We Reviewed EcoTune Plug & Drive Fuel Saver – Here’s What we think about It

Whether it’s a chip or a plug, who doesn’t like the idea of a product that saves fuel? Not you or us. This is why we bought and reviewed EcoTune fuel save also known as Eco OBD2.


We ordered the product from ecotune.luxestone.com and it came in approximately two weeks. First of all, the website promised us that our fuel consumption would be reduced by 35%. They also offered us a 59% discount. Sounds enticing right?

When the package finally arrives, we were surprised to see the words 15% save fuel. What happened to the 35% we were promised earlier? I guess its another sales trick right?

Anyway saving 15% fuel is not bad. At least we get to use the money to buy some cold ice cream. Well, lets get to the real testing & driving. We tested it in a 2008 Prius. We lost about 6 mpg, even though we didn’t drive up to150 miles. 

It didn’t work for us. It didn’t reduce any fuel consumption at all. It just kept flashing light like some night police man.

EcoTune Fuel Saver: Pros & Cons

Sorry, there’s nothing to like about this product. It is just a piece of junk that we’ve seen recycled many times. As of 2017 this same product entered the market. It was ‘Ecofuel’, and similar to EcoTune it didn’t do zilch.

What these sites do is buy hundreds (if not thousands) of generic OBD2 fuel savers from China for $3 a piece (or less,) design their own packaging, and re-sell it to you for $40 a piece.

Although they’re sold under different names, with unique packaging and have fancy websites, these OBD2 fuel savers are all scams and should be avoided at all costs.

Ecotune doesn’t affect fuel consumption in any way. Let’s be realistic – it was only made for profits. It is simply a magnet that you fasten to your fuel line. It doesn’t re-align the molecular structure of the fuel before it reaches the fuel injectors. It is just an expensive LED flasher.  

Does Eco OBD2 Really Reduce Fuel Consumption?

Ignore the positive reviews online, OBD2 units do not work. When we opened and dissected Ecotune Plug & Drive OBD2 unit, we discovered it is just a junk. First of all, it doesn’t have any drive for CAM.

Secondly, the unit DO NOT have any connection to OBD communication. Only what is connected is Power for the flasher to flash. In order to do what these companies claim, you would have to redesign the car. The major parts of how much fuel any car uses are: vehicle weight, tire size, rolling resistance, friction in moving parts, number of moving parts in the driveline, etc. There is nothing plug and play that can alter these basic factors.

If you’re thinking of reducing fuel consumption, Energy.GOV has a list of helpful fuel-saving tips including combining trips, stripping your car of unnecessary weight, keeping your car in tip-top shape, and how to avoid aggressive driving.

By themselves, each tip might not seem like a lot but, combined over time, the fuel-savings make a difference.


    1. I can vouch for the fact that these things are absolute bullshit. I bought one and installed it per the directions.
      The first thing I noticed was an LED blinking at a rapid rate. Kinda flashy. A really big show about nothing.
      Next thing I did was to fill my tank and zero the trip odometer.
      For the next ten fill-ups I recorded the gallons consumed and the mileage. Except for a trip of 230 miles, my mileage was 19.9 to 22.1 mpg. My extended trip mileage was 25.3 mpg.
      (That always happens on a long trip)
      Previously to adding the Ecotune to my car the mileage was 19.9 to 22.1 mpg.
      The blinking LED didn’t help at all. Don’t spend $25 + on a blinking LED.
      Remember the words of P T Barnum

  1. Thanks Dani Reviews. I was planning on purchasing 2 of the Eco Tune has savers from their website. However, I decided to check with Amazon for a price check. Amazon did not list the “Eco Tune” but had the “ecoobd2” plus many,many others listed. That is when I determined that all of them was just a scam as many of the reviews indicated. So, I decided to do some research at Dani Reviews. Thank you Dani Reviews, you saved me over a hundred bucks.

  2. I ordered one. I think I paid $39.95 but it could have been one of those fill out a survey and get a prize things for just the cost of shipping. I dont remember for sure. I plugged it in and when I came to the step asking you to press the “reset” button, I couldnt find such a button. I went online looking for customer service to ask about it and ran across a video article saying this thing is a big scam. Other scam articles are also out there about it. I searched quite a while and finally found a phone number to cancel my order. I called and got an agent who told me that it had been sent on a trial basis for 2 weeks and since I hadnt cancelled in 2 weeks, I would be charged $59.99. They had evidently tried to run my debit card but it didnt go through. I told him I would not pay a nickle and would be cancelling my card. He said I would be reported to the credit bureaus but he didnt ask why I wanted to cancel and he didnt deny my claim that it doesnt work. I am quite sure it doesnt do as they claim.

  3. Bought two, at a ridiculous price to find they can be bought on ebay for a couple of quid, a fiver at the most. Complete waste of money, don’t be scammed as I have been.

  4. Dammit yes I too fell for their tricking scam. Also came with a max fit G3 watch (which doesn’t power up at all) and a grime slime dust cleaner (I have no clue to what this item is) for price of $60. The price I paid for ecotune and fit watch was only $39.95. This other item magically jumped in the bag and I see I had to pay $20 more dollars for. Mahalo for the reviews… I will check review before purchasing items next time. HNY Aloha!!

  5. Yup….I’m just one more of the people dreaming that it is possible for a piece of plastic with a light to do miracles…..(it can’t)…..SAVE YOUR MONEY!!! DON’T BUY THIS CRAP!!!

  6. fell for the scam also even got a free health montor watch with my order and guess what battery charger not included

  7. So severly taken by these sick humans. Bought 2..”thinking” I could recover the cost at $57.00 …NOT..! And after I figured it out…not only that..the freaks then put me on some kind of $19.99 monthly web service (which I found on my chking acct after 3 months)..but I didn’t call until March 2022. (They made it hard to see the phn #..and no Eco Tune name on the cc. charge info.)
    So..between a bogus $57 purchase..they then stuck me with $120.00 for a web service I neither never heard of or signed up for. Oh..they’ll regret trying to steal from me.!!

  8. I also bought 2 of them; “There is a Sucker born every Minute” If anything, my mileage has gone DOWN!

  9. I bought 3 for 82.00 and wanted to send them back. 30 day money back. But once you open you can’t send them back plus you can’t get ahold of anyone to respond. Don’t buy it it’s Junk. And don’t call the number it’s a scam number wanting you to add money to your phone account

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