Gooddealsus Homepage Image Review: Deceit Exposed- Scam Store!

Gooddealsus Review: is not a trustworthy store to buy bags, accessories and baby reborn dolls. This review exposes reasons why you shouldn’t shop here.

With online scams springing up every day, we have taken the responsibility of reviewing products, stores, websites e.t.c in order to save you from making wrong decisions.

Our Review of this Ecommerce serves as an eyeopener. We hope it meets you well, and on time.

What is Is It Legit?

Gooddealsus is an online store that is selling bags and reborn dolls for cheap prices.

Are you planning to shop from

We advise you to take a breather, and go through this review. The Coronavirus outbreak has birthed a lot of online scams ranging from online stores, investments and what have you.

So, don’t be in a hurry to buy from any online store without checking for reviews (Not just one, as you might be misinformed)

Is this store what it claims to be? Do you run the risk of not receiving your order? Is your credit card details at risk with this store? These and many more are questions we hope to answer with this review. Specification

Gooddealsus is located on-

This store provides no contact info-

Mail- [email protected]

Number- 1-877-2534927

should you have a reason to worry about

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Why Is Risky- Redflags Discovered

During our in-depth investigation, we discovered the following cons of this Online Store.

No Address does not provide a return address or company address. Apart from the mail address and phone number in the store, there is no mention of where this store is located.

Unbelievable Discount

gooddealsus uses it low price as a bait to make you shop from them.The baby reborn doll size they’re selling for that amount is twice below its original price. As we have observed from many fraudulent websites, this is just a way for them to get shoppers trooping to their store.

Suspicious Nature Of

gooddealsus does not provide social media icons below their homepage. Even when we tried searching for their page on Facebook, we came across nothing. Also, there are a handful of negative reviews from customers on Trustpilot.

Below is what a customer has to say about Gooddealsus-

After waiting so long for the item to be delivered I was very, very disappointed in the quality of the bag. It was badly made and the seams did not align. One of the zips is faulty, it smells awful and it does not look like the picture at all!!!

Their broken English correspondence via email was answered very quickly when I chased the item but now I’ve informed them of my disappointment, they have not replied yet… – Sharon Henry


What We Found about!

At first glance, appears to be a legitimate online store selling accessories, dolls and utensils. However, on further investigation, the store provides no social media buttons, no address, and was registered barely weeks ago.

Just like Stylishmodewe, Peiwq, Patchamperes, Playsetskids, Noatanice, kznice, lures you with low prices, but when you order for the items, they wouldn’t send an inferior quality or sizes smaller than what you had ordered for.

We don’t recommend this store. We advise you to shop from trusted sellers on Amazon as you can always get your money back if you are not satisfied with your order.


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  1. I am so upset with myself, I knew better and still tried it. My daughter wanted one of the dolls for so long. I saw the price and decided I could pay it. As soon as they replied to my e-mail I knew something was up. They send me a second email telling me not to worry, I would get the dolls as soon as they finish them. It’s been only nine days since the purchase, but I need to get in touch with them and let them know I am filing with better business bureau.

    1. I had never seen a doll like that before and quickly ordered one for my daughter. I continued to search online for cute baby dolls like that and realized how expensive these dolls are and that I most likely got scammed.

      1. I paid $70 for mine and it came yesterday its 6 inches long and holes in it and was chinese.
        Do not buy from these scum bags .

    2. I ordered one of the dolls it was supposed to be a boy after waiting over a month and writing I finally received a doll about 7 inches long very poorly made not dressed like a boy I could have gotten one about as good at the local dollar store. I would like to turn them in. Not sure where to go to turn them in it is a fraud as far as I am concerned.

      1. Report to BBB and/ or your state’s Attorney General. I found out the guy’s name from my PayPal account & started a dispute on that charge (2 dolls). The guy, Salvador de Guzman, in Malaysia, was the one who got the payment. He then sends the order to a 3rd party go fill it ( dolls came from a ctr in NJ). So he gets your big bucks & the fulfillment ctr sends you the crappy doll that probably costs $1 ( made in China, etc), leaving Mr Guzman w/ a tidy profit of $ 54dollars For 2 dolls!
        After PayPal got involved, this guy Offered me $18 back for the 2 dolls!
        I refused & told I wanted full payment back ; he then offered $50 out of $59 , not including the S/H of $7..
        For future reference, I suggest you all use PayPal( free to join) for online purchases as your credit card # is not given out & is more secure & they pay the merchant. They had the leverage to go after this guy when I disputed the charge & told PayPal what they did.
        Beware of good deals; too good to be true..

