Earnvar.com Review – Is Earnvar Scam or Legit? Find Out!

Do you want to invest on VAR in Earnvar.com? Is someone from Tinder convincing you to buy a new coin called “VAR” on the website called “Earnvar” Read this review to find out if this coin is worth your money or if it is a potential scam.

This review serves as an eyeopener to help you make the right decision about Earnvar VAR Investment.

Image of Earnvar located at earnvar.com

We hope this review meets you well, and on time.

What is Envar?

Envar.com presents itself as a cryptocurrency exchange with the most options. Here, you just have to do the following –

  • Sign up for your free Earnvar Wallet on web
  • Choose your preferred payment method like banktransfer or credit card to add money to your Earnvar Wallet
  • Buy Bitcoin,Ethereum,XRP or Litecoin,then securely store it in your Wallet or send it on easily to friends

Looks pretty cool right? Unfortunately Not!

During our investigation, We discovered the following can of worms;

Associated With a Shady Investment

Earnvar shares same platform and website design with a fraudulent crypto platform we reviewed in June 2020. Known as Bitslead, the platform has a coin known as ‘COV’ which was supposed to go public on June 15, 2021 for public trading. But on that date the website stopped responding and no one replies any emails.

Sadly, a lot of investors lost their money as the coin wasn’t real. They couldn’t even withdraw the coin before the website shut down. See the reviews here

Not Licensed

Earnvar.com is not licensed or regulated by any regulatory body. Normally platforms like this should be registered with the FCA – Financial Conduct Authority. Regulatory bodies like FCA act as a watchdog over the activities of crypto platforms. So if anything fishy is happening, it is exposed.

In this case, Earnvar isn’t, so your financial security isn’t guaranteed.

Lacks Professionalism

A look at the website shows the following loopholes.

  • Spelling mistakes
  • Weird phrasing that shows it was setup by an amateur
  • Uses Gmail instead of an official mail account

This is common with untrustworthy Exchange platforms. You don’t need a seer to tell you that the people behind the website are a bunch of unserious people.

Shitcoin called ‘VAR’

You might have been told that the investing in the crypto currency ‘VAR coin’ supports vaccine distribution to poor countries. I’m sorry that is not true. The Var Coin is a Shitcoin.

What are shitcoins?

“Shitcoin” is the name given to cryptocurrency that’s useless and has no value. These cryptos were created as copycats  currencies. They don’t have clear goals.  They don’t have the longevity of other coins.

VAR has been classified as a shitcoin due to the following reasons

  • The developers are mysterious. The people behind a project should be trustworthy, not a random group of strangers using fake names. If the developers have identified themselves by video on Instagram or Youtube, for example, they’re considered doxxed and much more trustworthy. With their appearance known by the public, it’s much less likely to be a scam.
  • The project has big promises, but has no defined functionalities.  If a project avoids defining the functionalities, it’s not trustworthy.
  • Aspects of the project seem copied or generic. If a project’s website looks generic or uses a free domain, that should be a red flag. It signals that it lacks the authenticity of a true, well-developed project.  In this case, Earnvar copied the content of Bitslead.

So yeah, I wouldn’t go near the website, not even if it offers a thousand BTC. (Laughs, I might consider that tho)

Afterword – Earnvar Scam

Earnvar is a classic Tinder scam. Like numerous of the fraudulent investment platforms advertised by fake girls on Tinder, the modus operandi is this –

Girl acts interested and directs you to her Whatsapp

Proceeds to tell you how she made over $150,000 in VAR trading

Then she tries to get you to sign up to this site. 

When you register on the platform and invest in the VAR for trading, you discover you’re unable to make a withdrawal. This is exactly how scams like this work.

Our Recommendation

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  1. This is a scam. They will pack a wealthy Asian woman from tinder, and then defraud your trust and affection, inducing you to invest, and the money you invested will not be withdrawn.

  2. In fact, this is a scam. When you read this article, they will explain to you that this is malicious slander. They will pretend to be some wealthy Asian businessmen and chat with you to defraud your feelings and money. This is a black platform that cannot be withdrawn.

  3. https://earnvar.com/index is 100% SCAM! DO NOT trust any honeytalk from a shady Tinder girl called Sofia who offers to invest in VAR via this site.
    Her number is +44 7551 231126.
    I lost almost all my savings due to my naivety and good faith. Don’tvmake the same mistake as l did!!!

    PS! There is no way to withdraw your funds from Earnvar.com // expensive lesson but still a lesson learned.

  4. 100% scam. Connected with me on Tinder and went by several names and numbers.
    Alyssa +44 7740 164122 and +44 7933 897636 as well as a spoofing 323-416-8276 as a US number from Montebello CA.

    1. Met a girl through Tinder about a week ago or so. Just like it is described here. Rich Asian girl sending me pics on how much money she makes of VAR. Told me her uncle gave her invitation and it is not for general public. Almost got me. To me she introduced herself as Kato Sakurako, from Japan. Her number is 1-323-416-9265 on WhatsApp. I did register my email on the earnvar.com but that is as far as I went. Decided to do more research and found this review.

  5. Thanks for these reviews, saved me being a victim, they used the name Daisy and number +1 (646) 724-6518 with me

  6. I got scammed guys. Do you know a pro hacker that could help in some ways ^^””’ ? I know it’s lost but I’m kind of despair to get a refund.

  7. Hello, everybody. Yeah I am also in the same way, I have invested for VAR 500 dollars and it´s increasing according to the info. What I am worried is I can not rethrieve any money fron this. they say that it will be opened to public on september 23. What can I do to have my money back? help!

  8. I think guys, I’m really stuck. It’s good that only$ 200, Selena believed the Asian woman, as already mentioned above. And most importantly, I tried to find reviews a week ago, there was no. Today, the day after tomorrow, I was going to make more money, now I definitely understand-a divorce. Thank you for your feedback.Here we are men, we think about the place and are greedy for beautiful women, and we want to cut down easy money. Let’s go to work further, these babos will not be returned.

  9. Mis sospechas parece que son ciertas leyendo este articulo, conoci una chica en Tinder llamada Alice +44 7704 748829 diciendo exactamente lo mismo y aparentando tener mucho dinero y estar en circulos de gente con dinero, de hecho dice que tiene una empresa propia
    Gracias por hacer este articulo y compartir todos vuestras experiencias

    1. Me ha pasado lo mismo que tu con la misma persona,he invertido 1500 euros,ahora tengo beneficios,y me ha dicho que tengo que pagar 20% de taxes que son 3000 usd para poder sacar mis beneficios,pero ya se ve que es una estafa,
      Gracias por sus comentarios

  10. +447512004914 kín en Yan adta ki magát Koreai gazdag nőnek én 300 eurót tetem be a nyeresége már 700 de nem tudtam kivenni ha valaki tudja hogy kell at utalni a pénzt szoljon

  11. One more. Got trapped as well by a girl called Lina. Number is +44 7565 352347.
    I was supposed to do an early sales since a couple of days but they ask for 5% payment in advance to exchange VARs to USDT.
    I turned to scamsrescue.com hoping those are not a scam as well … let’s see. Expensive lesson.

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