Waytalk Pro Heated Brush Review: Is It Worth The Hype? Pros And Cons

Are you looking for a solution to hair frizz and tangles? Did you come across the Waytalk Pro Heated Brush? This blowout brush has gained quite a bit of popularity among people who want to achieve salon-like hairstyles at home. But does it work as advertised? This review shades some light.

Waytalk Pro Heated Brush

Overview Of The Waytalk Pro Heated Brush

The Waytalk 1.5-inch heated round brush is used to create medium to loose curls, waves, enhance your hair volume and amongst other benefits. It does this by using a ceramic barrel which helps to spread heat all over the hair. The manufacturers claim that it can make your hair smoother, reduce frizz and tangles altogether. But does it work?

Unboxing the waytalk round brush

  1. Two Temperature Settings: Choose between 350℉ for thin or soft hair and 410℉ for thick or stiff hair.
  2. Universal Voltage: Works worldwide, making it convenient for travel.
  3. Easy to Use: Just wrap your hair around the barrel and comb it down for loose curls.
  4. Faster Styling: Save time and effort with quick and easy curling while combing your hair.
  5. Negative Ion Function: Lock in moisture and make your hair smoother.

Testing The Waytalk Round Brush On My Daughter’s Hair

I have to admit, I kind of bought this thing on a whim without paying too much attention to the details because i needed to see if it would work on my daughter’s hair. I thought it was just your regular round brush hair dryer, but it turned out to be more of a round brush curling iron hybrid.

My daughter has this thick and coarse hair that can be a real handful. Using this tool to straighten her hair worked surprisingly well, and it made her locks so much more manageable. The best part is, it heats up super quickly, and it does a good job both curling and straightening. It gives this nice blowout look and adds a ton of volume and curls. I usually use it right after blow drying my hair, and it seems to work like a charm. Oh, and I haven’t noticed any crazy frizz issues either.

Now, I do have a little problem with it, it makes this weird clicking noise that I can’t quite figure out or appreciate. Another thing to note is that the top and bottom plastic parts get pretty hot during use, and there aren’t any legs or a stand to rest it on. So, you’ve got to be careful not to burn yourself or your countertop. It’s a minor inconvenience, but it’s worth mentioning.

Overall, despite the clicking noise and the hot plastic bits, I’m really happy with this purchase.

Waytalk Pro Heated Brush Pros: What I Fancy

  1. It’s great for straightening thick and coarse hair, making it much more manageable.
  2. Heats up quickly, which is a big time-saver.
  3. Does an excellent job both curling and straightening.
  4. Adds a lot of volume and curls to my daughter’s hair.
  5. I haven’t noticed any excessive frizz issues when using it.

Waytalk Heated Brush Cons: What I Don’t Quite Fancy

  1. There’s a weird clicking noise when it’s in use, which can be a bit annoying.
  2. The top and bottom plastic parts get quite hot during styling, and there’s no stand or legs to rest it on, so you need to be cautious not to burn yourself or your countertop.

Is The Waytalk Heated Brush Worth The Hype?

Yes, it is worth the hype, customer reviews on Amazon are mostly positive. The brush did a nice job in adding more volume to my daughter’s hair. A customer report said.

his is a really nice heated brush that functions much like a curling item. If my hair was longer, I think I’d like it more. I have shoulder length hair, which makes it hard to wrap around the brush with just my hand (since it’s pretty hot). I was hoping this would be a blow dryer as well, but it’s just a heated brush. That said, if you are looking for this type of brush.


Also the brush doesn’t work well on wet hair, I think it could work on coarse hair types, but if your hair is silky, this probably won’t grip your hair enough to get the heat on it to curl it. Alternatively, you can try Kashmira blow out brush, Drybar, volumizer, Hairitage and Moroccan oil heated brushes. It’s important that you consider customer reviews before buying this product.

Where To Buy

You can buy this product from Amazon and also from their official website. The current price on Amazon right now is $37.99.

How To Use

  1. Start with Damp Hair: Begin with slightly damp hair and use a heat protectant.
  2. Divide it into Sections: Split your hair into four sections: top, right, left, and back.
  3. Power On: Turn on the brush, pick your heat level, and wait for it to get ready.
  4. Brush Through: Slowly brush each section from top to bottom.
  5. Set with Hairspray: Finish by using hairspray to hold your style.


Waytalk Pro Heated Brush is a combination of a hair dryer and a brush that does all the work for you. However, the top and bottom plastic parts get quite hot during styling, and there’s no stand or legs to rest it on, so you need to be cautious not to burn yourself or your countertop.

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