ABHelpline.com Scam Credit Card Charge: How To Stop!

Have you received an unauthorized debit charge of $39.95 from Abhelpline.com ? You’re not alone! Since 2022, lots of people have reported numerous charges from the website. This detailed review provide information on what ABHelpline really is, and how to completely stop the charges.

What is ABHelpline.com?

Abhelpline.com is an online subscription service that acts as a middle man for websites that offers services like dating sites, movie streaming sites, video games websites, even contests and Redemption site.

Once you subscribe to websites that offer the above services, you have given permission to the company linked to abhelpline.com to withdraw from you each month.

Set up in November 2022, there are thousands of negative reviews from people who’ve been charged by abhelpline.com. One of such reviews say ‘‘I just discovered they have been charging my account regularly. I have not done business with them. My husband passed away this year & I am trying to clean up accounts when I found this.”

How to Stop ABHelpline.com Charge on Credit Card

Though the website provided a customer service email – [email protected], the customer representative does not grant refunds or cancel subscription. Here’s what to stop the charges and protect your new card –

Inform Your Credit Card Issuer

Immediately contact your bank and inform them of the fraudulent transaction. You could do this by either reporting the fraud in their app or on their website. If fraud is confirmed, the issuer will likely cancel that card and issue you a new one with different numbers.

Update Your Passwords and Enable Two Factor Authentication

The second step you should take is updating your passwords. Make sure you check all of your other credit card accounts to see if they’ve also been compromised. It’s important to note that, even though only one card may have suspicious charges, you can’t be sure how the fraudster got the information. So make sure you change all of your passwords and PINs just to be safe.

Tips on How To Prevent Scam Credit Card Charges

  1. Always Use Secure Websites. Whenever you’re entering your credit card info online, look for “https://” in the web address. The “s” means it’s a secure site.
  2. Stay Alert from Phishing: Don’t Click on Links in Suspicious emails.
  3. Always read tiny prints when placing an order online as it may contain information about subsequent charges
  4. Keep your PIN and passwords super secret. If you must share them, change them after the person is done using them.
  5. Be careful with public Wi-Fi when making online purchases or bank transactions. It’s safer to use a secure network.
  6. After shopping or banking online, make sure to clear your browser’s cache. It helps keep your info safe.
  7. Sign up for fraud alerts with your credit card company or bank. They’ll notify you if something fishy happens with your account.
  8. Before tossing important papers, like bank statements, shred them or burn them to protect your info.
  9. If you notice your card missing, tell your bank or creditor ASAP. They can help secure your account.

Have you been charged by ABHelpline.com? please share your experience below at the comment section. Meanwhile if you’ve been charged by Flickdom.net or enter2dream.com or CompleteSavings or Fraavy.com, you can still follow the processes above.

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