Yagood Technology Scam- See Reviews and Solution!

“Yagood Technology” which is based in Hong Kong is a fraudulent company linked to many fraudulent online stores like zuinic.com, enjoyitem.com, e.t.c

With online scams springing up every day, we have taken the responsibility of reviewing products, stores, websites e.t.c in order to save you from making wrong decisions.

Our Review of this Ecommerce serves as an eyeopener. We hope it meets you well, and on time.

Yagood Technology Customer Reviews

  • ”This company is a complete fraud. When you inquire thru the complaint department that they provide, they respond with broken English sentences and lie about the product being an expedited to you. Even though you have already paid for an expedited delivery. They have even sent me a fake tracking number that has the item going to another address in another state. This is a big disappointment. They are a FRAUD. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING THAT IS FROM YAGOOD TECHNOLOGY!”
  • ”Ordered products from YAGOOD TECHNOLOGY on May 3rd 2020 and still have not received anything tried contacting them with no response and all contact info was bogus. Contacted the foreign embassy and was informed they were scammers and are under investigation”
  • ” Just looked at my credit card statement and had several charges from this Yahoo’s technology. I had never ordered any items or anything so they straight hacked my credit card and I think there’s two or three charges we never ordered any items they just straight billed us. Definitely fraud and on top of that there crackers”

If you have been scammed by these lots, we advise you to immediately file a report with your bank. This would stop these lots from tampering with your account details in the future.


  1. I ordered shoes on may 28th and have not received them. The item was charged to my credit card. How do I get a refund??

    1. I am still waiting for my laptop stand. They took the money out of the bank and have not heard or seen anything since.

    2. Hello Dorene,
      I ordered an indoor non smoke electric barbecue, the supplier just sent me a synthetic mat, I tried to solve this issue with supplier by e-mail, but they didn’t make any right action so I informed it to my credit card provider as a fraud, credit card provider canceled my credit card and issued a new one and I could get my money back. Please just inform to your credit card provider and then you can get your money back.

  2. I was scammed too. This time they used the cosyrainbow.com. Please do not use this site. I ordered 3 pairs of shoes because I really liked them, but they never came and I was emailing the website but no answer at all.

  3. I ordered 3 pairs of cargo shorts for $135.00aud .. that was on the 2nd of June. I read their advertisement on Facebook and assumed it was a genuine business I was poorly mistaken .. I still haven’t received any goods or money back and I only just now realised it was a filthy scam. #NotHappy

  4. A complete SCAM!!!!!! If you ordered with a credit card, notify them immediately! Capital One is wonderful. They looked into it, and put the money back on my account. Of course, “then ” I received an email from the “store” that the items were on the way. You know how this ends. Cancel whatever card you used for payment and have a new one reissued. If you used a bank card, contact your bank. Watch your statements for any questionable expenses.
    Hopefully, what goes around, comes around!!

  5. I order clear case for my sneakers and not yet received them and my card was charged how do I get my money back

    1. I ordered black cases for my shoes on 05.july.2020 and they still haven’t arrived yet.

      So is it possible to get refunds from fraud?

  6. I ordered a Bluetooth speaker and it never come remember the money you earn wrong way it will never Never give you any happiness no in your lifetime

    1. Both fraudulent accounts I have encountered were on Instagram. You’d think I would have learned after the first time!! Sounds like a class action law suit to me!!

  7. I ordered a garden kneeler on June 15 and still haven’t received it. How do I get my money back? I’m so sad I didn’t check this out before I ordered. I really explain people to live up to their word. This joke of a company?? Don’t get sucked in!!!

    1. Did the same on june the 19 and didn’t get anything …. just on the phone with my CIBC VISA and there going to do a investegation and will credit my credit card. I had ordered, 2 me and huby…. for is birthday…. so I think I solve my problem …..

  8. Yea add me to the list. Ordered over a month ago. No tracking number, no purchase email confirmation, no response from there contact email address. I’m big mad!!!

