Baphomet Happy Meal Real or Fake? What We Discovered

Baphomet happy meal video you’ve seen circulating online is fake. Lots of our readers reached out to us via email because they saw such images online and wanted to know if it is actually legit so we decided to investigate.

We’ve seen similar fake content about a tree Octopus sometime in 2024.

Behind Baphomet Happy Meal

McDonald’s has sparked controversy with its newest item: the Baphomet Happy Meal for kids. A viral TikTok video shows this spooky meal next to a weird statue, while someone talks about stuff that does not really make sense in the background.

How We Investigated

We went to Facebook and found out that the video was posted by a user named “Cursed AI.” After looking into it, we found out that the page owner isn’t a real person, but rather a fake AI-generated account. The only thing we understood is that they’re promoting a fake “Satanic Kids Meal” from McDonald’s, presenting it as a quick option. We do not know exactly the people behind this.

The Controversy

People are claiming that the concept of the Happy meals by Macdonald involves indoctrinating kids into santanism the moment they eat. However we came across a comment from a user who works as Macdonald who concluded it’s not real. Others are even saying it might be straight-up poison.

Comments So Far From People

So far parents and people who have come across this viral video are skeptical and most have declared not to buy at all. We found most of these comments on Tiktok:

If McDonalds starts doing this crap I’ll never buy from them again! Idk who thought this was a good idea, or if it was supposed to be just a joke, but as a parent I don’t find it amusing at all!

it looks ai generated to me honestly and let me be real if a Satanist did it to fuck with Christians I’m not suprised

Our Verdict

Finally, The Baphomet Happy Meal from McDonald’s has caused a big fuss online, but it’s totally fake. Don’t let yourself get caught up in online scams, especially in 2024. To avoid getting scammed, always check reviews and make sure to double-check with the company before buying anything online.

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