I Tested Beachwaver Rotating Curling Iron: Is It Worth It? Read This

There’s no doubt that the Beachwaver Rotating Curling Iron has become one of the—if not the—most popular hairstyling tools around right now. During TikTok scrolls, you have probably been inundated with Beachwaver reviews on your For You page, with reviewers detailing their experience.

But does it work? Will it work for you and your hair type? And when you’re thinking of parting with nearly $200 for a hair tool, it can be risky business to know if it’s going to work for your individual hair type. I decided to test the B1 glitter red on my thick hair, here is the outcome.

What Is A Beachwaver Curling Iron

The Beachwaver curling iron is a special kind of curling iron that’s really easy to use. With regular curling irons, you have to wrap your hair around the barrel, which can sometimes be tricky and might even cause burns. But with the Beachwaver, you just clip your hair onto the tool, press a button, and it automatically spins to curl your hair for you.

There are different types and sizes of Beachwaver curling irons to choose from, so you can pick the one that works best for your hair and style. The most popular ones are the S1 Dual Voltage White Rotating Iron and B1 in Black Glitter.

Testing Beachwaver B1 Glitter Red

i ordered for this curling iron on beachwaver.co.uk, it arrived after 5 days and I loved the product. It worked really well, and my curls looked amazing. It heats up super fast, so it’s really easy to use.

But dealing with the warranty and getting a replacement from the manufacturer is a pain. You have to register within 14 days of getting it, or you’re out of luck. Mine started acting up after just a few months of use. I only used it every other week, so maybe like 16 times tops.

Now it keeps shutting off while I’m using it, and it’s taking forever to style my hair. I spent $200 on this thing, and it’s frustrating that it’s already acting up. Make sure you check the warranty details before you buy, and make sure you’re buying from an authorized seller. Otherwise, you might end up stuck with a lemon like me.


  1. It’s available in many online stores
  2. helps to curl your hair


  1. It’s too pricey
  2. Takes a little bit of practice to master
  3. The iron does not last
  4. Does not work on all hair types

Does Beachwaver Work

Yes it does, but mine did not last. There are lots of customer complaints on Amazon and Reddit that the curls from the iron does not last and getting it to rotate right is quite a hassle.

Didn’t like that it didn’t specify the voltage and watts as it doesn’t suit my country, had to buy a transformer for it to work, worked for 20 minutes then it blew out and caused a fuse.
Such a shame because the curls were nice, was really expensive just wish it worked here or specified as I would not have purchased it if known

I bought this with such high expectations and expected to really love it. It was one of the worst curling irons I have ever used. I followed the instructions to a t and the ends of my hair had the worst crimp look to it. It also burned me more times that I care to count. If I could return it I would. I purchased the Goody Heat Wave Styler and its amazing and more than half the cost! Don’t waste your money on this!!!!

Before Buying; Here’s What You Should Know

Some customers found that keeping the clamp facing left, no matter which way they were curling, worked better. But they noticed that the ends of their hair got pretty beat up because it took a while to figure out how to use the curling iron, which sometimes led to accidental burns. They also felt a bit unsafe because it was easy to press the button by mistake, risking burns on the scalp or face. Plus, their hair often got tangled in the rotating iron, causing it to break. The curls they got weren’t much different from what they could do with a regular flat iron, either.

Note: If you are purchasing this to do hair for a special event, I recommend giving yourself at least a week to get used to using it so you don’t get stressed on the day of the event.

Is Beachwaver Worth It

Yes, It takes me about an hour to style my hair with the Beachwaver but if you have shorter or finer hair, it might take less time.

The Beachwaver costs from $149, which might seem a bit expensive, but it’s similar to the prices of other popular curling irons like those from T3, GHD, and Bio Iconic. Sure, it’s pricier than cheaper options you might find at the drugstore, but you’re paying for its special patented technology that makes curling your hair easier and safer. So, while it’s not the cheapest option out there, it’s definitely worth it if you want a high-quality curling iron.

Where To Buy

You can buy the Beachwaver from Amazon at Ulta Beauty or directly from their official website Beachwaver.co.uk website. The price varies but it’s from $149.99.

Do They Offer Refunds

You have 30 days to return unopened items. You’re responsible for return shipping, and we won’t refund the original shipping fees. Certain items like brushes and hats can’t be returned. Refunds are only for purchases made on their website, and they may limit returns if they think they’re being misused. Promo codes can’t be combined, and some items are excluded from promotions. Reach out to their customer service via [email protected], Ground Floor, 1-2 Craven Road, Ealing, London, W5 2UA, UK.

Here’s a Simple Guide On How To Use

  1. Plug the curling iron into an outlet and wait for it to heat up. You’ll know it’s ready when the light stops flashing.
  2. If you have thick or dense hair like mine, it’s best to separate your hair into smaller sections using a hair claw. Start at the bottom of your scalp and work your way up to the top.
  3. Take a one-inch piece of hair and clamp the curling iron onto the end of the hair.
  4. Press the rotating button on the curling iron and angle it so the hair curls away from your face.
  5. Let the curling iron do the work for you as it curls your hair.

Which Curling Irons Does Beachwaver Compete With

  1. Prizm Wavy Rotating Curling Iron: Using this curling iron is easy. Just plug it in, wait for the light to stop flashing, and start curling. I divide my hair into sections with a hair claw, then clamp the iron onto a one-inch piece of hair and press the button to make it rotate. It’s simple and quick, but some customers have had issues with it breaking after six months.
  2. T3 Twirl Auto-Rotating Curling Iron: This curling iron is unique because it automatically adjusts to how you move your hand. It’s a bit tricky to figure out at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s effortless. The curls it creates are beautiful, but there’s a learning curve to using it.

Final Thoughts

Before you decide to buy the Beachwaver Curling Iron, think about what kind of hair you have and how you like to style it. Beachwaver Co. has different options for different hair types and looks. For example, the B Series has one-inch models with three heat settings and one speed, while the S Series offers curling irons in different sizes with adjustable temperature settings and two speeds. So, take some time to figure out which one fits your hair routine and preferences best before you make a decision.

Other curing tools that may be perfect for your hair include, Tymo Hair Ring Straightener, Waytalk Pro heated brush.

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