Will Keto IQ Gummies Help You Lose Weight: Here’s What I love and Hate

Have you noticed those ads for Keto IQ Gummies popping up everywhere online and on social media? We sure have, and many of our readers are wondering if these gummies live up to the hype.

A lot of the reviews and posts we’ve seen online look a lot like paid promotions. Some of these posts even claim the product was endorsed by Shark Tank and other celebrities, but that’s simply not the case. Here’s all you need to know.

Keto IQ Gummies

About Keto IQ Gummies

Keto IQ Gummies claims to help you lose weight using a set of ingredients like: Apple Cider Vinegar, Vitamin B12, Pomegranate, and Beet Root Powder.

Claimed Benefits

Keto IQ Gummies can bring a range of advantages, which could make them a handy ally for your ketogenic journey. Firstly, they’re said to be great at promoting ketosis, which is when your body burns fat for fuel. But it’s not been proven yet.

Secondly, these gummies are rumored to be appetite tamers. By curbing those cravings and helping you manage your hunger, they might make it easier to stick to your diet plan. So, if you find yourself constantly battling with the munchies, these gummies could offer a helping hand.

Will KetoIQ Keto ACV Gummies, Make You Lose Weight?

Keto gummies might keep your body in ketosis once you’re already there. But don’t expect them to kickstart ketosis on their own. And even though they might help maintain ketosis, it doesn’t automatically mean they’ll help you shed those extra pounds. Plus, some ads make these gummies seem way more awesome than they actually are with flashy images and videos. Those before-and-after photos? They’re not real. If you look closely, you’ll see they’re used for many other weight loss products too

The images of celebrities like Luke Combs, Lainey Wilsonm Joanna GainesShark Tank, Oparah WinfreyTrisha Yearwood and Elon Musk are used to endorse this product, but in reality the celebrities have nothing to do with the weight loss gummies.

Has Anyone Given it a Shot?

Yes. I’ve seen some independent reviews online talking up these Keto gummies as a weight loss helper on popular sites like midday.com and evenbrite.com. These gummies are supposed to help your body produce more ketones, which can keep you in that fat-burning state called ketosis. But remember, they won’t kickstart ketosis for you. Some of the reviews i saw on Amazon mentioned that these gummies did nothing for them. They include

I read all the hype on IG, finally thought I would try it. All the sites on IG turn off the comments, now I know why. This stuff is just awful. It seems like the only ones who do like it are mostly men, bodybuilders, athletes. I am neither of those. The taste is putrid and I didn’t get any burst of energy, or Brain Fog clearing. I don’t understand why there is 70 calories in a dose, there’s nothing in it. This product reminds me of the children’s tale, Emperors New Clothes. And it’s not returnable!! 


Before you dive into keto gummies, take a peek at your diet. Are you chowing down too many carbs or feeling hungry all the time? If your eating habits need some tweaking, it’s probably best to fix that first before relying on gummies.

But if you’re already rocking it with keto and just want an extra boost to drop those pounds, maybe giving keto gummies a try could be worth it.


  1. Helps give great focus,
  2. Increased energy levels,
  3. Reduces my caffeine & sugar consumption


  1. Its quiet expensive
  2. Has a lot of side effects

How To Lose Weight Naturally

  1. Add Cardio to Your Routine:
    • Walking is a great start, and I found it really effective. Aim for at least 20–40 minutes a day, or 150–300 minutes a week. Other good options include jogging, biking, swimming, and boxing. They can help you lose weight quickly.
  2. Cut Back on Processed Carbs:
    • Swap out white bread, sugary cereals, and processed foods for whole grains like quinoa, oats, brown rice, and barley.
  3. Eat More Fiber and Protein:
    • Fiber helps keep you full longer and stabilizes blood sugar. Foods like fruits, veggies, and whole grains are rich in fiber.
    • Protein can curb your appetite and reduce calorie intake. Include foods like chicken, fish, eggs, and beans in your meals.

Are KetoIQ Keto ACV Gummies Worth a Shot?

These gummies claim they can help you shed those extra pounds, but chances are they won’t do a whole lot. Before you give them a try, it’s smart to chat with your doctor, especially if you’ve got health worries or are taking other meds.

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