  9. I have ordered from them 2 no confirmation email and no parcel received how do I contact them?

  10. Wow! So glad that I found out about this fraud!
    I hadn’t received the two pair of shoes that I had ordered. Call credit card company to inform them of the issue. Looking for a phone number or email address to contact company, when I saw that it is a fraud ! Thank goodness I Could get this done so quickly!

  11. I ordered the garden kneeler on June 1st and today after a 6 week wait I got the tool pocket holder but no kneeler. What a joke. Company name on facebook was Adorabloe but charge on acct says yagood technology. Hope to get my money back.

  12. ordered from this company for a fixture that would help you get up in you were on your knees or working in a garden they sent me 2 cheap cloth tool bags that were supposed to attach to the stainless steel fixture charged me 58.00 what crooks

  13. Ordered clear shoe boxes, got a confirmation email, they took the money out with an international fee. Went to go check online for the tracking status, and the website is completely down. checked to see if It was a scam and here we are. Cancelled card and all.

  14. ii have ordered an item on the 22.4.2020 from Yagood Techno and never received it. They charged me é25.99 and the item was charged to my credit card. How do i get a refun

  15. Ordered an item on the 24.4.2020 from Yagood Technol and never received it. The item was charged to my credit card. How do i get a refund please?

  16. On May 25, 2020, my credit card was debited with the order I placed. Swimsuit worth $ 32.88. The order has not arrived yet. I would ask you to inform me immediately about its development. Otherwise I want you to return my money so I do not complain. My mail address… [email protected]

  17. Yo good technology Straight hackers can’t find the email on them at all luckily that I screenshotted

  18. Yo good technology scrape hackers can’t find the email luckily that I screenshot it been two months haven’t received nothing they don’t reply to their email

  19. What kind of products does this company sell? I have a charge on my account and can’t figure out what it is that I would’ve purchased.

  20. I have order garden light over 2 months ago still did not received the item item was charge to my visa

  21. Just called VISA I will get a refund and change my Credit card # Big Sam… its sad that Facebook could not help in the process. They cash the ads and help this company to steel money from people …

    1. I know, right? I too ordered through Facebook. You would think they should be all over it. They have sure been good at policing everything and everyone else.

  22. I ordered 3 puzzles on May 4th and haven’t received them. I tried to email them and the emails come back to me. I was given a tracking # but the USPS has no record of it.I was sent something saying that my order was on it’s way weeks ago.. Not very happy with this company.

  23. I ordered a puzzle on June 19th,2020 & my bank account was charged but I never got the puzzle. I am glad I decided to check them out. I will contact my bank 1st thing Monday morning. Is there any way to get my $28.97 back?

    1. NOTE: the charge on my card was from Yagood Technology Hong Kong, though the link to the purchase shows basspro.store, which you will notice mimics the name of a store in the US with a presence, basspro shop.
      I have contested the charge and deactivated my credit card, since i don’t want to worry about fraudulent charges appearing down the road.

    2. Uh-oh. I ordered two puzzles two weeks ago and just today realized it was not THE bass pro shops website – it was the basspro.shop one. The receipt showed me paying the Shenzhen Ozhuo Technology Co., Ltd. I called AMX and they said I could wait two more weeks and then if they don’t come I could report it to them and they would refund me. Thank you for posting your experiences. It is helpful.

      1. Yes, my puzzles finally came, but were two completely different puzzles, and not a good quality. BTW, I recently installed a new Orbi router at my house and when I clicked on a link in the email from the vendor, I got a spam warning letting me know this is not a good website. I wish I had this when I ordered the puzzles!

  24. I ordered a pair of shoes on 6/01/2020 but i did not recieve my order and I was charged $44.89 from my credit card. What can I do or can I get a refund?

  25. ordene unos sapatos el 6/1/2020 y no he resivido mi orden y me sacaron $44.86 de mi targeta que puedo acer para agarrar mi rembolso?

