Beware Of The ID.Me Scam Fooling Unsuspecting Users In 2024

Right now, scammers are telling people there’s a deadline to sign up for and sending fake links to do it. If you click one of these links, they’ll try to get your personal info from you. These scammers impersonate the real to trick people into giving away their info. And once they have it, they can use it to steal your identity, commit fraud, or even apply for loans in your name.

As a Cybersecurity Analyst, I’ve taken my time to look into and the scam connected to it. This article breaks down how the scam works, what to do if you get caught, and other important details to help you understand it better.

Behind ID.Me Scam provides a widely used service that verifies the identity of individuals seeking online services or benefits from different organizations, including the IRS, unemployment agencies, or private companies.

However scammers are using ID. me to deceive people into creating an account and revealing their personal information. In most cases, it is used to create fake profiles on different platforms for tax refund, loan application, crypto wallet, payment gateway and many more.

Do not share your ID with people or businesses you don’t trust no matter the persuasion and convincing talks.

Why Are Scammers Requesting For My

Scammers want your details because it confirms who you are, which they can use to steal your identity or commit fraud. They could access your personal and bank accounts, apply for loans or credit cards.

Unfortunately, some people fall for scams without realizing it.

How The Scam Works

The scammers call you and will try to persuade you to sign up for by claiming there’s a limited-time offer you don’t want to miss out on. Someone on Reddit mentioned that they go to the extent of promising a hefty sum of money, perhaps even as much as $10,000, but only if you click on the link they send and do exactly as they say. However, when you try to verify the deal they’re talking about, you won’t find any evidence of its existence.

The scam starts when you start interacting with the scammer, they’ll start asking for personal details like your bank name, pretending it’s necessary to facilitate the money transfer. They might even request Steam cards or receipts from you. They’ll continue to pressure you into following their instructions, using guilt-tripping tactics or aggression if you express doubt or hesitation. And if you refuse to go along with their demands or question their motives too much, they’ll cut off communication altogether.

What Happens If I Fall For This Scam

If you fall victim of this scam, they can use your information to do a whole lot. They might file for unemployment benefits, federal tax returns, or even open bank accounts in your name. They could also take out loans, apply for disability benefits, or mess with your Social Security info. can make it easier for them because it puts all your important info in one place.

What To Do If You Receive Suspicious Messages From ID.Me

If you encounter any suspicious messages or requests related to ID. me, you should be careful and avoid clicking on any links or providing any information. You can also report any suspected scams to ID. me Support or law enforcement.

If You Think You’ve Been Scammed or Tricked:

  1. Cut off contact: Stop talking to anyone you suspect is trying to scam you.
  2. Report fraud: If you think your account might have been hacked, tell Support right away.
  3. Freeze your credit: Think about putting a freeze on your credit. This makes it harder for someone to open a new credit card in your name. If you do this, remember you’ll need to take extra steps when you apply for new credit.
  4. Tell the authorities: Consider telling the police or the Federal Trade Commission about the identity theft. You can report it at

Final Words

The ID.Me scam is famous nowadays and have moved identify theft to job, employment scams etc. It’s important you note that ID.Me will never call you to request for your personal info or give you a link to click on. Anyone requesting for this simply wants to use your personal identity for activities you will never find out about until you get in trouble.

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