How Stoveguard Stove Protector Turned Out To Be A Disappoinment: An Unbiased User Review

Everyone knows the worst thing about cooking is the cleanup. Are you looking for a tool to protect your cooktop from mess during cleaning? We came across Stoveguard protectors offering a hassle free cleaning method for your kitchen needs.

However the question renainsIs stoveguard any good? Does it work? Are they worth it? This review will address all these questions.

As Seen On Tv Stoveguard Protectors

StoveGuard offers stove protectors for electric stoves, gas etc. They are good for cleaning up spills and gunk on your stovetop. These protectors are thin plastic sheets that help keep your stove clean and durable.

Their latest product, StoveGuard Premium, is the newest addition to their lineup. It’s a thicker and heavier-duty stove top protector, designed to withstand even the messiest spills.

People love StoveGuard because:

  1. Customizable: You can get stove protector sheets that are custom-cut according to your specific stove model, ensuring a perfect fit.
  2. Easy to Use: Simply input your stove’s model number and search to find the ideal guard for your cooking stove.
  3. Hassle-Free Cleaning: StoveGuard sheets make cleaning up spills and messes easy, saving you time and effort in the kitchen.
  4. Enhanced Protection: These sheets provide an extra layer of protection for your stove, keeping it looking new and extending its lifespa and is fire resistant.
  5. 1-year warranty: Stoveguard offers a year warranty to buyers.

Buying And Using Stoveguard Stove Protector On My Electric Gas

Just received Stoveguard for our Thermador range top after ordering from The color looks great and exactly as seen on tv but not only does it not fit and cover the range top as promised, but also it DOES NOT MATCH the photo on the website for my selected part number!

The burners are absolutely NOT adjustable & it appears this company just doesn’t want to fix their template & improve their product. Since they are on back burners & disguised by the cast iron grates, we’ll keep it because it’s still better than nothing, but we won’t be purchasing again from them. Sad, really, because it seems like a well made product. But poor customer service & an unwillingness to fix their own templates is a sure fire way to lose business.

Tried calling customer service four times today and a few other times previously but never get a call back. No one ever answers the phone. Stoveguard wants to charge me a restocking fee and I have to pay return shipping!

Minimal customer support with a return phone call would be nice, they are not worth it.


  1. Their flame-retardant materials protect your appliances from damage.
  2. You can easily wash StoveGuard products with warm water, no need for harsh chemicals.
  3. StoveGuard sheets are 3 1/2 times thicker than competitor products.


  1. Does not work as advertised
  2. There are issues with customer service

Where Can I Buy Stoveguard

You can buy stoveguard from Amazon, and other online retail stores. The price right now is $30. The officials website is currently offering discount for

Note: This is the price as at the time of writing this review, The price may change with time.

What Is Their Return Policy

You have 14 days to return items after they’ve been delivered. They’ll give you a refund or replace items that are damaged or have problems from the manufacturer. Just send them a picture showing the issue. If you want to return something for a different reason, make sure it’s in good condition and in its original packaging. You’ll need to pay for shipping, and there’s a $15 fee for custom-designed items. Once we get the item back and check it, they will refund your money within 3-5 business days.

Does Stoveguard Stove Protector Work? Why People Feel It’s A Scam

No it does not. This product is advertised as custom fit, but it actually leaves a 1” gap around all of your burners. This gap lets liquids and food spill underneath the cover, making it a hassle to clean your stove. When you try to return the item, they make you pay for shipping, which was $15, and then on top of that, they charge you another $15 for the stove guard.

Secondly the website lists only model number for the stoveguard and no dimensions of the product. So if you order based on model no. it may still come wrong since the stoveguard are made according to the serial no. Nowhere on their website they specify that. so if you get the order wrong they charge $15 for exchange. 

Lastly the customer service is faulty and to make matters worse, returning any item will cost you $30, and their response to your complaint about the expensive return was dismissive, saying you could have opted for a return label instead.

Customer Complaints And Feedback

We discovered customer reviews on Reddit, BBB and Trustpilot about this company and they are all negative.

Provided correct stove model number. Stove Guard arrived and did not fit properly (flush) with stovetop. Provided photos to Stove Guard. Even though it was resting on the burner riser, they insisted it was safe. Then asking a simple question in response to their reply, I was ghosted. Three emails later, still ghosted. Paid $18 to send it back and they charged me $15 to “restock” their defective product.

what a scam they are running! the fits are bad, horrible quality charging an arm and a leg. RUDE CUSTOMER SERVICE because they know they are wrong. You pay for shipping back the item which was $15 AND ON TOP they charge you 15$ cut for the stove guard. There goes your 30$ for absolutely nothing.

Would We Buy Again

No, we do not. Definitely not worth even close to the 60 bucks, It was a really disappointing experience. The product just doesn’t work with all types of range tops. Maybe it’s okay for a basic stove, but it couldn’t handle the high-powered burners on my high-end natural gas stove, rated at 15K-18K BTUs.

To make matters worse, the customer service was unhelpful and even borderline rude in their responses.

The idea behind the product is great. I was one of the first to try their single product, now called StoveGuard Lite. But it failed on both of the burners I mentioned earlier. When I asked for help, they suggested I spend $99 on their “premium” version, claiming it was more durable. However, the same issue happened again with the new product. It seems their products just can’t handle the heat produced by these burners.

Stove Guard Premium vs Lite

Stove Guard Premium and Stove Guard Lite are two popular stove protectors in their catalog. These sheets are thicker, more durable, and flexible compared to other brands.

Their guard sheets usually come in a universal size, so you don’t have to worry about finding the right fit. Many popular magazines like HGTV and 30 Seconds have featured their stove guard products.

Final Words

Finally, Stoveguard is a good concept but does not work. Everything about this purchase has been unpleasant including the product and customer service.  

The manufacturers suggests taking the “protection insurance” since use of a large pan or griddle could cause damage. If I had know using a large pan or the griddle on the stove could void the warranty I would not have purchased.

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