Williston Force Portable AC – Is It a Scam? Honest Review

In case you’re thinking of ordering the Williston Force portable AC, we advise you not to do so yet. A lot of things don’t add up about the website, the company, and the reviews online.

Williston Force Air Conditioner- Does It Work?

One of the reasons why this AC is the rave of the internet is because it is been sold for 50% discount. But when you dig beneath all the so called positive reviews online, you’d see that there are no genuine customer reviews.

Searching For these Items? See Legit Sellers

This was what led us to review this product. The online store offering this cheap portable Ac is willistonforce.com. They provide the following contact details-

  • Company Address :  Able Look Online, 62543, G/F Bamboos Centre, 52 Hung To Road, Kwung Tong, Hong Kong
  • Mail :[email protected]
  • Northern America: 844 847 0613
  • United Kingdom: 033 0808 0921
  • Australia: (02) 7201 8268

It is true that this website seems legit, however a lot of things don’t add up about the store.

Why Williston Force AC Sucks!

Though there are lots of positive reviews about williston force portable ac, we discovered some redflags about the store.

Fake Customer Reviews

During our investigation, we realized the positive reviews online, both that of Youtube and Blogs, are all fake. This is because when you order for the product, the wait time is 30 days. How come the reviewers have gotten theirs when this Ac is not yet up to 30 days online? We realized these reviewers are just affiliate marketers who get paid commission for any sale they make. So they are reviewing the product without even seeing it for starters.

Also, the reviews on willistonforce.com are unverifiable. They shouldn’t prompt you to make an order.

Misleading Product Description

The major reason why we wouldn’t recommend this product is that the product description are not entirely true. They claim the AC chills the air around ‘EFFICIENTLY’. The keyword here is ‘EFFICIENTLY’. Which itself is a white lie.

 The portable AC is not an AC in the real sense.It is rather a swamp cooler. Water is also poured into it like a swamp cooler. It doesn’t work like a humidifier. Yes it is written in the website that it works but it is not.

 The unit has no heat transfer mechanism to surroundings. It uses electric fan for evaporative cooling. The thermal energy is converted to humidity in air which always stays in the system (room). With time, the air gets more and more humid to the point it cannot hold any more vapor and that is when you start to realize that its not cooling anything.

Williston Force Portable AC Customer Complaints

Just like similar products called ‘Getpolaire‘ and ‘Blaux‘. The Williston Force AC is a disaster waiting to happen. As you can see from the links shared, those who would buy this AC would not be satisfied with it.

This is because the Williston Force is not an air conditioner in the real sense. It is just a cooler.It is very annoying that a product that is a cooler is being sold in the name of AC.

A lot of people who expect otherwise, would be disappointed.

Willistonforce.com Review: Is It Legit?

We are skeptical about willistonForce Portable AC as there are a lot of red flags that shouldn’t be ignored. Have you shopped from willistonforce.com? What were your experiences? Please drop a comment!

Meanwhile, you can see better Air conditioning device from the Trusted sellers on Amazon link we provided above. We always advise readers to shop from Amazon, as you can always return your order if you are not satisfied with it.


  1. We have just received an Williston Force A/C, which we ordered online, costing approx AUD $90 (USD135) We ordered after reading a lot of the reviews and with the expectation of being able to cool our bedroom effectively. What a scam. From the moment I opened it I could tell it was just rubbish, and when I tried it, I found that my initial reaction was correct, It made absolutely no difference to to room temp after closing all the doors. Now I am unsure of where I can register a complaint. There are no details of the manufacturer/supplier on the box. Be aware.

  2. Do not buy from them. Its a scam. I ordered months ago and still hasn’t arrived. They say it’s in transit therefor won’t refund until I receive it. If I don’t receive it they say the can’t refund. Scam

  3. I ordered 3 units first week in June. I was given a delivery date of June 22. Never came. I sent a message and was told they would contact me when units were sent. It’s now a month later. Still haven’t heard anything. Sent them another message. Waiting for a response. Try to call. Only got a message about orders taking longer than usual. I’m thinking scam!

  4. The above comments are totally true. I ordered a unit on 20th June. When you phone you will either be transferred to the Philippines or Jamaica. First call I was told it would be dispatched in 5 days. The second call I was informed that they would do nothing as they were still within their delivery period of 30 days. That time has now passed and still not received. Phoned again today, 21.07.2021 and was informed that I would receive a refund but this could take up to 7 days. Stay well clear of this company they just fob you off.

  5. I ordered the 3 units on June 24 it is now August 17 and still haven’t received them. I haven’t heard anything from them as to when they will be shipped. I’m wondering if I’ll ever get them

  6. I ordered this unit and it took three months to get it. It states on the web site it is portable. NOT. I ordered it for my bedroom. It said to charge it with your computer and the charge will last 8 to 10 hours. NOT. It doesn’t work unless it’s plugged in. That is not portable. I don’t have a computer tower in every room to plug it into to use it. I called Williston Force and the guy said they would give me a 30% discount. I told him no, it doesn’t work. He said he would give me 50% off. I started yelling at him and he said I would need to send it back via the mail and I would have to pay the postage. Major SCAM!

  7. Ordered 4 units. As soon as i turned one on i could tell this would do precisely nothing about the room temp. Trash all the way do not buy.

  8. Never ordered one but anyone who has the slightest idea of how a real AC works know from watching these ridiculous video adds that what they claim is total bullshit. Get the temperature in a room down from 30 to 19 degrees celsius in 2 minutes with a USB port powered mini fan? Yeah right, why not just say it has a powerful mini nuclear reactor in it?

    1. Nice one, was looking for a comment like this!
      Cheers for that. I never considered buying one as I live on an island in the middle of the North Sea but I just had to see whether someone had figured out that it might as well be a perpetual motion machine haha

  9. I wanted to order one. I payd by Visa card. At the end the system said: payment not succesfull. Did I make a mistake? Everything was correct and I ordered again. And again the system said: payment not succesfull. I deceided to stop. Later that Day I looked at my Visa account. Two times payed! Until now, after 25 days and a lot of mails, no possibility to return goods. Stay away from Williston!!

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