Why Power Factor Energy Saver Devices Won’t Lower Your Electricity Bills

The Power Factor Energy Saver Device that you see circulating online is not real but a scam. Nowadays there are many such products in the market that claim that if you use them you can save a lot of electricity. So do you think this can happen? Yes, today’s technology is progressing a lot and it can happen.

We’ll take a closer look at the Power Factor Energy Saver and why you should think twice before falling for this scam.

Power Factor Energy Saver
Power Factor Energy Saver

Does Power Factor Energy Saver Work

No, According to its creators, this device can dramatically reduce your household electricity bill by up to 90%, all while reducing your carbon footprint. However, recent evidence suggests that this so-called “power saver” is nothing more than a scam, preying on unsuspecting consumers who are looking for a way to save money and reduce their environmental impact. But it’s a sham.

Disappointing Experience With This Power Saver Device

From what I’ve seen, this gadget is a waste of money. Despite my efforts to convince my family otherwise, we ended up getting one at a shopping expo. It started making strange noises after a few days, but our energy bill stayed the same. Honestly, they’re not worth it for regular households like ours.

Power factor energy saver claim to save energy, but it does not deliver. They might work for big industries, but for everyday homes, they’re just a gimmick. Don’t fall for it like we did.

The only ways to reduce energy consumption is to use approved reduced power items. These include led lights, energy efficient appliances. 

Is The Power Factor Energy Saver A Scam

It’s a total scam you should steer clear of. Despite its big promises of saving you money and being eco-friendly, there’s zero proof it actually works. Actually, buying this thing might just end up costing you more money in the end.

What Are People Saying

People who have bought this energy saver have called it out as a sham product. Here are some of the reviews:

They are nothing but a scam, and a lot of these types of so called energy saving devices are useless at best, can actually cost you more money, and bloody dangerous at worst. They are shoddily made crap that uses pseudo scientific gobbledegook to try and con you into buying them. The only ways to reduce energy consumption is to use approved reduced power items. These include led lights, energy efficient appliances. Please do not be taken in by these thieving con artists. I really should know what I am talking about, as I am a recently retired electrical engineer. Don’t waste your money or put your lives at risk by buying or using these devices!

They certainly DO work! They are VERY effective at lining the pockets of the hustlers who sell them They will not save YOU a single penny – but the money you send the grifters will be VERY much appreciated.

How To Reduce Energy Bills

Instead of falling for this scam , you can actually take these steps to reduce energy bills.

  1. Use energy bulbs
  2. Switch off devices when not in use
  3. Invest in high-quality programmable thermostat.

Final Words

The Power Factor Energy Saver is basically just boxes with a capacitor inside, and they throw in some extra stuff to make it seem fancier. But they’re never going to save you any power like they claim. I’ve seen tons of ads for these things, but trust me, they’re all a bunch of lies.

If you’re just a regular homeowner like me, this device won’t really do anything to change your energy bills.

We’ve seen many of these devices online in 2024 like Power Saver Plus, Ultron Power Saver and other power saving devices does not really work to save energy bills and regulate the flow electricity.

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