  26. Hello,
    they are bully post to 3 AXIS selfie Stick as bundle offer, i have paid for 10 nos, 300$ , and there is no response. how do i contact them.

    System Order #NC_XT_077zmy2134

    The item was charged to my credit card. How do I get a refund??

    Dubai UAE

  27. I just submitted a dispute transaction with my credit card company. Anyone that has requested a refund and didn’t hear back within 15 days should be able to do the same.

  28. Hi. I bought a dog clipper may 15 2020, and I payed 43.98 dollars and never received the clipper. What can I do? This company is fraud, fake, scammer. How can we police report that. Thanks. My email is: [email protected] and my phone number is : 9095496933. Thanks

  29. I ordered 4 puzzles on 06/20/2020 & I haven’t gotten them. The website new-puzzle.com is invalid now. I reported it to my credit card company & should get my money back in 7-10 days. I had to get a new card. At least I only had the one charge from them. I did try to email them & got a reply back stating that track17.net had the product received in NY on 07/10, but no tracking information from USPS. I just hope I don’t get anything back happen from this.

  30. I ordered a rocket for the anniversary of the Apollo missions they took the moment and charged my card 3 times they were advertising on Facebook but now they have removed their page and I have no rocket and I’ve seen similar adverts for the same item but by different ppl which I suspect is the same ppl.

  31. Why Facebook let them advertise ????
    I bought 3 dresses on a site called RORACORA (I was charged by YAGOOD TECHNOLOGY).
    since April I did not receive a thing. it’s on the way they said.

  32. Ordered two puzzles 6/21 from a company that showed up on my Facebook Page: dayloveyy.com. I just got a bill charged to my credit card for 72.98! I have NOT received the puzzles and never received a tracking order of any kind. Believe I was scammed, too. The information under description on credit card showed up as YAGOOD TECHNOLOGY HONG KONG HK! Really?! Wasn’t listed that way when I ordered.

    1. Finally received three puzzles in the mail today from a New York address/through China – 08/27. All the same puzzle – horrible and cheap, and not the 2 puzzles originally ordered. Fraud.

      1. Same happened to me! Three of the same ugly puzzle, none of which I’d ordered. Then two puzzle from what I thought was a different company, received one of the correct puzzles, but super cheap, in crushed boxes, one open on one end. My credit card company, ChaseMorgan, wouldn’t reverse the charges because I was charged for them 60 days before I knew to contest the charges!! It took over 60 days to receive the crappy puzzles and realize I was ripped off! Not happy! Both charges, though I ordered from “different companies,” were from YAGOOD, almost $100!

  33. I ordered some hair clipper, shavers, trimmer pack items back in June the 10th, nothing has arrived.

  34. I ordered 5 puzzles on June 15th. They took the money out of my bank account and I have not received them. I guess I shouldn’t expect to

  35. They sent me a dress instead of a set of pants and blouse and they are not answering the e-mails about this.

    1. Leslie, I ordered 3 different puzzles from one company and received 3 of the exact same puzzle, but none of them are even one of the ones I ordered. I also ordered 2 puzzles from “another company,” and received 2 puzzles, but only one of the ones I ordered. While i did receive 5 puzzles in total, only 1 was what I wanted. It took a couple months to receive them, and when I called my credit card company to dispute the charges, they said I only had 60 days to dispute the charge!! It took over 60 days to receive the WRONG items. I am so mad and now have no recourse! And in total, i paid almost $100 for them all! What an idiot!! I had tried to email the companies to inquire about the whereabouts of my items, but, of course, no response. While I thought I’d ordered from two different companies, YAGOOD is the name that appeared on my credit card for each.
      So you’ll probably get your puzzle, but there’s probably a good chance it’ll be the wrong one. And SUPER CHEAP! My one order came with crushed boxes, with one end open on one of them! Grrrr!

  36. Martha, I ordered23.98 in merchandise and I want my money back. It has been 20 some days. Please remit ASAP.

  37. Bloody Chinese! Bad disease in all options. Horrible ugly creatures who never deserves to be trusted. Hope they rot in Hell before anyone does. Scambags with horrific mentality. Criminals!

