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Skeeter Tornado Review- Pros & Cons of This Mosquito Killer!

Thinking of getting the As seen on TV Skeeter Tornado? Are you stuck in mid confusion wondering if this mosquito trapper is the best option for you? No worries!

I’ve been there too, perplexed, uncertain, wondering if this accessory would meet my expectation, or if it would be the bad mosquito eliminator I bought sometime ago.

Relax and read on, I’m not going to spare any detail, or leave you feeling bored.

Skeeter Tornado – Does It Kill Only Mosquitoes?

This product is not limited to mosquitoes only. If you’re wondering if it’d do the same job with bugs and gnats, then you shouldn’t worry anymore. Though it is called Skeeter Tornado UV/Led Mosquito Killer, I think you should know that mosquitoes are not the only insects that are drawn to light.

That is to say; if you find bugs or moths problematic, you should give this product a try.

What You Should Know About Skeeter Tornado

Like you already know, it is an UV/LED Insect killer. However, the pictures online don’t do justice to the product.

The Skeeter Tornado is very small in size.

Yes, you heard me right. It is smaller than any mosquito trapper I’ve ever bought. Also, it is not water resistant. You can’t keep it in an open porch or outside where it is likely to rain.

Why? Because it’d get damaged

How Does It Work?

The Skeeter Tornado is a chemical-free mosquito trapping device. Instead of chemicals, it uses UV/LED to attract insects and mosquitoes alike. Then the vacuum sucks them up and traps them.

As easy as ABC.

How To Use –

  • Plug in the USB cable to a light source.
  • Switch on the Skeeter Tornado
  • Place it in a dry environment

Viola! Bye Bye to mosquitoes

Cool, right? Well, not so cool.

Skeeter Tornado Product Test

I did a 10 hours test with this product in my porch. Normally, I’ve always had trouble dealing with mosquitoes and bugs in my porch. After a 10 hour use, I noticed the following about this product –

  • It attracted only moths and bugs. No single mosquito!
  • Not all insects that perched around the UV/LED were vacuumed, some flew away.
  • When I unscrew the bottom of the Skeeter Tornado, most of the insects were still alive, and they flew away!

Lest I forget; Skeeter Tornado expels a purplish light that comes alive when you plug it in.

Should You Buy This Mosquito Trapper? My Opinion!

Honestly, I find the product underwhelming, especially as it doesn’t attract mosquitoes. The small size is a minus for me, same with the fact that it is not rechargeable. However, it can be an ideal product for you if your house is infested with moths, bugs or gnats.

Watch Video Review Here

Have you bought the Skeeter Tornado Mosquito trapper? What are your experiences with it? Please comment down below.


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  1. Thank you for being honest. Being a senior and on a budget I can’t afford to waste. I have mosquitoes outside my back door and they eat me up and my dogs.

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