Review: Zyppah Mouthpiece – Does It Reduce Snoring? I Tried It

Do you have snoring problems that keep you uncomfortable during sleep? You’ve probably seen the Zyppah Mouthpiece in infomercials or on Instagram ads that claim to be the ultimate solution for snoring. The tricky part is, there are so many of these devices out there, each claiming to be clinically proven and a miracle fix. And to make things even more confusing, they’re sold under all sorts of names like snore destroy

Zyppah’s mouthpiece, claims to tackle snoring by moving your jaw forward and keeping your tongue in place. It’s supposed to be an effective way to reduce snoring. But does it really work?

Zyppah Snoring Mouthpiece

Zyppah is a mouthpiece made in the USA for snorers and those with mild to moderate sleep apnea. It helps keep your airway open by moving your jaw forward and holding your tongue in place. Unlike other devices, it focuses on the tongue to prevent snoring without causing jaw or teeth pain.

To get started you will need the following:

  • Your Zyppah
  • Water(2 QTS)
  • Utensil
  • Timer
  • Bowl


I bought the Zyppah mouthpiece from Amazon. At first, I didn’t tell my husband, who needed it, to see if it made a difference. It seemed to work because he stopped waking me up during the night.

The mouthpiece pulls the jaw forward and holds the tongue in place, which is good and bad. It made my jaw and teeth sore at first, but the pain lessened over time. However, the material wears out quickly, and the tongue strap doesn’t hold well after a while. Plus, you’ll drool a lot, which can be gross and uncomfortable.

Overall, while the Zyppah helped us sleep better initially, it needs better materials and construction for the price. It doesn’t last long, and for the premium cost, it should. I ended up researching other options because of these issues.

Pros: What I Like

  1. The quality of material is ok
  2. Worked at first
  3. Shipping was fast

Cons: What I Don’t Like

  1. It is overpriced
  2. It physically hurts to wear
  3. The product is too small for an adult to wear
  4. The company does not offer refund

Does Zyppah Mouth guard Work?

It does help with snoring, but the problem is it doesn’t stay in place. When it falls out during the night, the snoring returns. Making the impressions for it isn’t as simple as you might expect.

The strap is supposed to stop your tongue from falling back, but it doesn’t work well. You can easily slip your tongue out, so in my experience, Zyppah doesn’t do its main job.


Here are the reasons why I regret buying it, and would advise anyone to not buy it either:

It’s too expensive, definitely not worth $100. There’s no customer support. I reached out to the company about these issues, but they never got back to me.

You can’t trust this company. On Amazon, they have more 1-star reviews than any other. But on their website, they have over 1,000 4 and 5-star reviews with only one 1-star review, and nothing in between. If you have a bad product, at least stand by it. This dishonesty is tricking people into thinking it works just to make money. It’s basically fraud.


To mold your ZYPPAH mouthpiece:

  1. First, place your ZYPPAH in hot water for 30 seconds.
  2. Then, take it out using the strap and press it onto your lower teeth firmly with your fingers.
  3. Move your lower jaw forward to align the top of the ZYPPAH with your upper teeth and bite down for one minute.
  4. Finally, rinse it in cold water for 30 seconds.

Customer Complaints And Feedback

People who have bought this snoring device have left lots of negative comments online especially on Amazon.

I have used Zyppah for years and like the product. However, there was an issue with the most recent Zyppah that I received and part of the material started to fall off during the fitting process. I was concerned that the piece might fall off entirely and choke me during the night. I called the Zyppah customer service team using the phone number listed on the Zyppah box, and they told me that I needed to contact Zyppah headquarters because the headquarters handles issues with Zyppahs ordered through Amazon. They then transferred me to voicemail where I have since left multiple message weeks ago and cannot even get anyone to call me back. So, based on my experience, if you are expecting any type of customer service support for this product, order the product directly from Zyppah because if you order through Amazon, you will not be able to contact anyone who can help you

After boiling the mouth guard and biting down to create an impression, I noticed the strap was irritating the surface of my tongue. So I followed the instruction pamphlet and tried to keep it in my mouth for an extended period of time to help me get used to the feel, but the strap was rubbing my tongue raw in this one place. So I would put it in my mouth while I was working on my laptop and would take it out because it does go deeper in my mouth that I assumed. I tried to wear it to bed but it was too uncomfortable and kept taking it out. It cannot be returned through Amazon or refunded through Amazon.

It worked great for about two weeks. Then suddenly my snoring returned. At first the customer was very responsive and instructed me to re-mold it. And they told me if that doesn’t work they can send me a new one or give me a refund. I tried it and it still didn’t stop my snoring. They have not responded since.

Zyppah vs SnoreRx

Both SnoreRx and Zyppah are comfortable to wear and do what they’re supposed to. However, SnoreRx has some advantages.

The newest version of SnoreRx is really comfortable for me, and it does a great job of stopping my snoring because of its precise calibration. Both devices need cleaning, and I recommend using denture tablets or an iSonic Cleaner.

If you’re only buying one for yourself, Zyppah’s price with a coupon and free shipping makes it a better deal. But now that Zyppah has increased its price, getting two SnoreRx devices is a better option.

Other Natural Means To Reduce Snoring

  1. Sleep on your side
  2. Get enough sleep
  3. Raise the head of your bed
  4. Limit or avoid alcohol before bed
  5. Try to stop smoking, if you smoke
  6. Maintain a moderate weight


Finally, I have used several different types of anti snoring mouthpieces and have found this one (Zyypah) to be no different than the mouthpieces you can get at the drugstore….. only Zyypah is much more expensive. Lots of hype, good commercials, no difference in performance. 

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