Olypant Com Reviews: Deceit Exposed- Scam Store!

Olypant.com Review: Oly Pants is not a legit store to buy elephant pants. This review exposes reasons why you shouldn’t shop here.

With online scams springing up every day, we have taken the responsibility of reviewing products, stores, websites e.t.c in order to save you from making wrong decisions.

Our Review of this Ecommerce serves as an eyeopener. We hope it meets you well, and on time.

What is Olypants? Is It Legit?

Olypant.com is an online store that is selling different kinds of elephant pants for cheap prices.

Are you planning to shop from Olypant.com?

We advise you to take a breather, and go through this review. The Coronavirus outbreak has birthed a lot of online scams ranging from online stores, investments and what have you.

So, don’t be in a hurry to buy from any online store without checking for reviews (Not just one, as you might be misinformed)

Is this store what it claims to be? Do you run the risk of not receiving your order? Is your credit card details at risk with this store? These and many more are questions we hope to answer with this review.

Olypant.com Specification

Olypants is located on- https://www.olypant.com/

They provide the following contact info-

Mail- [email protected]

should you have a reason to worry about olypant.com ?

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Why olypant.com Is Risky- Redflags Discovered

During our in-depth investigation, we discovered the following cons of this Online Store.

No Address or Phone Number

olypant.com does not provide a return address, company address or even a customer support phone number. We find this single act very suspicious.

Unbelievable Discount

olypant.com uses it low price as a bait to make you shop from them. As we have observed from many fraudulent websites, this is just a way for them to get shoppers trooping to their store.

Suspicious Nature Of Olypant.com

olypant.com claims it sells elephant pants but there is nothing about this company on their website. Nothing at all to show that they have been authorized by the legit ElephantCompany to sell the product. Their About Us page have few words.

What We Found about olypant.com!

At first glance, olypant.com appears to be a legitimate online store selling elephant pants. On further inspection, the store has no return address, no social media page, and has no authorization seal to show that they are a subsidiary of elephant Company.

Just like Stylishmodewe, Peiwq, Patchamperes, Playsetskids, Noatanice, kznice, olypant.com lures you with low prices, but when you order for the items, they wouldn’t send you anything.

If you have been scammed by these lots, we advise you to immediately file a report with your bank. This would stop these lots from tampering with your account details in the future.


  1. I ordered 4 pairs of of pants from them a month and a half ago. I still have not received them. They show they finally shipped 2 days ago so we will see if and when I receive them and also what the quality is like.

    1. Once it shows they shipped it took about a week for me to receive mine. I ordered 6-16-2020. They sent they were shipped on 07-23 and I got them 07-28-2020. I love them.

    2. I ordered 3 and waited 5 weeks and nothing. I cancelled the order and now I have been waiting for 2 weeks for the refund which they claim they issued. Don’t hold your breath with these people!!!

    3. I ordered four pair of pants from them atleast 4-6 months ago. I never received the pants, nor did I receive a refund. Now they simply won’t answer any of my emails. FRAUDULENT!!!!!!

  2. I ordered nearly $80 worth of merch at the beginning of June and still haven’t received it. The responses to my queries regarding shipment are formulaic, with no specific detail. I’m afraid I may have been scammed. I’m reporting them to the Better Business Bureau.

    1. Same here. 6 weeks ago I ordered. Nothing shipped. Nicole, let me know if you got anything delivered.

      1. nope. nothing. none picks up the phone. The email responses seem some standard response.

  3. This is their return policy address
    Please return items to our warehouse at:

    Oly Pants

    1550 W Evans Ave. Unit C

    Denver CO 80223

    Here is their shipping info

    We ship out of Denver, and it’s a flat rate of $5.95 for all orders $0-$40. Anything over $40 ships free!

    COVID-19 NOTICE: Due to the current COVID-19 situation throughout the world, we have been experiencing some shipping delays. Some orders can take up to 1-2 weeks longer to ship due to the current situation. We assure you that once your order has been shipped, you will receive an email with your tracking number. We really appreciate your support ant patience with us during these times.

