We Tested Magnus Kristof Fuel Saver – Here’s What we think about this Invention!

Early last week, we stumbled on a YouTube Ad for Magnus Kristof fuel saver invention. The Ad claimed ‘Magnus Kristof’ a Norwegian teenager invented a plug in that saves 20% or more on fuel. Curious, we decided to give it a try.


We ordered the gas saver from Shopovia.co and it arrived with an instruction; ‘It should be plugged into your car’s cigarette lighter socket’. Of course, it sounded suspicious. However, we were curious to know the end result. Immediately we plugged the device into our car’s cigarette socket, it started showing a blue light.

We tested it in a 2008 Prius. We lost about 6 mpg, even though we didn’t drive up to150 miles. 

It didn’t work for us. It didn’t reduce any fuel consumption at all. It just kept flashing light like some night police man.

Magnus Kristof Fuel Saver: What WE think about this Invention

It is just a piece of junk that we’ve seen recycled many times. Anything plugged into your cigarette lighter socket will draw energy only. Real capacitors are installed in battery lines and do not function like the video ad describes, they only temporarily supply power during the moments the battery is not able to, for a short burst of time. Any location after the Car’s Computer Control Module will not make sense to install any capacitor.

Fuel savers only exist in fairy tales and advertisements. We’ve seen similar products, and in reality they don’t work.

Secondly, the unit DO NOT have any connection to OBD communication. Only what is connected is Power for the flasher to flash. In order to do what these companies claim, you would have to redesign the car. The major parts of how much fuel any car uses are: vehicle weight, tire size, rolling resistance, friction in moving parts, number of moving parts in the driveline, etc. There is nothing plug and play that can alter these basic factors.

Meanwhile, when you visit the website offering the gas saver you’d notice the following inconsistencies;

  • You have to check a box saying you have read and agree to store policy. However if you try to read the store policy, you get a “404 page not found” error.
  • The Website can’t decide if the inventor is Percy Belsen or Magnus Kristof

If you’re thinking of reducing fuel consumption, Energy.GOV has a list of helpful fuel-saving tips including combining trips, stripping your car of unnecessary weight, keeping your car in tip-top shape, and how to avoid aggressive driving.

By themselves, each tip might not seem like a lot but, combined over time, the fuel-savings make a difference.

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