for your missing tooth problem amongst other things. But does it work?

In this review, I’ll share my experience buying and using this product and help you decide if it’s legit or not.

What Are The Pop On Veneers?

Pop On Veneers are snap-on veneers that hide imperfections in your teeth. The manufactures claim that it can match your natural teeth and improve your smile without serious dental procedures. You can use it for missing teeth, Discoloration, Crooked teeth amongst other teeth problems. But does it work?

How It Works

  1. Check if You’re a Good Fit: You need at least five upper or lower teeth for Pop On Veneers. They can’t replace missing teeth.
  2. Impressions: Make impressions using the kit they provide or get in-person impressions if you’re in New York.
  3. Creating Veneers: After receiving your impressions, they use 3D modeling to make custom veneers in your chosen color. It takes around 2 weeks.

My Experience Buying And Using The Pop On Veneers

I ordered an upper veneer, hoping to get a better smile, but it turned into a frustrating ordeal. The first one they sent didn’t fit at all – it was like Halloween teeth! So, I asked them to remake it. Instead, they started sending me extra kits with large mouthpieces I didn’t even need, and charged me for each one.

I couldn’t find a phone number to call, so I was stuck with emailing them. After several tries, they sent me a standard-sized mold. But when the new veneer arrived, it still didn’t fit and looked fake. So, I decided to send both back for a refund.

They told me I’d get a partial refund but didn’t specify the amount. When I finally got it, it was just $33, which seemed excessive. They also only show 5-star reviews on their site, which is misleading. If you check other places like Google, you’ll see plenty of negative reviews.

So, I was out over $400, and my refund was a laughable $33. When I expressed my frustration, they basically said tough luck, you agreed to our “pop on promise.” They basically stole $375 from me, and I’m left with nothing to show for it. Shady and disappointing, to say the least.

Pop On Veneers Pros: Interesting Things About It

  • The idea seemed great at first.
  • The process was straightforward when I ordered them online.
  • The initial shipping was quite fast.

Pop On Veneers Cons: Not So Good Things

  • The first veneer they sent was terrible – didn’t fit, looked super fake.
  • Communication was a nightmare. No phone number to call, just email.
  • They sent me unnecessary kits and charged me for them.
  • The replacement veneer didn’t fit either and still looked fake.
  • The promised refund turned out to be only $33.
  • Their website only shows 5-star reviews, which is misleading.
  • When I complained, they basically brushed me off and kept my money.
  • I ended up wasting over $400 for a product that didn’t work

Is The Pop On Veneers Legit? Customer Reports

Nope it is not. The company makes the product appear legit but its actually not. I was hoping for results like the amazing pictures they have on their website, but it just didn’t match up.

Also, it’s worth noting that their website only shows 5-star reviews, which I found pretty misleading. When I checked other sites like Google, I saw a lot of unfavorable reviews. Customer reports on Trustpilot have rated the website and the product pretty low. A customer review said

They don’t fit you can still see my own teeth when they are on, and they doesn’t fit on one side. They also have sharp edges and were dirty when they arrived. You would think that a dental lab would have extremely high hygiene standards, but that doesn’t appear to be the case. 


You should also know that you can’t eat with these cause they are like super uncomfortable and the before and after images on their website is misleading. I’d rather save money and hassle and spend the $1 to get same quality product from a bubble gum machine!

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Where To Buy

You can buy this product from their official website and also from Amazon. It will cost you $429 for one arch, $579 for both arches. Payment plans are also available.


  1. Secret Veneers: Quick and temporary solution for issues like crooked, stained, chipped teeth, gaps, and missing teeth.
  2. TruSmile Veneers: Address gaps, chips, stains, cracks, missing teeth, and crooked teeth. Customize your veneers without a dentist visit.
  3. Shiny Smile Veneers: Custom-made veneers to enhance your smile. Improve color, shape, size, length, and alignment of teeth.
  4. InstaSMILE Classic: Cost-effective way to achieve a white, natural smile without dental visits or surgery.


Pop On Veneers claim to be an easy way to boost your smile without a bunch of dental work. They’re custom-made to fit right over your teeth and can hide things like gaps, stains, or missing teeth. You should also know that you can’t eat with these cause they are like super uncomfortable and the before and after images on their website is misleading. I


Q: Where can I find Pop On Veneers near me? A: You can order Pop On Veneers online from their website.

Q: Can I eat with Pop On Veneers in my mouth? A: You can, but it’s better to remove them when you eat.

Q: Are Pop On Veneers the best option for improving my smile? A: It depends on your needs, but they’re a quick fix.

Q: Are Pop On Veneers available on Amazon? A: Usually, no. Buy from their website.

Q: Are Pop On Veneers bad for your teeth? A: If used right, they won’t harm your teeth. They’re for cosmetic use.

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