Is UPDREX USPS Text Message A Scam? Read This Before Clicking

Are you one of the many who have received a text message claiming to be from USPS and directing you to a website called UPDREX? There are concerns that this could be a scam and this article aims to provide clarity on the issue. In this article, we will review UPDREX and explore the possibility of this being a scam.

What is UPDREX USPS Text Message?

UPDREX is a website that appears to be a package tracking service. From their website, users can input their tracking number and receive information on the shipment’s delivery status. The UPDREX website also offers additional services such as package redirection and the ability to change the delivery date.

The Text Message

Many people have received a text message that appears to be from USPS, stating that there is a package waiting for them. The message also contains a link to UPDREX for package tracking. The text message then prompts users to take action. Oftentimes, these messages come with an urgent tone, stating that the package will be returned or canceled if the user does not act soon.

UPDREX Website Review

At first glance, the UPDREX website seems legitimate. However, upon closer inspection, we found some concerning red flags. Firstly, there is no mention of any company information on their website, which is usually common practice. Secondly, the website’s privacy and terms of service policies are in poor English and do not seem to have been written by a professional. Thirdly, the website’s IP address is located in France, which is quite suspicious considering it is a supposed US-based delivery service.

Who Owns UPDREX?

Despite our best efforts, we could not find any information on the owners of UPDREX. The website’s registry information is protected by a third-party service, which is another red flag. Due to this lack of transparency, it is difficult to ascertain whether UPDREX is legitimate or not.

Is UPDREX USPS Text Message A Scam?

While we cannot definitively say whether UPDREX is a scam or not, there are several red flags that indicate that it could be one. Firstly, the urgent tone of the text messages is often a sign of a scam. Secondly, the fact that the website is not transparent about its owners and location is a concerning sign. Thirdly, there have been reports of people receiving multiple text messages from different numbers all using the same wording, which is highly suspicious.

How to Stay Safe Online

To stay safe online, it is important to always be vigilant. If you receive a text message with a link to a website you are not familiar with, do not click on the link. Instead, go to the official website of the company and input the tracking number there. Additionally, always verify that the website you are on is legitimate by checking for the company’s information, terms of service, and privacy policies.

What To Do If You Have Been Scammed

If you have fallen victim to the UPDREX Email Scam, it is essential to take prompt action to limit the damage and protect yourself. Here are the steps you should take:

  1. Contact your bank or credit card issuer immediately. Also m
  2. Inform your bank or credit card issuer about the unauthorized transaction and request a chargeback.
  3. Change your online passwords: If you have shared your password with the scammer, change your password immediately.
  4. Also be sure to use a strong and unique password for each account.
  5. Report the scam: You can report the scam to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) or your local law enforcement agency.
  6. Check your credit report: Monitor your credit report for any suspicious activity.
  7. Stay vigilant: Be alert for any other phishing scams or suspicious emails, and do not share any sensitive information.


While UPDREX may seem like a legitimate just like other websites we have reviewed, there are several red flags that indicate it could be a scam. From the suspicious text messages people receive, to the lack of transparency about its owners and location, it is important to exercise caution. Always verify that a website is legitimate before inputting any personal information.


  1. Is UPDREX a legitimate package-tracking service?
  • While it appears that way, there are red flags that indicate it may not be legitimate.
  1. What should I do if I receive a text message from UPDREX?
  • Do not click on the link in the text message. Instead, go to the official website of the delivery company and input the tracking number there.
  1. Can I trust the information provided on the UPDREX website?
  • This is unclear. Due to the lack of transparency about the website’s owners and location, it is difficult to trust the information provided.
  1. How can I stay safe online?
  • Always be vigilant and verify the legitimacy of websites before providing any personal information.
  1. What should I do if I think I have been scammed?
  • Contact your bank or credit card provider immediately to report the incident and freeze your account.

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