Pearl Lemon Group Job Scam on WhatsApp – Don’t Fall Victim

Have you received a content writing job offer from someone on WhatsApp claiming to be from Pearl Lemon Group? Beware! it is a scam.

Employment scams are on the rise again. This time around scammers are posing as Pearl Lemon Group recruitment agents. They send job seekers WhatsApp messages about a job opening, then proceed to scam them after gaining their trust.

This article sheds a light on how the job scam works, warning signs to look out for, and what to do if you’re a victim of this scam.

Exposing The Pearl Lemon Group Scam

The scam starts with a fake job offer text, after which recipients are told to download Telegram or Signal app for the interview. After the sham interview, the victims are told they’v been hired. However, after the first day of work, you’ll be told to pay for a “VIP” package before you get your next payment.

If you do so, the scammers would request for more and more insane ‘upgrade fees’. At the end, the victims don’t get paid a dime, but instead lose their money and time.

Complaints From Pearl Lemon Group Victims

On TrustPilot and Reddit, victims of the fake job offer scam left the following reviews and complaints;

Big scammers – stay away! You will get scammed!

John Coetzee

It’s a scam. Do not fall for it. All goes well for the first day and you’re happy to get paid. Then they insist that you pay for a “VIP” Package of R1200 before you can get your next payment. Once paid, they want another R5000 then R10000 and so on. You lose your money instead of getting it!

Safe Low

Pearl Lemon Group Job Offer Red Flags That Reveal It’s a Scam

1. Unsolicited Job Offer

Legit companies and organisations do not send unsolicited recruitment job texts without receiving an application letter from the job seeker. The scammers behind this Pearl Lemon Group are randomly sending WhatsApp messages to job seekers after getting their information on job sites like Indeed, Linkedin, Simply Hired, etc.

2. Contacts You Via WhatsApp

As technology evolves, so do scams, and some recruitment scams have migrated to texts or online chats especially via WhatsApp. Most legitimate companies don’t reach out to recruit via text unless you already applied on the company’s site and opted to receive text messages.

3. Impersonates a Recruitment Company

In order to gain your trust, the scammers are using the brand ‘Pearl Lemon Group’. The email and telephone number used by this scam isn’t that of the legit company ‘’ ‘’

4. Asks For Upgrade Fees

 The scammers are using the ‘Upgrade to VIP Package’ as a scam tactics to con people. Always remember this; legitimate employers and hiring managers don’t require an application fee, training fee or upgrade fee. Sometimes this fee can be labelled ‘equipment fee’ for training. Whatever name it is, don’t fall for it.

 5. Too Good To Be True Pay

It feels great that a company is fast-tracking you, contacting you within an hour of applying, and doesn’t require an interview or checking references. But as the saying goes, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Actions To Take When Approached By a Job Recruiter Online

No matter how tempting a job offer is, when approached by a recruiter, these are the things to do;

  • Search for reviews online using the name and telephone number provided by the recruiter
  • Do not provide sensitive information like your DATE & YEAR of birth, Social security number, or bank account information.
  • If the text or email contains a link, do not click on it as it could be malicious. Often times, hackers pose as job recruiters to gain access to their victim’s data. Clicking on the link might install a malware on your device that’d easily steal sensitive and confidential data.
  • Trust your instinct- if the job offer seems too good to be true it likely is a scam.


Like The Staffworks Recruitment Scam, Pearl Lemon Group job offer on WhatsApp is a scam and not from the legit Pearl Lemon Group Company. This job scam uses ‘Upgrade fee’ as a tactics to rip people off their money. Don’t be a victim!

When approached by a job recruiter either online or offline, the first thing to do is research the company and the job opportunity. Find the company on the internet and review their online presence, including their social media. Enter the company’s name and the word “scam” on search engine to see if the business is legitimate.

If it’s a scam, you should report to law enforcement agencies in order to stop the scam and create awareness. You can do to the FTC via or Internet Crime Complaint Center.


  1. I work for Pearl Lemon and we are a Marketing Agency in the UK. Our business is legitimate and honest. However, we’ve realised that some people in South Africa have been using our brand to run a scam where they basically ask for paid training and then disappear. I would like to point out that we are not related to this scam in any way and would like to apologise to anyone who might have been affected by it. We are working to fix this!

  2. As a member of Pearl Lemon I can vouch for the company in stating we would never reach out to ask for payment for you to be paid and if we are actively recruiting we have a very particular interview form- no informal pay us to be paid over whatsapp.

  3. I can confidently confirm that Pearl Lemon is legit. I’ve had the privilege of working with them, and my experience has been incredibly positive.

  4. Thanks for posting this article to notify people of this scam!

    I have been working with Pearl Lemon for around 18 months. Pearl Lemon is a legit agency and does not hire by texting candidates on whatsapp. If someone messages on behalf of Apple, and dupes a person, one can’t say Apple is a scam, but can surely say the person who got duped was dumb enough to got taken for a ride. As long as we continue to be fools, scammers will thrive. Why blame a company which has nothing to do with the scam?

    Be vigilant while receive unsolicited job offers esp. those that ask for money. no company does that 🙂

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