Does Frosty Neptune Teeth Whitening work? I Tried It (2024)

The manufacturers of Frosty Neptune Teeth Whitening Essence makes wide claims about endorsements from the American Dental Association, kills 99 per cent of germs and other wide medical claims. But does it work or it’s just too good to be true?”

Seeing all these questions on goggle, i knew I had to test the Frosty Teeth Whitening myself. I looked at customer reviews on YouTube and Amazon. Here’s an overview of its pros and cons based on my experience and what others are saying.

About The Frosty Teeth Whitening Essence

Frosty teeth whitening essence claims to help your gums grow back naturally, make them stick to your teeth better, reduces swelling and pain, improves your gum health, and gives you a younger-looking smile. But does it work?

I’ve tested out a bunch of whitening products before, and like many others, my teeth and gums got super sensitive. So, I decided to ditch those DIY teeth whitening products for good.

Ingredients and Benefits

  1. Hydrogen Peroxide: Whitens teeth by breaking down stains.
  2. Sodium Hydroxide: Helps adjust pH levels for better whitening.
  3. Sodium Hydroxide: Helps in teeth whitening by making the product effective.
  4. PEG-400: Helps the whitening product stick to your teeth and prevents discomfort.

Other ingredients include: Water, Glycerin, PEG-400, Hydrogen Peroxide, Carbomer, Glycerol, Propylene Glycol, Sodium Hydroxide, Polyvinyl Pyrrolidone (PVP), Menthol, Cellulose Gum, Disodium EDTA, Potassium Nitrate.

My Before And After Result:

I bought the frosty teeth whitening essence from eBay, and it arrived after a week. When I used it like the instructions said, I noticed the gel didn’t smell or taste like anything, even though it’s supposed to have mint in it. Plus, the label wasn’t even stuck properly on the bottle.

The weird part is, the day after I used it on just my front teeth, my gums and the right side of my mouth got really swollen and painful. It took almost a week for things to go back to normal. I’ve never had mouth problems before, so it’s got me wondering if this stuff is safe or if it’s even doing anything good. I’m in the second week and I’m yet to see noticeable differences.


  1. Available on different online stores
  2. Includes natural ingredients


  1. Works as a temporary fix
  2. It’s quite expensive compared to other regular options

Does Frosty Teeth Whitening Essence Work? Here’s What a Dentist Has To Say

When I reached out to a medical professional Dr. Clemons in his own words he said “We’re still unsure if this could lead to long-term issues for your teeth,”. Some research suggests that whitening gels containing hydrogen peroxide might harm the tough part of your teeth under the surface enamel, called dentin. Other studies indicate that these gels could roughen or soften the surface of your teeth.

These studies were conducted in labs, not on actual teeth. So, any changes observed could be temporary and might disappear once you stop using whitening gels.

What Customers Are Saying

I bought this product to test it out myself and along the line solve the teeth discoloration issue I have. However I also wanted to know what everyday customers think. So, I checked out Quora and Reddit instead of typical review sites like Trustpilot.

I discovered that the customer reviews on their official website appear to be sponsored and does not on any way show that the product works. From my experience it’s been 2 weeks already and I’m yet to see any results from using it.

How to use

  1. Put a small amount of gel on your gums using a toothbrush.
  2. Do this once a day for at least 1 minute, preferably before bed.
  3. After using it, spit out the gel. Don’t eat, drink, or rinse for 30 minutes for the best results. And definitely don’t swallow the gel.
  4. Keep using it every day for the best outcome.

Would I Try This Teeth Whitening Essence Again?

Not this brand. After checking out reviews online and exploring different products, I realized that Crest Whitestrips might be a better choice for me compared to Frosty Neptune teeth whitening essence.

Meanwhile, the frosty teeth whitening essence is not a permanent fix for your teeth problems. Before you start using any whitening products, it’s smart to talk to your dentist and do a bit of research.

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