    How Can I Contact Oly Pants?

    Please fill out the form below (fastest way to get in touch with us), or email Oly Pants Customer Support at [email protected] and we will get back to you ASAP!
    You may also give us a call at +1 (720) 640-7838. Our Phone line is open from 8AM – 5PM EST.
    [email protected]. We offer a 30 day no questions asked guarantee on all of our orders to make sure you are protected.

    1. Hi-
      I placed an order on or about in July. I was then charged on July 24th, 2020 for my order. I kept reaching out to the support email to get an order status. I did not receive any updates. Months after I then received one email stating that they would replace those items that were now unavailable with items that were not even close to my original items. I declined the replacement and asked for a full refund instead. After that, all my emails were stating, Address not found!, my mail was not delivered. Until today, I have not heard or received anything. I am very disgusted at this point. They need to be held on fraudulent activity and false advertisement as a legitimate business!!!

  4. I’ve been calling a telephone number on their website to order some pants. No one has called me back. I’ve called twice.

    1. I placed an order early June and still have not received. They are not processing my refund as well. None picks up the phone in the above number.

  5. I placed an order on June 11, 2020 and have not received my order either. I sent a message asking about it on July 14 and was told that they received a large shipment the previous day and that my order would be shipped soon. I have sent several messages by email, FB, and their site over the last 2 days and all have been ignored. It’s not looking good.

  6. I ordered at the beginning of June and finally got my order today. Pants are cute. I bought 4 pairs but the ones I put on today immediately got a hole in the crotch. Not sure if they were like that when I put them on, or if they just immediately fell apart. Glad they were so cheap. There is no way these were ever worth $40 or whatever the regular price was. Comfy and cute, but appear to have serious quality issues.

    1. I just got my order today and they’re like “wish” quality pants. I googled and immediately found them on wish for 6 bucks

    2. yup exact same issue here – immediate hole in the crotch lol! Also, I ordered because the website said they were “going out of business” due to coronavirus and that is why everything was severely discounted…I remember their website made them seem like a small business raising money for elephant conservation. I wonder if these other reviewers who say “these are super quality amazing pants” are also scammers… so confusing! lol!

  7. I just received 3 pair of elephant pants this morning …it took over a month, but their return address is in Denver, CO. I am extremely happy with these pants, very comfortable!!!!

  8. I ordered on 6/9/20 and received on 7/24/20. Totally not what I expected. Wrong sizes and colors. Wouldn’t fit if they were the correct size. I wish I had seen this review before I ordered.

  9. I ordered a pair of pants on June 16,2020. I received them on July 28, 2020. I love them. It was not a scam. I got the elephant purple Lotus. They did inform that shipping was slow due to COVID-19. I expected that. The quality is good. They are comfortable. One thing though. The size that fits s-xl is snug on my hips. I need some extra room. So I will gift these and reorder. Might order more than 1 great lounge around pants.

  10. I ordered in June and still nothing. Emailed them several times but each time the response was formulaic. Not looking good. Where and who can I report this to?

  11. I ordered a total of 12 pants from this company. At first I thought it was a scam because it took more than a month before I received shipment. When the package came, I was very happy with the quality of the pants material, the color, and the make. It was just like the pants I personally bought from Bangkok which I loved and wished I bought more. I wanted to order more but they discontinued the elephant pants. They do respond to email inquiries. Of course they cost more than the price I paid in Bangkok but not as much as what they are priced on Amazon.

  12. Hi! I ordered 3 pairs back on July 23rd or something like that and got them today….August 25th. I absolutely love them!!! They confirmed my order, emailed me when they shipped. I emailed them with a question and “Eric” emailed me back within 24 hours. I am very happy and now want to order more. Very comfy and i love the material. Not a scam!!!

  13. Ordered on June 20, still haven’t received my order on August 26, and they’ve stopped even offering excuses and just don’t reply to emails now. Calls to the number provided are routed to voicemail and never returned, the address they provide for shipping returns has no such business of record present, the top search results return multiple reports of fraudulent activity, and the responses here that counter are generic and repeating the same phrases. Reporting to the Colorado Attorney General, CFPB, and BBB is my next step. YES, A SCAM!

