I Bought SnoreDestroy: Here’s my Unbiased Review of This Anti Snoring Device

Do you snore while sleeping and want an anti-snoring device to help you stop it? Are you considering buying SnoreDestroy Anti Snore Device? Don’t do that yet until you’ve read this review.

In this review, I share my experience using the tongue retainer by Snoredestroy.com, its pros, cons (if there are any) and what you should expect when you buy this product.

But first of all, lets take a look at its description and features.

Overview of SnoreDestroy Anti Snore Device

The SnoreDestroy Tongue Retainer is small portable device that provides solution to snoring. It allegedly works by retaining the tongue, thus preventing tongue obstruction while you sleep. Snoring is a sound that’s created when your airway becomes partially or completely obstructed. The tongue is one factor that can cause obstruction and it does this by falling back into the throat during sleep. The SnoreDestroy mouthguard claims to eliminate this obstruction.

Sounds pretty much believable right? Curious I decided to place an order to see if it really works as I’ve battled with mild apnea for some years now.

My Experience Using SnoreDestroy Anti Snore Device

Usually I am very skeptical on buying things online, but my husband sent me this and begged me to try it. We were fighting over my snoring for the last year, when I came across this product, I decided to check it out.

First of all, my order from Snoredestroy.com took three weeks to arrive. I was pretty much scared that I had been scammed as I had seen lots of warning reviews online. But the mouthguard finally arrived, ALL the way from China.

At first use ,the first night, it felt like it might work, but the following day I woke up with a sore mouth, a red face, and drool everywhere. I thought maybe starting out, it’s totally normal and not seeing enough independent reviews about this product didn’t help matters.

Fast forward to 3 weeks later and it’s more like a bedroom collection. This didn’t do the trick for me, and I can’t see how it helps with snoring. Just added it to my collection of fakes.

SnoreDestroy QuietNights Tongue Retainer Pros: What I Like About This Anti Snore Device

  1. It’s pretty much easy to use.

SnoreDestroy Anti Snore Device Cons:

  1. I woke up with a sore mouth.
  2. It made me drool a lot all through the night
  3. Didn’t actually stop my snoring.
  4. Questionable value for the money.

Does The SnoreDestroy Anti-Snoring Device Work?

No, it does not work. Though it seemed to work at first but that’s totally the placebo effect, my husband still complains of my snoring even after consistently using SnoreDestroy Anti-Snoring Device for 3 weeks. Meanwhile, the reviews on the website are not 100% true. It’s impossible that none of the users have any complaint.

The therapies identified by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine are CPAP, Prescription oral devices, Positional therapy and Hypoglossal nerve stimulation. Anti-snoring devices like Zestrou Mouth Guard are usually gimmicks or experimental with no success rate. In fact, I earlier used one of such sleep apnea ear set ‘ Earpap Anti Snore Device‘ and as you can see from my review and that of others, it didn’t work.

Better Ways To Reduce or Stop Snoring

  1. Sleep on your side
  2. Get enough sleep
  3. Raise the head of your bed
  4. Limit or avoid alcohol before bed
  5. Try to stop smoking, if you smoke
  6. Maintain a moderate weight


SnoreDestroy tongue retainer is not effective in stoping snoring. Just like sleep savior earsets, it is a cheap toy sold with false claims. It does not r work as marketed. If I’m to rate the SnoreDestroy anti snore device, I’ll give it a 2 over 10.

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