Subscription Scam: What You Need To Know is an online subscription service that has been the subject of numerous complaints from customers. Have you received an unauthorised credit charge of from Harlow UK? You’re not alone! Lots of people have reported being charged by after downloading a Train Line parking app. Here’s how the scam works, how to cancel the subscription successfully and frequently asked question.

How The Scam Subscription Works

The subscription link pops up when you try to download an app or access a local website, it says you need to renew the subscription for the site you had visited by following the link. It deceptively trick you into subscribing claiming it is free. However, immediately you subscribed you’d be charged £1, then £39.99 subsequently.

See reports from victims –

This company is a total scam I got this while paying for ULEZ ultra low emissions zone absolutely shocking from a government website I have told my bank and cancelled my card. Thinks like this are happening a lot it needs to be sorted out I will not pay on my cards online no more only face to face

This company is a scam. I’m only writing this to hopefully prevent others getting caught out. I was caught out on a parking app. Cancel the card you used and report to your bank as fraud. Why isn’t this more closely monitored and prevented.

How to Cancel Subscription

Sadly, though the website provide a button for unsubscribing it does not really work. When you input your email address, it does not send. However, you can get your money back by following the instructions below –

  • Report unauthorized transactions to your card holder immediately. You may get money returned IF you report immediately.
  • Close the credit card and request for a new one. To protect yourself in the future, go to bank website where you have credit card and select text notifications in settings.

Meanwhile, If you have a good bank, like Chase, they will notify you by text immediately of the charge and ask if you made the transaction. Reply NO. Your card will be closed and a new one sent.

How To Avoid Scam Subscription Trap

  • Read the small print (terms & conditions) carefully before entering into any agreement or making a purchase, online or offline, no matter however long this may take.
  • Make sure the terms & conditions box has not been pre-ticked.
  • If you make a purchase of this kind that gives you a limited timescale to cancel the agreement, make sure you do so before the due date if you want to cancel it.
  • Never provide bank details to companies without doing some prior research beforehand.
  • Keep a copy of any advertisement (print it or take a screenshot) that you reply to, and to keep a note of the webpage.
  • Check your bank/payment card statements regularly for unexpected payments.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Scam

Is a legit service?

Bechef Club is a cooking and dietary club. However, their ads are highly deceptive about the paid subscription and they make it extremely difficult to cancel or get refunds. These are signs of a scam.

How much does charge?

According to user reports, the unauthorized credit card charges from are  £1 and £39.99

How do I cancel membership?

There is a cancel subscription link on website homepage. However, it does not really work. The only solution to stop billing is by Contacting your credit card provider to halt payments.

Can I get a refund from Bechef Club?

Bechef Club does not grant refund requests. However, your best chance for reclaiming lost money is requesting your bank do a chargeback on the fees. You should emphasize that obtained your payment details deceptively.

Can be reported or sued?

While Bechef Club’s practices may technically be legal under subscription commerce laws, their advertisements can be deemed unlawfully deceptive. You can report them to Action Fraud, the UK’s national fraud reporting centre by calling 0300 123 20 40 or by visiting www.actionfraud.police.ukIf you are in Scotland, contact Police Scotland on 101.

Have you been scammed by please share your experience below at the comment section. Meanwhile if you’ve been charged by or or CompleteSavings or, you can still follow the processes above.


  1. I was scammed by whilst on a completely different app. Fortunately my bank had flagged the payment as suspicious.ive emailed to cancel the thing and phoned them just now to cancel .the guy I spoke to just asked for my name and said fine I’ll cancel that never asked why or anything.must get a lot of people cancelling. At no point did I realise who they were or that I’d signed up to anything .total thieves thank god my bank was on the ball.

  2. Hi ive been scamed by BECHEF.CLUB and am having problems cancelling someone must do something about this as they are going in to my bank account and taking small amounts of money. Andy r..

  3. Hi ive been in touch with BECHEF.CLUB and they’re sending me a refund and cancelling my subscription you must ring them Andy R

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