How The Viral Shapellx Shapewear Transformed My Shape: A Shapellx Shapewear Review

Curious about Shapellx Shapewear? Wondering if it’s the right choice for you? I also bought and tested this shapewear after all those Youtube ad hype and here is my review after 2 weeks.

Overview Of The Shapellx Shapewear

Shapellx is a company located in Orlando, Florida, United States that sells bodysuits,shapwears for women. They claim that the Shapellx shapewear gives you instant smoothing, shapes your core, and give you that snatched look. But is it as good as they say it is? Keep reading!

Well, as a newbie to Shapellx, I watched countless YouTube before and after videos while trying to find the perfect shapewear for curvier women. Finally, I settled on Shapellx after I read customer reviews on Reddit. Shipping took 5 days from Amazon and i quickly unboxed.

The material? Super comfy, almost like wearing a wet suit. But here’s the thing, the sizes are more for tall folks. I’m on the shorter side, so I had to switch from a small to a medium. The small was tiny, more like Asian small.

The inseam is on the short side. So, it didn’t fully smooth out my thighs, especially the back. And, the tummy area doesn’t have much compression. To fit my lower half, it couldn’t be super tight around my stomach. So, there was a little bulging below the waistband.

I have to say, it’s comfy. But in the end, I had to wear a Jockey Soft Seamfree High Waisted Thigh Slimmer on top of it for that extra fit.

Alternatively you can try Pumiey shapewear

Shapellx Shapewear Pros: What I Like

  • Shapellx’s material feels comfy, like a wet suit.
  • It does a good job curving the waist with the band.
  • It’s quite comfortable to wear.

Shapellx Shapewear Cons: What I Don’t Like

  • The sizes are more for taller folks, so I had to switch from a small to a medium.
  • The inseam is short, and it didn’t fully smooth out my thighs, especially the back.
  • The tummy area doesn’t offer much compression, so there was a little bulging beneath the waistband.
  • I had to layer another slimming garment on top of it for the best results.

Is Shapellx Shapewear Legit?

I found that Shapellx is a legit company, but when it comes to refunds, there are some issues. Ordering from them is easy, but when you need a refund and try to contact them, it’s a different story. Even if you select the refund option and send them emails, they might not reply for weeks.

How To Choose The Right Shapewear

here are the simple steps to pick the right Shapellx Shapewear

  1. Measure your waist and hips accurately using their size chart.
  2. Decide how tight you want the shapewear to hold you.
  3. Think about the outfit you’ll wear it with, so you choose the right style and coverage.

Where To Buy

You can buy this product from their official website and also from Amazon. The prices differ on these websites but their official website is currently running a 50% discount for October sales.


Shapellx shapewear claims to be a comfortable fit with soft, breathable fabric. But it’s a mixed bag, but it might work well for you depending on your needs and outfit choices.


Q: Is there a Shapellx store near me? A: Shapellx operates online, so there are no physical stores.

Q: Do they offer coupon codes? A: Yes, you can find coupon codes on their website.

Q: Do they have plus-size shapewear? A: Yes, Shapellx offers plus-size options.

Q: What are the shipping options? A: Shapellx offers standard and express shipping options.

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