Is A Fraudulent USPS Website: How This Scam Works is a fake website that tricks people with scam emails and texts, pretending to be from USPS. They say there’s a problem delivering your package and ask you to visit their deceptive site to fix it.

On Google, you’ll see questions like ‘Is safe? Is legit?’ In today’s post, we will answer these high concerns about this fake USPS platform.

How The Scam Works is a fake website pretending to be the official United States Postal Service (USPS) platform. They send fake messages that often says something urgent like “Package couldn’t be delivered” or “Extra fee needed”. It might also give you a fake tracking number to make it seem real.

The website asks for a small fee ($1 – $3) to fix the delivery issue. While it may seem minor, the real goal is to trick you into providing personal information, like login details and credit card information. This can lead to identity theft or financial fraud.

Evalauting Website

This website is brand new, set up 3 days ago by a company called NameSilo. The email address on their website is [email protected] and phone number is +1.4805240066.

How To Do If You Receive A USPS Message

If you get a USPS notification, go straight to and talk to customer support to check if it’s legit. Don’t click on links or call any numbers in emails or texts that seem fishy. Keep it simple, be cautious, and verify directly with USPS.

How To Identify A Fake USPS Message

  1. If you get a random text from USPS, it could be a scam.
  2. Watch out for tracking numbers in texts that you didn’t ask for.
  3. If the link in the text isn’t taking you to the real USPS site, it’s fishy.
  4. Be wary if the message sounds super urgent or tries to scare you into clicking.

What To Do If You Fall Victim To USPS Scam

  1. more info.
  2. Call your bank – let them know what happened to secure your account.
  3. Change your passwords – especially for email and money stuff.
  4. Keep an eye on your bank statements for weird stuff.
  5. Report the scam online to stop them and protect others.
  6. Warn your friends and family about the scam.
  7. Be extra careful in the future – double-check unexpected messages about deliveries or fees, especially if they want personal info or money.


Finally, is not connected to the real U.S Postal Service. If you share your info there, you could be opening yourself up to identity theft or credit card scams. Even though the site might seem real, it’s risky, so be careful and don’t give them your details.

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