I Tried Nailboo DIY Kit On My Natural Nails: Here Is My Review After Two Weeks

If you are just like me who loves a natural-looking nail with colors i can change at my own will, then you will find my unbaised Nailboo review pretty useful at helping you make a choice. Do you want to buy Nailboo for your manicure? Don’t buy yet until you read this!

What Is Nailboo?

Nailboo is like having a salon-quality nail makeover right at home. It’s a DIY kit that uses gel powder tech, just like the pros in salons. So, you can get fab nails without leaving your house.

My Experience Buying And Using Nailboo

I decided to try Nailboo since salon visits were getting pricey. Wattched their tutorials on Youtube which were super helpful. I got the Wanderlust Collection with Free Spirit, Beach Buns, and Wanderlust. That night, I tried all three dip powders.

I used Free Spirit for full coverage and angled tips on some nails, dipping right into the jar. For Beach Buns, I did the pour-over method. I followed the instructions, but sadly, the polish started coming off on all my nails. Now they’re super thin, and I keep having to cut them because they break easily. Can’t return it since it’s opened, so I won’t be using it again.

Pros: What I Find Facinating

  1. It has 58 colors so you are free to choose
  2. It’s easy to apply

Cons: What I Don’t Like About Nailboo

  1. The polish started coming off too early
  2. The customer service is not good
  3. They have terrible return policies

Where To Buy

If you’re thinking about getting the Nailboo dip powder starter kit, you can only buy it from their official website you won’t see it on Amazon. it will cost you $75, Also, You get 30 sets of salon-quality nails in one kit.

How To Use

It’s very easy to use, here are the steps to apply

  1. Prep your nails by pushing back your cuticles and shaping them how you like. Make sure they’re clean and free of any stuff like dust, lotion, or oils.
  2. Use Nailboo’s Build Powder to make your natural nails strong and sturdy.
  3. Now, apply Nailboo’s Base Coat Powder. It sticks to your nails and the foundation powder, making a solid base for your color. You’ve got lots of cool colors to pick from or mix and match.
  4. Swipe Nailboo’s Activator Liquid over your colored nails. This locks in your nail art.
  5. Finish it off with Nailboo’s topcoat for a shiny, awesome look.

Is Nailboo Legit?

Yes its legit but customer reports on Reddit have complained of their customer services and the company selling their kit with deceptive marketing. When i tried it, i realized it may not work so nicely for everyone especially if you have chapped nails.

This is a company that does illegal and deceptive trade practices. They send you the wrong products, then offer 50% off of the items you received for you to keep them. Bait and switch 

They refuse full refund for the wrong products they sent and note their return policy as excuse. Illegal.


However, if you are just like me who loves not having to waste time at the salon and getting to change colors anytime I want then this is for you. But if you’re into fancy manicures and want something advanced, Nailboo might not be the top choice. You might want to invest a bit more in a professional kit.


In my opinion, Nailboo is actually good that’s If you’re looking for a durable and budget-friendly option. Just take your time and follow those instructions carefully.

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  1. Can you use Nailboo on natural nails?
    • Yes, Nailboo works on natural nails without harm when done right.
  2. How long does Nailboo last?
    • It can last over two weeks if you apply and care for it properly.
  3. Is Nailboo good for beginners?
    • Yep, beginners can use it. Just follow the instructions and practice.
  4. How do you remove Nailboo?
    • To remove it, soak in acetone or use Nailboo’s kit, following the instructions.
  5. Are Nailboo products animal-friendly?
    • Yes, they don’t test on animals.

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