Why I REGRET Buying DreamHero Mouth Guard: False Advertising!

Dream Hero Mouth Guard is sold with the claims that it stops snoring and Sleep apnea. However, my experience using this anti snoring device proves otherwise. I’ve had to deal with snoring for as long as I can remember. I’ve used a handful of anti snoring products; SnoreDestroy, Zestrou, etc. but they all failed to deliver on their promises. Enters Dream Hero Mouth Guard, an anti snoring device sold with high claims.

In this review, I share my experience using this anti snore device, its pros, cons, and everything you need to know.

What Is DreamHero Mouth Guard

The DreamHero mouth guard which is sold at dreamheromouthguard.com and on Amazon, claims to be an anti- snoring device that tackle snoring by addressing the core issue: obstructive tissue in your throat. It works by subtly shifting your lower jaw, broadens your air passage, eliminating the root cause of snoring: tissue vibrations.

The product boasts of the following features; dentist approved, FDA certified, 100% excellence and 30 nights peace of mind.

Sadly, this is all hoax, pure sales gimmicks.

My Experience Using The DreamHero Mouth Guard

I placed an order for a box of DreamHero Mouth Guard on dreamheromouthguard.com for $49.95. Upon arrival, it was branded with another name ‘StopSnore’. Doubtful about its efficacy but still curious, I went to bed with it. Trying to sleep with it is another story. It becomes uncomfortable and restrictive for breathing and swallowing and causes cramps in the jaw muscles after an extended time. Added to that the side effect of not being able to swallow properly means I have a constant pool of saliva leaking out of the sides and front.

When I requested to return it and get my money back, the customer rep said I’ve to use it for 60 days for it to work. This wasn’t the initial promise.

DreamHero Pros:

  • Can help with teeth grinding

Dream Hero Mouth Guard Cons:

  1. Does nothing to stop snoring
  2. Could not get the fit to stay in properly all through the night
  3. It is uncomfortable to use
  4. Not FDA certified as claimed
  5. Not Dentist approved

Does DreamHero Mouth Guard Work?

No, Dream Hero does not work as advertised. It’s very uncomfortable to use, cause gum pains and drooling. It’s only effective in stopping teeth grinding.

Where To Buy

You can buy this product from their official website dreamheromouthguard.com and also from Amazon. However, I’d recommend buying from Amazon as you can easily get your money back. (Please use my affiliatte link as I earn a commission at no extra cost to you)


DreamHero Mouthguard promises to stop snoring but fails to deliver on its promise. It only works for teeth grinding, but at the expense of your comfort. This device also has a handful of side effects; gum injury, jaw pain, etc.

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