Tesla Bait-and-Switch Solar Systems Lawsuit: Scam or Legit? Find Out

You have probably heard about the Tesla bait-and-switch solar systems lawsuit going viral online. It’s not a scam.

Tesla will pay around $6 million to settle a lawsuit regarding its Solar Roof installations. Customers who signed up for Solar Roofs were surprised by price increases in 2021, which meant they had to pay more to proceed with their installations.

About Tesla bait-and-switch solar systems lawsuit

Tesla is facing a lawsuit accusing them of pulling a “bait and switch” move in sales tactics. The lawsuit claims Tesla breached contracts when they unexpectedly raised the price of their Solar Roof product made of integrated glass tiles.

Who Is Behind Tesla Bait-and-Switch Solar Systems Lawsuit

Tesla, along with Amens and Malek, argues that the company is tricking its customers by how it promotes and sells its solar roof tiles. They claim Tesla unfairly increases prices and causes delays, which they think is wrong and against the law.

How Much Is The Settlement

Tesla has agreed to pay around $6 million to settle claims from about 8,200 customers. They alleged that the company increased prices for its solar roof.


Amans, et al. v. Tesla Inc., Case No. 3:21-cv-03577, is not a scam. Amens and Malek changed their complaint against Tesla, saying that the company’s supposed price hikes changed the purchase agreement after it was already made. Amens and Malek say Tesla told its customers last April that it wouldn’t stick to their contracts unless they agreed to pay more money.

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