Does Manucurist Nail Gel Last? A Tell-All Review

I was robbed in by the ads promoting Manucurist Nail Gel as a combination of nontoxic chemicals and other wild claims. Is this semi-permanent nail polish really worth your time and money?

The company claims that 97% of people consider this product perfect, and it’s incredibly rare to come across a negative review. However, I recommend checking out unbiased YouTube reviews before making a purchase—I wish I had done so myself. Here is my experience.

Manucurist Nail Gel
Manucurist Nail Gel

About The Manucurist Nail Gel

Manucurist is a French nail brand that’s eco-friendly, cruelty-free. They use vegan ingredients to create glossy, long-lasting manicures and keep nails healthy. You can use It’s gel nail kit at home. This polish works like gel, comes off like regular polish, and, importantly, won’t damage your nails.

The manufacturer advertises that the nail polish consists of up to 84% ingredients of natural origin. However, the nail polish smells typical of normal conventional nail polish. I was been attracted by the payoff of the company… eco packaging, cruelty free products… So I tried.

My Experience Using The Green flash kit.

I ordered the green flash kit with three different colors, and after trying each one once, I was disappointed to find that they didn’t last as long as advertised.

Application: Applying the gel polish is as easy as using regular nail polish. Its smooth consistency allows for a thin, even layer with a clean color finish. One coat gives a subtle, natural look, while two coats provide more visible color.

With a good UV lamp, the gel polish dries completely in just 3 minutes, allowing you to use your hands right away.

I’ve been doing my nails on my own for years with great results always but this was terrible. The chipping started as early as day two for me, and by day four or five, at least five of my nails would be visibly chipped. Despite following guides and videos and spending a lot of time prepping my nails as recommended, the results were always the same.

While I found the removal process quick and easy as promised, and the colors were nice, the lasting power, which was most important to me, simply wasn’t there. I would have returned them if I could.


  • It saves time
  • No allergic reaction
  • Easy to apply
  • Beautiful colors
  • Great customer service
  • Wide variety of options


  • Expensive for something like nail polish
  • Need to apply quickly or it gets thick
  • It gives you a strong odor
  • Some colours are impossible to apply in thin layers.

Is Manucurist Nail Gel Worth The Buy

it works no better (if not worse) than a regular nail polish. Don’t fall for all the reviews and videos it’s no better than supermarket nail varnish. 

Their customer service seems helpful at first, especially through WhatsApp, but when it comes to actually solving issues, they fall short. When asking for assistance, it takes days to reply, and most of my requests go on answered. The raving reviews about Manicurist on YouTube are typically sponsored – offering a discount. 

They do not warn you that there is a postage fee from UK when you are purchasing this item. So please be careful before making the same mistake as you probably pay twice as much to send it back.

Customer Reports

The customer reports on Trustpilot are overly positive but there are also negative feedback from customers who have bought from this company. Many people have tried the product and shared their experiences, with many reporting disappointment and failures. Some of the reviews online include:

Unfortunately my order was very delayed. I had purchased a nail polish in (what I thought was) a really nice transparent red nuance. But when I put it on the nails, it didn’t have the redness – even after three layers – only a neutral transparent. However the products are still very nice. I hope you’ll work further with developing some chic transparent nuances. As this would be different from anything I’ve ever seen.

I ordered a few bottles of polish when they were on offer and unfortunately one bottle had broken in transit. I web chatted with the Manucurist team and they sent me a new bottle straight away. 

I’ve had nothing but amazing experiences with Manucurist. The LED green polish lasts as long as gel from the salon BUT it removes so effortlessly with regular polish remover. It’s a game changer for me. I accidentally ordered more colors in polish rather than the LED polish. 

How Long Does It Last

The brand says it lasts up to 10 days but it will be a miracle if It lasts 2 days tops. Dont buy if you are looking for a longer hold. Also the ‘gel’ hybrid polish doesn’t last longer than traditional polish. The LED lamp helps dry but still remains tacky even if you leave hands under the lamp for 10 minutes. I wouldn’t waste my money on this any more.

Does It Compare To Gel Polish

I wouldn’t say it’s exactly like gel polish, but it’s definitely a step up from regular nail polish. You can cure it under an LED light and remove it easily with just a cotton pad and nail polish remover. Because it comes off like regular nail polish, you don’t need any special tools for removal.

Would I Buy Again

I hoped this product would replace my toxic gel system, but it chips within a day. It looks like regular polish and slips off if you apply more than two coats. It’s not worth the LED process. Another aspect I love about this nail polish is its removal. You don’t need any abrasive files or complex procedures, a mild acetone-free solvent is enough. Overall, it’s a brand that I love and even though it didn’t last it was a quick fix, but I won’t buy again.

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