  38. I am thankful for your information! I did not know what to do… bound from this site,my credit card keep showing me charges from this site.
    Thank you

  39. I ordered garden seats 2 of them cost me 59.00 and this was June 21st 2020. Haven’ seen anything and I guess I am just out the money. Sorry people!! Glad I cancelled the card.

  40. I ordered two Charles Wysocki jigsaw puzzles from these guys supposedly on half price back in June and haven’t received anything so looked them up on Google and have obviously discovered they are a scam. I’ve contacted my bank and they are investigating.

  41. I thought I’d purchased the clip on veneers from this company via Instagram.
    Reviews from insta were impressive and paid the extra shipping costs to receive goods between 3-5 days.
    I emailed them with an enquiry and got a quick reply.
    However it’s been 9 days now and nothing heard or received.
    I will contact my credit card company today to advise.

  42. I received a tool holder today. Charged me $46.64, for a $2,00 item available at any dollar store.
    Did not order from this company, but was billed by them.
    Do not order anything advertised on Facebook. This was my second mistake.

  43. I ordered a set of four puzzles with a craft theme on May 25, 2020. I received the order yesterday. It included 1 of the set and three copies of a cheap puzzle of the map of the world.

  44. I ordered 4 puzzles on June 8, 2020 and the puzzles just came yesterday. Only one of the puzzles is the one I ordered. The other 3 there is no way I would have ordered these puzzles. 2 of the them are a duplicate. Probably don’t have much recourse now but I would like to be able to get my money back if possible.

  45. I placed an order on June 4, 2020 for $49.98 have not received my order nor have I received an email regarding this. I found my item on Facebook so I thought it would be ok, wrong! Going to leave a message with Facebook so they are aware if not already about this bogus company!!

  46. They are behind Doococo. Don’y buy from Doococo
    They sent me some cheap ugly dress instead of a silky two piece. And they don’t take any responsibility for their fault, neither to send the ordered article, nor to give refund. Complete cheaters!

  47. i ordered makeup about 2 months ago they cashed my check and I never received my make!! Then I looked them up I read about the scam

  48. I ordered a puzzle and puzzle mat and was charged on my card. They sent a tracking number but that leads to nothing and says the store is closed. I will be contacting my bank to try to get a refund. The company name given for the tracking number and store was starnight but my statement says Yagood Technology.

  49. Yes I did got scammed 22nd April ordered an item
    April 25th they took €25.99 but the item never came
    Can I get a refund??

  50. I ordered 2 puzzles, and after 7 weeks got 2 random puzzles that I didn’t order. Yagood is only offering to refund me $12 (out of $58.89) and let me keep the puzzles. I don’t want to keep them, and want my entire purchase refunded. I finally contacted CapitalOne and they’re looking into it.

  51. I ordered two “garden Kneelers” on June 15 and didn’t even received the tool caddy. Visa reported it as a fraud and will refund the purchase price. It is odd that if you try to praise Trump on Facebook they will find a way to kick you out immediately but a company that is obviously a fraud can stay on for several months!!! Just saying.


  53. I ordered a garden kneeler on June 7 and still haven’t received it. How do I get my money back? I’m so sad I didn’t check this out before I ordered. I really expect people to live up to their word. This joke of a company?? Make sure you print a receipt. I just received a side pocket for a garden kneeler that I have never received.

  54. Paid for a grill in May have not received it yet. Now I find out this company is a Scam. Can I call my bank and reverse the charge?

  55. I ordered a smokeless indoor grill almost two months ago. Five emails later still no grill and complete BS in emails from the company. My credit card company is processing a dispute to get my money back. Make sure you dispute it before 60 days passes. If you let it go past the 60 days it’s to late to try and reverse the charge.