        1. What happen with paypal? Did you finally get a full refund? I am in that process and so far they have offered 12 dollars and then 18 and now 1.50. I have declined all offer and stated I want a full refund. Whats the chances of getting it?

          1. Keep insisting on a full refund, but make sure you claim through the PayPal dispute process. When I filed a dispute through PayPal the scammers quickly increased their refund offer. If they don’t refund you should be covered by PayPal buyer protection policy.

    3. You should also follow up with your credit card company or PayPal if you paid that way. File a dispute and you most likely will get your money back.

      1. Well today some how the seller said that I agreed to a refund of $25.00 and pay
        pal closed the file!? I did not agree and it is useless to try to get any response from Pay Pal! They simply say case closed. That’s not fair at all! but then also today I got another email from the seller offering $5.00 this time!

          1. Website unreachable where are they advertising on Facebook if so i will stop these scammers in their tracks.

          2. I see their ads nonstop on my Scrabble Go App. that’s why I started searching their info. they are posting ads with videos showing ‘lifelike’ puppies – clearly real/CGI.

          3. The adds come up in a game called “Thug Life” you can access game through Messenger.

          4. Sharon in response to your question they are not as such advertising on FB they are using adverts that pop up during a game such as lightning slots and even Gambino slots,They pay the games owner to post the advert so you get extra chips for looking at it,FB are allowing this to happen,China is using it as a cyber attack of sorts they get addresses and contact details and from some people they get bank details,as not everyone uses paypal,These companies are only a few weeks or even days old yet look legit right down to the little security tags from Mcafee,and Verisign.I can’t believe facebook is allowing it but Zuckerberg is only interested in his bottom line not in his pubic users.

        1. Same thing happened to me. I eventually got about 80% refund and PayPal closed the case. I challenged that via PayPal and they said I had agreed to the refund amount – I did not agree. I have since been offered another small amount if I return the junk they sent me. Not worth the postage of course. I have implored PayPal to disassociate themselves from gooddealsus and they say they have passed on my message to the relevant dept.

    4. At first, I hesitated, trying to get a better discount, but then decided to buy 2 realistic Teddy dog Lucky to give to my Gt.Granddaughter for her 2nd Birthday, n as I was showing my daughter what I had ordered, there was a scam alert on my screen, but I had already ordered n aid for for the order! The order has arrived but nothing at all as advertised! Only two soft s! No animation as described! I am now trying to complain n get my money back! Wish me luck!

  2. I ordered one of the dolls. My credit card was charged on June 12. I still haven’t received the doll. I have complained in more than one email. They say they don’t have a record of me ordering. I sent them a picture of the charge on my credit card. I gave them till Monday, July 6th to resolve the issue . This is the fourth issue of ordering something online. I am through with it unless I know it is a reputable company!!!!!

  3. I just fell for it and ordered a girl doll for my niece?? Should I be concerned I won’t recieve my purchase? Or worst yet can they steal from my account??? Please help???

    1. I ordered the girl doll, journey, suppose to be 17 inches long, I got it today and its about 5 to 6 inches longhand looks like a doll from the dollar tree. I am very upset and trying to get ahold of the company

        1. It’s so easy to fall for these scams when you’re on a low budget. I just did unfortunately, only 10 mins ago. I ordered a little pup toy that acts like real.

      1. Go through your credit card company or PayPal account and file a dispute – they have insurance for this type of transactions and hopefully these scammers will be caught and stopped.

    2. Maybe you will but definitely not what you ordered.
      I ordered 2 of them and I received two 7inches tall, absolutely ugly plastic dolls. And they are light like a feeder. No free baby bottle.
      I’m trying with my bank if I can get my money back.

    3. I suggest you let your bank know. Definitely scammers. I received my doll which is $2 if that, 7 inch long and weighs 72 cms. I paid through PayPal so have escalated it to resolutions.

    4. File a dispute with your credit card company or with PayPal if that is how your paid. They have insurance for this type of fraud. I was worried about my account as well, however, when I phoned the Credit card company to see if I need to cancel my card, they assured me I did not have to do that. The scammer will be blocked from ever putting anything through on the card.

    5. This is a scam. When I ordered did not think it was coming from China. Said stock. It is a 1.00 carnival doll about 6 inches. Very ugly. I am putting on Facebook what a scam. If you want to return you must send to China which will cost you as much as the doll. Am notifying PayPal and my charge account.