  14. I ordered a few pairs in May. Still have not received them and never got shipping info. It’s been almost 4 months. I’ve reached out to them via email multiple times and they have replied timely each time, assuring me that they “just received a large inventory and would be filling orders and shipping out soon!” After many emails saying this same thing, and months passing by, I demanded they cancel my order and refund me my money about a month ago. There was a bit of back and forth where they encouraged me they could get the order out “this week” and would refund me $10 from my order. I agreed. The Refund of $10 hit my account, but I still haven’t received my order or any shipment information after another month of waiting. I reached out again, demanding to cancel my order and refund my full purchase. The response was the same generic response I’ve been receiving saying they just got in new inventory and would be shipping g soon. At this point I’m at a loss for what else I can do, but I’m furious that I fell for this scam. All I can do at this point is share my experience and hope that others don’t get scammed by this company.

  15. I placed my order on 6/16 and still NOTHING but the same lies from them every week. Last week they said they would be shipping (as they do every other week when I contact them), finally I see a shipping label created 5 days ago and still nothing has happened. I have learned my lesson with ordering from Facebook ads, never again. And if you are thinking of ordering from them, think again, DONT!

  16. Finally i got my product after 2 months and 22 days . They were so kind. They always do reply the email . I’ve ordered 4 pairs. I admit they take a long tym to proceed. But it was worth it. Even they refund me $15 . I paid $47 for . So only $32 for 4 pairs. M the happiest customer. Wish I could show all the e evidence.

  17. Hey folks just letting you know it’s a scam I ordered $40 or $45 worth of pants never received them they don’t have a phone number don’t order from these low lives!

  18. I ordered four pairs of pants in July haven’t received my refund Harry received the pants I continually send them emails because they don’t have a phone number

  19. Hi pinpointed them to Pennsylvania and I landed there I’m going to proceed to finding out where they’re located I do see an address my husband is an attorney and this can be a class action lawsuit

  20. Hey folks, this company is a fraud. My friends husband is an attorney, and they are waiting on their refund for an order made in July, and received an email today, that refund has been issued.

  21. I just want to keep everybody updated so this company deleted a previous comment that I had put in because I had ordered four of its products and never received them and this morning I received an email that the refund has been issued I will keep everyone posted and how long this refund will take to be deposited back into my account in addition they are alive and running well because I continue to get emails from them about sales

  22. I ordered 2 pair of pants almost 3 months ago and I just received them yesterday. They are cute, but the fabric is a much cheaper quality than I thought it would be.

  23. I ordered 3 pairs of pants in June and have not received them. Emailed with them many times and the same response on each email. I dont know if I should hold my breath on this any longer

  24. I ordered 2 pair of pants in July for my upcoming vacation. Well now my vacation is in 4 days and still no pants. Mine was deducted from my account immediately after placing order. So upset

  25. Im very upset too that I am a victim of this scammers, they thrived on cheating people’s hard earned money especially at this pandemic era. I ordered back in july,22,2020, 4 pairs of pants as they were posing on their website that they are closing because of the crisis so they are offering huge closing discounts, I felt pity for them so i ordered a few items but until now i have not received any. They are so quick to collect the payment even before they can fulfill the items. And look at there ads now, more stocks are here trying to lure people again to buy them. I thought they were running out of business but they are still there because they scammed our money. Such wretched souls, i have emailed them several times but to no avail, they just lie and lie. I hope this people get sick of something that will make them realized how bad they are and hopefully they will come to their senses and stop scamming other people’s hard earned money.

  26. I ordered three pairs of pants In July. It is now November and still nothing. I have emailed them weekly about the status of my order and they apologize every time and say they will ship my order this week. Welp nothing. and then I get text messages telling me to order more and I’m like wtf??? I haven’t even received my original order! Demanding a refund. This is absolutely ridiculous

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