Tree Octopus Real or Fake? Read This To Find Out

You must have heard rumors of the Tree Octopus circulating online. The Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus is only seen in fake pictures, edited videos, and super detailed prank websites. It’s not a real thing you can find in nature.

Rumors about this animal is becoming increasingly viral on the internet. In the picture an Octopus is seen which has two eyes. The picture claims this creature is part of an endangered species and therefore needs to be saved. It’s not real, this article will explain further.

The Truth About Tree Octopus

I discovered that the Tree octopus rumored to live in the Pacific is not real. This info is used to test 7th graders ability to decipher fake news on the internet presented as real. But they all failed, some even maintained it was real even after confronted with the hoax, a phenomenon called belief perseverance.

Unrealistic Claims Made

The Pacific Northwest tree octopus supposedly lives in the forests of the Olympic Peninsula on the West Coast. They say these octopuses grow to about 30-33 cm long and can live on land and in water. But experts say it’s all a hoax.

They claimed this octopus are almost extinct because of the fashion industry, using them to make hat decorations. But in reality, there’s no such thing, it’s all made up to trick people.

Is The Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus Fake Or Real

The truth is, Pacific Northwest tree octopus is a fake story made up on the internet back in 1998 by someone named Lyle Zapato. Also a team of experts, headed by Dr. Donald Leu, started a fake online campaign to “save” a pretend octopus from going extinct. They put up a fake website about this made-up creature that supposedly hangs out in trees, and made up threats to its survival.

Facts About Promoting This Fake Octopus

  1. No Mention of Being Fake: The website doesn’t say anywhere that it’s all just a joke or completely made up. However, this is a big hint that something might not be right.
  2. Unbelievable Claims: They talk about a species called the Pacific Northwest tree octopus, which doesn’t exist. Plus, The site also talks about stuff like sasquatches and being chased by black helicopters.
  3. Urgency to Protect: The site makes it seem like the tree octopus is in danger and needs to be protected urgently. However this kind of urgency could make someone believe the fake story without questioning it.

Final Thoughts

Finally, the Pacific Northwest tree octopus is just a made-up story. Even though the website and articles might seem legit, there’s no real evidence that this creature exists. It’s a good lesson in being careful about what you believe online and always checking your sources. While it’s a funny internet joke, it’s also a reminder to think critically and question things before taking them as fact.

We’ve seen similar fake stories circluataing on the internet claiming there’s an endangered plant species called Oculoflora Samsara Plant.

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