  4. On june 1st i ordered a balloon for my grandaughter it cost £12 still waiting do not advise anybody to use this site.

  5. I ordered two dolls for my two daughters . Supposed to be 17inches long with hair , possible and lifelike . What I received was a doll that I could buy for £1 at the pound shop . A tiny hand held crappy doll o. One of them even had a dent in its head from being sent in a flimsy bag and one was a boy other was a girl but they were both identical crap dolls with no lifelike qualities like genital areas lol DO NOT BUY their reviews are obviously fake made by them with fake pictures stolen from real people. They should be ashamed

  6. do not buy from this company. I ordered a Lifelike journey reborn doll. I received it in a zip lock type bag. It was about 8 inches long and looked awful. I was worth about 3 dollars at the dollar store. Its awful. i will just throw it away it was that bad!!

    1. The same thing happened to me too. I was so upset when I got it. There should be something we could do about people like that

  7. DO NOT deal with this website! We ordered the REAL LIFELIKE JOURNEY REBORN BABY DOLL for our granddaughter who will soon be a big sister. The doll is advertised as 17″ long and fully poseable and is neither; the doll we received today is only 7″ long and will not vary from the pose in the package. It looks like something you could get at the Dollar Store and NOT something you would EVER pay $30 for (plus $8.99 shipping!) Total SCAM! I paid through PayPal, hopefully I can get my money back!

    1. Dave, I disputed it via Paypal and the crook finally gave back $50 out of $59 (not including shipping).
      Initially he offered $18.50!! The guy from fullfilment center, don’t deal w/ him.
      Paypal will go to the Payee- Salvador R. de Guzman in Malasia.

      1. Me pasa exactamente lo mismo. Estafadores en toda regla. Estoy recopilando datos y trabajando para que esto no le suceda a mas gente

  8. Do not shop at this store. I bought my granddaughters 2 reborn dolls. Received it today and they r 6 inches long. Biggest ripoff.

    1. I got mine yesterday after showing my granddaughter what she was getting for her birthday.A 6 inch ugliest thing came to haunt OMG .

  9. I ordered 2 of their 17″ life like baby dolls for my Nieces…what I got were 2 – 4″ cheap plastic dolls I wouldn’t let my dog play with….all for the 1/2 off price of $59.00 and change. No paperwork in the plastic bag (they showed them coming packaged in boxes). I went back to my receipt email & it was not available. I thought they were ligit because they were advertised on Facebook and Facebook Games.

  10. I ordered in June the reborn lifelike half price baby Journey doll that was 17 inches long with life like hair , poseable baby girl with clothes, bottle, and binky, and just got it today and received a 6” baby that looked like it was burnt and they put nude nail polish on it to cover up the spots that they messed up on and half the other part of the body was not even the same colors at all . The baby had a big spot above the eye on one side of its face it had no gender, andnot poseable, and had a quarter size spot on its back, and it was in a pair of short long pjs if you want to call them that can’t come off. Also it came in a ziplock bag . So furious right now. I’m taking pictures and putting it in another ziplock bag and and calling my bank and telling them that the account that pulled my money out for PayPal was committing fraud and to see if I can get my money back!

  11. This site is a JOKE. I ordered the lifelike baby for my granddaughters birthday and it wasn’t anything like it described. It was a cheap 7 inch piece of plastic. I will never buy from them again!!!

  12. My friend bought a doll for her daughter costing nearly $50 when it came she was horrified, there was a dent in the skull, it was poorly constructed, not lifelike at all and it stank. She contacted them and they offered a refund of $9 and they suggested she could give it to friends or sell it, which was a preposterous idea. Then they upped the offer to 50% and she refused, then they offered her $22 which is less than the 50% offered before, they said it is a small store and they have to pay for shipping and the cost of making the products, again she refused their derisory offer and put them straight about their business practices. They then asked for videos to be sent so she sent pics of the doll so far they have not replied, I suspect they are based in China because the email has a Chinese name and the standard of English is poor. She found the site on Facebook and there are many bad reviews from England, Australia and the USA One lady in Scotland who had bought the doll for her granddaughter was horrified when it came not looking lifelike at all and horribly stained in a brown substance, her story was published in Scotland’s national paper with her showing the offending doll , it was captioned ” the alien”.

  13. I had the same experience with the doll – ordered a 17” doll with dark hair that was posable / received a 7” bald doll that is smelly and not posable at all! A total scam!

