Is Vital tac flashlight as Powerful as Ads Claims? What You Should Know

Did you come across Vital tac Military Tactical Flashlight? This product recently hit the market and is claiming to be “indestructible and similar to a military grade flashlight that can start fire”. I couldn’t help but wonder, “Is this really as amazing as they say?”

With all the accusations flying around, I knew I had to test it out myself before giving my verdict. So, if you’re thinking about buying this flashlight, hold off for a moment and read my review all the way to the end.

A Close Look at Vital Tac Military Tactical Flashlight

VitalTac Militiary Tactical Flashlight is a bright flashlight that claims to give really strong light so much that you can see things clearly even from far away, up to 500 meters.

I’m always doubtful about anything labeled “Tactical.” It seems like it’s just trying to appeal to a certain crowd. Right now, we’ve got “tactical” wallets, pants, flashlights, sunglasses, you name it. But does this military flashlight work?


  1. Ultra-durable LED flashlight for outdoor use.
  2. Withstands and absorbs drops and impacts.
  3. Lightweight with an anti-roll design.
  4. Strobing mode for blinding or disorienting attackers or animals.
  5. Battery backup of nearly 10 hours in low mode.
  6. Unmatched brightness and travel-friendly.
  7. Advanced battery technology included.
  8. Produces 90,000 lumens of brightness.
  9. Shock and water-resistant feature.
  10. Four different modes available.
  11. Bright enough to illuminate even the darkest nights.

Testing This Flashlight

It all began with a TV commercial boasting that the Vital Tac flashlight could create fire, which sounded too good to be true. Intrigued, I ordered one online, expecting a handy tool similar to an everyday carry flashlight. However, the wait was excruciatingly long—it took over two months for the package to finally arrive at my doorstep. Upon opening it, I was disappointed to find only the flashlight inside, did not have any additional accessories.

Eager to put it to the test, I attempted to use it to start a fire as advertised. To my dismay, the flashlight failed to deliver on its promise. This experience served as a wake-up call, making me realize that the flashy commercial was just another ploy to deceive customers with false claims and lure them into purchasing subpar products.

Exposing The Deceptive Marketing Campaign

The different online stores claims the Vital Tac is a 90,000 lumens flashlight, but the actual brightness is lower than expected. Also, the claims of making fire appear is fake too.

Lots of people are calling it out to be a cheaply made Chinese crap. This Flashlight Is not groundbreaking; it’s just an $8 flashlight with a bunch of nonsense attached to it. You can find the exact same product on eBay for only $7.99.

Does Vital Tac Flashlight Really Start Fire?

No. Many customers who bought this flashlight found out the hard way that they’d been scammed. It didn’t start a fire like promised, leaving them feeling ripped off. This flashlight can only pass as a regular torch to your collection of flashlights.

The Bottom Line

The Vital Tac military flashlight doesn’t live up to its advertisements. It’s simply a rip-off. The reality is, modern military flashlights have several LEDs that are really bright, but they only light up a small area. I tested the Vital Tac myself, and it’s nothing special. There’s nothing impressive about it that would justify spending your money on it.

I have come across similar flashlight like this such as the Elitetac and Taclight mac

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