I Fell For The Holy Gels Nails Ads: Is It A Better Salon Alternative?

If you are just like me who loves a natural-looking nail with colors i can change at my own will, then you will find my unbiased Holy Gels Nails review pretty useful at helping you make a choice. Do you want to buy Holy Gels Nails for your manicure? Don’t buy yet until you read this!

Overview Of Holy Gels Nails

Holy Gels is for those who want salon-quality nails at home, avoid high salon prices, and prefer a quick and easy solution. The manufacturers claim, if you want beautiful nails without the hassle of acrylics then holy gels will give you that. But does it work?

Features And Benefits Of Holy Gels Nails

  1. Lasts longer than 2 weeks
  2. You won’t get a nail damage when you remove them
  3. A salon alternative
  4. Very easy to use
  5. It’s vegan and cruelty free
  6. You can use it from the comfort of your home

My Experience Buying And Using The Holy Gels Nails

I was pretty skeptical about these gel strips after seeing their ads on Facebook compared to regular gel polish. I love having nails but HATE sitting in a salon chair to get them done. So when i saw this alternative, I quickly placed an order on their website holygels.com, luckily they had this promo GET 4 FOR THE PRICE OF 3 CODE: with code 4FOR3. I ordered for the pretty in pink, Angelic white and caramel cream.

Their delivery took about 2 weeks on average but they were updating me. Now, after giving the pretty in pink a try, I have to say they’re quick and easy to apply and very nice, my boyfriend just complimented my nails. I’ve had them on for almost two weeks with no issues so far. Can’t say anything about the removal process yet, though, I’ll be sure to update when i finally remove them.

I also tried Nailboo DYI nail polish

Unboxing The Holy Gels Package

When you order holy gels nails form their official website, you get the following as part of the package

  • 20 semi cured nails
  • A Wooden Cuticle Stick
  • Nail file

Pros: What I Like About This Stick On Gel Nails

  1. These gel strips are hassle-free to put on.
  2. They’ve lasted for nearly two weeks without problems.

Holy Gel Nails Cons: What I Don’t Like

  1. Don’t expect super-fast delivery; it takes about 2 weeks.
  2. Can’t comment on the removal process yet.
  3. It’s overpriced

Is Holy Gels Nails Worth Your Money?

Yes it is worth your money. They are easy to use and can last more than 2 weeks. I was surprised by how real they look. I had a compliment almost immediately. However, you should know that shipping and delivery may take longer than 7 days

How To Apply

Applying Holy Gels is easy:

  1. Peel and stick the gel on your nail.
  2. Make sure it fits your nail bed.
  3. Don’t touch the cuticle or skin.
  4. Press it down, especially on the edges.
  5. Trim extra gel.
  6. Cure it with UV light for 60 seconds.
  7. File and shape your nails.
  8. Avoid water for 2 hours after.

How To Remove Holy Gels

  1. Apply cuticle oil
  2. Use the wooden stick to gently lift around the edges of the nail.
  3. Take your time to avoid nail damage.
  4. Add more cuticle oil as needed
  5. Clean your nails with cotton pad and acetone the procedure.

Follow these simple steps to remove holy gels without damaging your nails

Where To Buy

You can buy this product from their official website holygels.com and also from Amazon. There is currently a discount promo going on at their official website,

  1. BUY 3 GET 1 FREE CODE: 4FOR3: Add 4 designs, then apply code at checkout
  2. BUY 2 GET A FREE UV LAMP CODE: FREELAMP Add UV lamp & 2 designs, then apply code at checkout

Who Should Use Holy Gels Nails

  1. Fed up with the nail-chewing habit
  2. Wished for elegant and long nails.
  3. If you’re a busy person with no spare time for salon visits.

Can You Use Holy Gels Nails Under Water?

Yes, Holy gels is water resistant and can be used to shower, swim amongst other things.


In my opinion, Holy Gels Nail is actually good that’s If you’re looking for a durable salon like option. The delivery process and price is quite a hassle, it did not live up to my expectations .

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