Review | Scam or Temporarily Down?

Did you invest on COV in Have you been unable to access the website because of the 502 bad gateway error? Read this review to find out what you should do.

This review serves as an eyeopener to help you make the right decision about Bitslead COV Investment.

We hope this review meets you well, and on time.

Bitslead Investment in COV – How True Is This? presented itself as an investment platform where people can easily trade on COV and make up to $150,000 in CoV trading.

The website claimed public trading would begin on June 15, 2021. And on that date the website stopped responding and no one replies any emails.

Email – [email protected] /  [email protected]

From the recent happenings, was never a true or genuine website to start. Apart from the fact that it was being advertised by a fake profile on Tinder, the website had the following shortcomings –

  • Spelling mistakes
  • Weird phrasing that shows it was setup by a amateur
  • Uses Gmail instead of an official mail account Scam

Bitslead is a classic Tinder scam. Like numerous of the fraudulent investment platforms advertised by fake girls on Tinder, the modus operandi is this –

Girl acts interested and directs you to her Whatsapp

Proceeds to tell you how she made over $150,000 in CoV trading

Then she tries to get you to sign up to this site. 

When you register on the platform and invest in the COV for trading, you discover you’re unable to make a withdrawal.

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  1. At this moment, has totally disappeared. However I got contact from this “girl” (I don’t know if it’s really a girl)10 days after they closed this website. “She” is telling me that Bitslead will recover in mid-end of July, which I have no proof about it. The funny thing is that “she” is offering a new coin called “VAR” on website called “earnvar”
    Same pratform as Bitslead but in different name and color.
    Is this trustable? I don’t think so…

    1. I had the same story. Everything is scam. I invested on COV in BITSLEAD, on OTOC in AsianFeiEX, on BITCOIN in CloudPeak and in foreign exchange in Uee international limited in MT4. I can’t do withdraw and the girls have been missing from 1 month.

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