  56. This company is a complete scam. I ordered magnets in March and still have not received them. It’s now August. I requested a refund 10 days after initial purchase, still in March and they just kept putting me off until I couldn’t dispute the charge on my card. I should have doing that immediately but I’ll now make it my business to out them on every platform available.

  57. Pedí un vestido y me descontaron el dinero de mi targeta y hasta el momento no ha llegado y me costo 46€mas porte.

  58. I ordered 2 puzzles for $69.96 from imagicstar.com which I later found out is a cover company for Yagood Technology. My credit card company reimbursed me since I never received my puzzles. Today the credit card company sent me a letter stating that Yagood Technology has verification they sent the puzzles. It’s a lie.The company is a thief. I’m out my money because it was nothing but a scam. The company is in China. Don’t buy from these people.

  59. Es un fraude , yo no hice la compra y me llegó este mensaje del banco Santander:
    Estimado Cliente:
    Le informamos que se autorizó un(a) COMPRA con su tarjeta terminación XXXX por $ 45.98 USD, en el comercio YAGOOD TECHNOLOGY, el 18 de 08 del 2020 a las 23:56 hrs.

    Ya lo reporte me dieron folio, pero no me han reembolsado mi dinero.

  60. Doesn’t he say stop to them? they openly defraud people. Honest companies you can bestow on them. They do not refund our money either.

  61. SCAMS
    Yagood Technology Scam- See Reviews and Solution!Doesn’t he say stop to them? they openly defraud people. Honest companies you can bestow on them. They do not refund our money either.

  62. This company is fake they use deferent online shop names but the payment on bank account will appear as yagood technology, they send you a fake item and t shirt or something inside a bag for a product you paid 100s of pounds.

  63. My daughter saw a advertisement for a baby live like toy shark on TicToc begged me to order it promised me she do chores for it so I ordered it paid an amount of money that was a bit over budget for a toy Considering it was in American money and I’m in Canada so the exchange rate was high but wanted to make my daughter happy she waited for the mail and when she got it and opened it the Disappointment in her eyes was unbearable it resembles a little plastic toy shark you would buy at any dollar store so if you see the ad on TikTok don’t get caught on it like I did

  64. ordered a flashlight i seen on facebook thinking i can use for camping,i recieved product in the mail it was not the item posted but total different item from post i could have went to a dollar store to buy the item i recieved in the mail,tried to contact ph# person does not work or have heard of the company go figure

  65. I also had ordered 2 of the teddies they took $61.00 from me. I’ve got an email that said thad they haven’t send it yet bit will fo it the next week. And i did not received anything yet

  66. I ordered a wig from Lulufancys and never got an order number but they took the money and it was taken by Yagood Technology Hong Kong…and now the web site is not even available anymore…I’ve noticed a lot of advertisements on Facebook with different company names but I’m sure it is the same organisation behind them all, and they all dissappear after a few weeks.

  67. COMPLETE FRAUD. I ordered a battery operated mini chain saw. Got a chain with two little leather straps on the ends. Credit card company stopped payment but then reinstated it after the company convinced them that I received what I ordered. I followed the orders to the max by sending photos, tracking envelopes etc but they NEVER responded as to how to return the junk. I am still not finished with them.

  68. I purchased an interactive realistic teddy dog got charged for it, after hasseling them with numerous emails for over a month I finally received an ordinary stuffed toy which was nothing like the advertised product and did not do anything it is just a cheap stuffed toy I could have bought anywhere.

    Looking at the amount of complaints we need to do something to stop this company trading. At least try to annoy them as much as possible. I suggest everybody bombard them with emails every day lets get right up their noses and cause as much disruption as possible. Here’s an email address.

