EE Points Program Scam: How I Almost Got Scammed

Be careful of EE points program scam texts. They try to trick you into visiting fake websites that steal your personal information.The scammers say you’ve got loads of reward points that will expire in 2 days if you don’t click their link to use them. But when you click, they ask for your bank details and phone number.

As a Cybersecurity Analyst who investigates cybercrimes and scams, this article provides an updated findings about the Scam and what to do if you receive these unsolicited texts.

EE Points Program Scam
EE Points Program Scam

EE Points Program Scam: How It Works

The scammers behind this scheme are impersonating the real EE telecommunications company based in the United Kingdom. That provide mobile and broadband services to customers across the country.

The text message says “Since you are a high-quality user of our company, we will give you some points as a gift. The points will expire in three working days. Please click on the link below to use your points to redeem prizes in time!” It’s a scam do not enter any of your details.

Don’t Fall for It: How I Almost Got Scammed

I received their text message on my phone and It looked totally real, and they already had my number. The link seemed genuine with flawless graphics, so I didn’t suspect it was fake. What tipped me off was the claim of suddenly accumulating over 5000 points with only 3 days to claim them.

Here’s what happened when I clicked

When I clicked the link, it looked just like the EE website. It said I had over 5000 points and could choose a prize like headphones, a toothbrush, or an Amazon voucher. It seemed like a great deal—I only had to pay £0.10p plus 5000 points. But when they tried to take £1.00 from my bank, that’s when I realized something fishy was going on.

I almost fell for it, but thankfully, I realized it was a scam. Being tired and distracted after a long stretch without my phone didn’t help either. The scam mobile number – 07342511033.

Is EE Aware Of This

Yes. EE does not have any reward points program Instead, they’ve partnered with Airtime Rewards. When you sign up with them, you can get discounts on your bill and cashback when you use your cards for some purchases.

Mixed Reactions From People Who Received This Text

A lot of people who have received these messages share their experiences on Reddit many of them have already clicked the link and supplied the scammers with their personal info. Some of the comments include:

This sounds like an inside job from EE employees or former disgruntled employees of EE. It is highly fraudulent and very dangerous. WTH is being done about this? Some people will have their identities stolen and be seriously ripped off.

I’ve had that one today and I’m normally good at detecting scams but I fell for this one. It was very good and looked genuinely from ee. Luckily they only got my name and address because I use a one time card by revolt. I’m sure my data is already out there somewhere anyway. I just hope it’s not hacked my phone by clicking on the link. 

I got this message last night, unfortunately fell for it because I have a reward with my contract and get apple music. Realised straight away something wasn’t right cancelled my bank card straight away, transferred all my money into my savings account. Reported the number to 7726. Was abit concerned today so called the bank they informed me that someone had tried to book tickets in Barcelona today for £160 and the transaction was attempted from Canada but obviously didnt go through because my bank card was cancelled

How to Spot Fake EE Websites and Scams

Be careful with websites pretending to be EE. They use EE logos and links to real EE pages. They might ask for your phone number, promise rewards, and ask for your address to send products.

Look out for short links ending with words like “buzz,” “,” “,” and “” If you see these links, be cautious—they might be part of a scam.

How To Stay Safe

Do the following to stay safe:

  1. Don’t click on links in messages if you don’t know where they lead.
  2. Don’t reply to this message.
  3. Don’t call the number that sent the message.
  4. Never share personal or financial info about yourself or your family.

Here’s what you can do after dealing with the scam:

  1. Send the message to 7726 (SPAM) to report it.
  2. Understand it’s a scam, and there’s not much you can do about the address you gave, except maybe moving.
  3. If you’re worried about your number, call customer services to change it.
  4. Think about changing your email address on your EE account if it’s the one you gave.

If you haven’t entered any information you should be OK but if you have contact your bank as soon as possible you can also report it to EE.

Our Verdict

Finally Contact your bank and explain the situation to them and they will work with you to sort it if you fall victim of the EE Points Program scam text message.

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