My Experience Using Ulike Hair Removal Device (2023)

Are the customer reviews on Reddit true? Does the Ulike Hair Removal Device really work as advertised? The company that manufactures this product claim its a better alternative to laser treatment. As someone struggling with ingrown chin hair and stuff, i was eager to check it and here is my review after 4 use.

Overview Of The Ulike Hair Removal Device

Ulike hair removal device is an at home laser hair removal treatment for men and women. The device comes in different types like Ulike Air and Ulike Sapphire Air+, you can make your choice according to how fast you wish to see results. The manufacturers claim you can use results within 3-4 weeks of using this device.

My Experience Using The Ulike Hair Removal Device

The device itself is lightweight, but I wish it had a better shape for holding. I hear the newer model doesn’t require you to hold down the laser function, which sounds awesome for covering larger areas. Plus, going cordless would be a game-changer, especially for reaching tricky spots. The cord is a bit on the short side, if you ask me.

Now, onto the results: My legs? Major difference. Hair growth slowed way down. Face and neck? Not much to report there yet. Arm pits? A bit of a slowdown, but nothing dramatic.

Oh, and here’s a tip: Test a small area first to make sure you’re not sensitive to it. Lucky for me, it’s been a painless journey. That’s where I’m at with this little hair-zapping adventure.

Does Ulike Hair Removal Really Work?

It does work, but here’s the deal – the company says you’ll get permanent results in just 4 weeks. Well, let me tell you, that claim isn’t quite on the money. It’s effective, no doubt, but it doesn’t work as quickly as they promise.

If you stop using it regularly, your leg hair is going to come back, just like it used to. Maybe it’s a tad patchier, but it’s there. I’ve noticed that some parts of my lower legs seem to have taken the hint permanently, but we’re talking like 5% of my leg hair.

If you’re consistent with it, your hair does grow back slower, and you don’t have to shave as often. But let me be real – the time it takes to treat my legs is definitely longer than it takes to shave

Ulike Hair Removal Pros: What I Like

  • It’s painless to use.
  • Major difference in slowing down hair growth on my legs.

Ulike IPL Hair Removal Device Cons: What I Don’t Like

  • The shape of the device could be better designed for a more comfortable grip.
  • Its very expensive just like Deluxe hair removal device

Is This Hair Removal Device Safe?

So, this thing is advertised as safe, and for the most part, it is. The worst you might get is some pain or redness on your skin. But, in rare cases, it can get a bit more dramatic – we’re talking blisters, skin getting darker (hyperpigmentation), or even some scarring.

How To Use

  1. Start by cleaning up the area you want to treat and shaving off the hair you want to say goodbye to. Make sure your skin is totally dry before moving on.
  2. Get the power cord ready and plug it into an outlet using the adapter.
  3. Give the On-Off button a little press on the side of the device to turn it on.
  4. Protect those peepers with some goggles – safety first!
  5. Place the light thingy (let’s call it the light outlet) on your skin and slide it up and down.
  6. When you’re all done zapping those hairs, press and hold the On-Off button for a couple of seconds to switch the device off. Never yank the plug out before doing that; it’s for your device’s own good.

Note: Use 3 times a week during first month according to instructions.

Where To Buy

You can buy this product from their official website and also from Amazon. The price on Amazon is $299.00. There is a 50% discount going on at their official website.


Ulike Sapphire IPL device skin with ice cooling technology is a good option for home laser hair removal. However, it’s quite expensive compared to similar make sold on Amazon. Meanwhile, the online store selling this product has some drawbacks that need to be looked into like the refund policy not working. If I’m to rate this IPL Laser hair removal device, I’ll give it a 6 over 10 due to the mentioned flaws.


  1. Q: What’s the difference between Ulike Diamond and Ulike Rose IPL devices? A: Ulike Diamond is for hair removal, while Ulike Rose is for anti-aging.
  2. Q: Are there different types of IPL devices from Ulike
  3. ? A: Yes, Ulike offers various IPL devices for different purposes.
  4. Q: How does the Ulike Rose IPL anti-aging device work? A: Ulike Rose uses light to reduce signs of aging and improve skin.

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