    [email protected]

  69. I ordered one of the little dogs that look real, blink, lick their lips, walk, run etc and Paid NZ$39.72. Got after waiting 6 weeks, but what I got was a stuffed toy that does nothing. Has button eyes and nose, and no mouth. What a rip off

  70. Op 7 september, betaald voor twee speelgoedwinkel die echt leken. Real puppy lookalike.
    Vandaag 2 november, 2 popjes ontvangen die zeker het geld niet waard zijn. Zijn gewoon een soort pluche, maar zeker geen 34€ waard die ik betaald heb voor mijn puppy look alike.
    Het zijn gewoon twee doodgewone poppen die zitten. Kunnen niet lopen, likken, slapen zoals aangeboden in de advertentie.
    Wat een gesjoemel. Letterlijk Chinese brol voor veel geld.
    Dat vind ik echt niet kunnen. Een echte schande is het.
    Zeker geen vertrouwen waard.

  71. i order a manual mini chainsaw set on Sept. 17, 2020 and i was charged 35.99 was not what i wanted i returned it to the return address and paid 17.00 to return it. i have not received a refund yet. Very bad business, will never order anything else and will never recommend anyone. was sent an offer of 7.20. for 20% back.

  72. I ordered from inewcy on 29 October, I didn’t receive my items yet and the company change their name and account
    Also no one is replying to my emails
    How do I get a refund?
    The items was charged to my credit card and this is my tracking No. VR369216225YP

  73. I ordered the jacket on October 13th, but I did not receive it. The body is loaded onto a vital area. How do I get my money back ??

        1. ça va faire presque 1 an que j’ai commandé et j’ai reçu seulement la pochette a outil pour la base en métal vous m’avez volé gang de bandit

  74. I ordered a Tongue Drum, or a Healingerie Drum, which had been tied so that it was for hanging. It was maybe 12 inches wide. I was charged for the drum for $59.95. What I received a drum that was much smaller than advertised. I really couldnt afford it but I was hoping that I could get some peace of mind, learning to play peaceful music. Needless to say I disappointed with what I received.
    I hope that I can get some help!
    Thank you
    Peggy Roynon

  75. My TDBANK has done nothing Maybe because the girl on the other end of the line sounded very inexperienced Didn’t have a clue about scams Called a month later and nothing Guess I lost 78.00 American I’ve been a TD customerr for 40 yrs Guess I got ripped off twice!

  76. hello… seems i have also been scammed. I ordered something for Christmas and they gave me a tracking number yet till date nothing received and when i contacted them they lie and said i have to wait,,, seems we should never trust Chinese products …

  77. FRAUD!! I recieved items that were nothing like described, low quality and not what I ordered. After a dozen emails they are still trying to drag me along and not give a return address. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM

  78. Ordered a mechanical puppy on Sept.8th..December 8th received a 4 inch stuffed dollar store dog..Complained thru e-mail. They have answered but not giving me back my money..Time to go on social media and let people know they are scammers.

  79. hong kong yagood thecnology vous êtes des voleurs vous acceptez mon argent mais vous n’envoyer pas la marchandise acheté le 15-06-2020 rack pour travaillé dans le jardin vous m’avez vole près de 50$ us

  80. i wanted a hand pan for Christmas and order one… they process the cc and the next thing I know about 4 days latter I get a flash on my screen that I have malware.. I call apple support after looking up the number… somehow the number has been hijacked
    and scammer want to get into my bank account to check if anything is taken out

    They get you twice.

    The company lures customers with false product promises. I ordered a hang drum with 14 sounds….steel drum, clubs, music book, bag, sticky notes, picks. Bait and switch! Cheap 5 inch, 8 sounds, no book, no case, it is complete trash. Sadly, took 6 weeks to arrive only to be garbage. Original website FYSHOE is now off line and redirected to link HAUHAUPRO. I have charges on my credit card from Yagood Technology. No customer service, no email, no phone. They shut down websites and start new ones but all same company. Out of money and stuck with junk. I am following up with my bank. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY

  82. Hello. 11/24/2020 I ordered clothes on the cocosoo website for $ 175. I received my order yesterday, but this is not what I ordered. attempts to go to the store have led nowhere. store is not available. money is transferred to you. I want to return things and get my money back. I attach a proof of transfer from the credit company’s website.

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