  14. Like others -I have also been scammed. Purchased what was supposed to be a lifelike doll. What I received in the mail, some six weeks later, didn’t even come close to being lifelike. Words alone can’t describe how ugly it was. Had to be seen to be believed. I have emailed the company today to request a refund But don’t expect I will receive a reply. My next step will be to open a dispute with PayPal. Fingers crossed

  15. I have just received my $2 doll. Definitely a scam. I have opened up a dispute with PayPal now as got nowhere with them. They offered to refund me $9, in one email, $15 in another and $25 in PayPal. Tried to get me to wait another 10 to 20 days for the doll, which would be over the date that I could start a resolution. I will not ever order from overseas again.

  16. I have not received the doll that I ordered yet, however, I did become suspicious when I asked them about delivery and they told me not to worry that they have sent it. The link to Canada Post to trace your parcel does not work, so probably is not legitimate. I usually always review before I purchase and I am angry with myself that I did not this time. I have filed a dispute with my credit card company and hope to get all of my money back. Gooddealsus offered me $9 and told me I could keep the doll and maybe sell it to someone else. I do not believe in scamming people, so I won’t be selling this piece of garbage when it arrives. Some of the pictures that I have seen of the doll received by others is appalling. DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THESE SCAM ARTISTS!

  17. I ordered a forehead thermometer through them as a way to scan all my kids temperatures easily in the morning before school starts. I actually had seen lots of comments and pictures from people on Facebook (it was an ad on Facebook) so I assumed it was legit. I ordered July 15. No email confirmation, no shipping information. I just emailed them to track it down and I’m going the PayPal resolution next. They did have a Facebook page which conveniently they have turned off the ability to comment on their 2 posts and you cannot read any previous comments. Has to be a scam. So mad at myself for being impulsive.

    1. I ordered the same thing I have emailed them several times when they emailed back they ask for a screen shot of my order I did that they said I was confuse with another company and that their order number has 5 to 6 numbers but my order number has several numbers so look at your order number. so I told them that they are scammers.

  18. I ordered one of the dolls myself for my granddaughter. Disaster is a small word for how I feel now. The doll was a hollow $o.oo worth of doll. She was so upset she cried for over an hour. This sight needs to be removed before anyone else gets scammed as I was.

  19. I received my so called real life baby doll today. Not only is it tiny it does not weigh 3lbs as advertised let alone fit in your arms like a real live baby. As to the accessories there were none. This is a disgusting scam and I cannot believe I paid so much for a $2 showbag item. Grrrrr

  20. I like many have got caught too. Two 17 inch dolls which I paid $64 USD, only to receive inferior 7 inch plastic dolls nothing like I ordered. Currently emails back and forth and they are currently offering a refund originally for $3 now up to $10. Its sad but lesson learnt the hard way!!

    1. Don’t feel bad a lot of people are disappointed. I too ordered and received an alien doll. I have started the pay pal dispute. So far the company had offered $15. $18, and 1.50. I have refused it because their add says a full refund. Hopefully pay pal will get the money back.

  21. I’ve been going round and round with this scam company over the awful doll they sent me! I’ve told them over and over that I want a full refund, nothing less, nothing more! They offered me $22.00. If I want a refund I have to send this dime store item to China at my expense. Once they receive it they will refund me the $29.99, but not the $8.99 shipping. I declined their offer. Btw, the address on the shipping bag has a NJ address, not China. I’ve filed a complaint through PayPal and am hoping they can help me get my money refunded. I also filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.

  22. If you have not received the Life like Newborn Doll get a stop on the payment if you can. It is a SCAM
    Like so many others, I too got cheated on the purchase of a “Real lifelike baby doll- girl 17 inches” which was advertised on a very elaborate video and which looked just amazing and with a very reasonable price of US $29.99 with US$8.99 shipping costs. Normally I would check the supplier but in this case, I stupidly did not. It took 1 month for the delivery to be made and what arrived was absolute junk. A 17cm molded plastic doll with manufacturing faults through out the body where the plastic did not set smoothly. The doll was less than half the size and it was a male doll. I would not pay $2 for the this piece of junk.
    They agreed to refund the cost of the doll only if I sent the doll back with full tracking. I got the return address as listed below. After checking the cost of shipping, I decided that it was too high and chances of getting the doll costs back, were very small. It took 16 emails over a period of two weeks for me to finally take up a refund of less than half the cost of the doll. Frankly I was surprised that I got that amount back, as during the email exchange they offered $5 and $10 . Told me of all the trouble they were having with Covid 19 and encouraged me to sell the doll to another person.
    They also, at one stage, informed me that the doll was held up in customs and will be arriving soon. Communication with these people is terrible and I don’t know whether they are doing it on purpose or in fact they really have a poor command of the language and the right hand doesn’t know what the left is doing.
    I have since noticed that the same sort of advertisement appears on Facebook trading under buymybestitem . In short the company email is [email protected]
    The warehouse is:
    Heng Tailong Warehouse Co LTD
    Kapong Industrial Zone
    Xihengyi Road
    Dongshan Village
    Dongguan City

    Company’s who accept these advertisements on their platform are not blameless !!!!! they should take this advertisement off , running this video is being complicit in the scam!!!!!!!!!

  23. Una estafa en toda regla. No confieis en esta pagina pues lo que anuncian no se corresponde con lo que te envian. Articulos que ni en un todo 100 se venderian.

  24. BEWARE!!!!!
    They advertised dolls that look like the realistic NewBorn dolls. The website displayed beautiful realistic looking dolls with detailed descriptions. After a month and a half and numerous emails I received the two dolls I ordered for almost $70.00. Instead of 16″ beautiful baby dolls I received two 7″ doll that looked like squeeky toys for my dog! I am now fighting to get my money refunded. When I tried to access my account and also get pictured of the dolls to send to make my case all product links were broken and my account was gone.

  25. Same thing happened to us. Ordered 2 dolls – one boy and one girl. Paid $63USD and 2 tiny, ugly plastic dolls arrived yesterday. My daughters were devastated. Can’t believe that they would do this.
    They have offered me $3 and claim the dolls are still beautifully – yeah right!
    Will commence a dispute with PayPal

  26. I paid 38.98 US,from Australia I now know this is a scam,reading all these comments,I am now in touch with pay pal hoping for resolution.

  27. I also got scammed by these thieves and now Paypal is getting my money back as it went through them, i will also send this id to interpol and have these mongrels shut down.Get your moneyback .

  28. l am going through this mess ,why has’nt anybody stopped them.81 dollars in the hole,my god the dolls only 7 inches long ,not like the ads suppose to be 17 inches long,im trying to get a refund and their telling me some times the product is a little differnt,i told him he’s hurt so many people,all he could say is have a heart we are a small bessness and aford me 10.00 i want this place shut down

  29. I disputed transaction with my bank because PayPal was being ridiculous. PayPal did advise me to dispute with my bank so I did. Bank took care of it but PayPal still paid the merchant and said I still owe them.

  30. Thanks just saved me some money. Wanted the Yorkie Dog. Couldn’t get it to take my state. Glad I saw your website.

  31. I’m glad I read these reviews. The popular online game Words with Friends directed me to the site. It showed a puppy playing with its owner. It was so cute I went further into the site and found realistic kittens and other dogs. I was really impressed. Only God could have directed me here because I didn’t look you up. Thank you so much for the warning. If anyone has a connection with Words with Friends please let them know. I’m sure the video I watched was a real dog. Bait and switch.

  32. I bought doll, not even close to what was advertised. Asked for refund, they kept offering me to keep item and refund me $3, then $4. A big run around. I filed paypal dispute; still waiting. Beware this scam business. Now their offering a teddy puppy toy under new email Old email [email protected] new email [email protected] on Facebook.

    1. I just finished my dispute with Paypal. Initially they said I won, but I would have to return the doll to Malaysia. It was mailed to me from New Jersey. They said to provide a tracking number. USPS does not provide tracking numbers to Malaysia. I mailed the doll back, provided Paypal with pics of the package with customs label, paid postage label, and copies of the receipt where it stated “tracking is not available to this country”. Paypal then denied and closed my case because I did not have a tracking number.

  33. I was wanting to buy a life like tea cup puppy, as I’m not allowed to have a real one, ( and I’m 61years old lol ) but after reading the reviews on these companies that are selling them, I won’t be buying one.
    Thankyou so very much for helping me keep my money from these scammers

  34. Appear to do a lot of ads on facebook instant games, this time seem to have a “lifelike” puppy “yorkie dog casey” a different website same style of advert, google of product & there is Facebook keep taking the $$$.

  35. I dont understand why these are still ripping people off and getting away with it,total scammers.Last time i buy anything from facebook.

  36. I ordered a life like dog in September as of now I’ve yet to receive it. I have tried to contact the company but failed each time. I sure wanted the puppy I ordered, my Husband don’t want a real dog in the house so I thought that dog would be great. Question do anyone think the employees of the company reads the reviews about them?

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