Upside App Will Not Pay You: Here’s Why

Don’t be fooled by the Upside App commercials telling you that you can go to the grocery store and use your app. Their incessant commercials are the typical over-promise and under-deliver and misleading testimonials of “real customer” results by a company that scams consumers. 

We came across lots of customer complaints online includingTrustpilot and decided to investigate this app ourselves. Here is our verdict.

Upside App
Upside App

A Look At Upside App

The Upside App is a smartphone app that gives you money back when you buy stuff at places like gas stations, grocery stores, and restaurants.

This app used to be good with decent discounts and easy cashback. But recently you can’t cash out without a fee which is over $15. Plus, if you get rewards from stations like Casey’s or Kroger, Upside only gives you a 1 cent discount.

How Upside Works

They entice you to use their app and at first, everything seems legit—you claim an offer and save your receipt. But then, they don’t give you the cash back you’re owed. After 10 days, you send them a photo of your receipt, but they say they can’t find your purchase and ask for account confirmation. Even after you send them proof again, they still can’t find it. By then, you’re fed up with wasting your time. Meanwhile, your app purchase shows as expired, and you never get your cash back. Plus, the app promises to save you a certain amount (like 26 cents), but they only give you 17 cents. It feels like a total scam.

How Upside Fools Their Entire Customers

The upside of this service isn’t as great as they make it seem. They’ve fooled me several times by not giving me the money I’m owed. Even when they do give something, they sometimes let it sit in processing for so long that it expires. It feels like they’re cherry-picking when to give rewards. Plus, they won’t let you use the cash back until you reach $10, and they make it difficult to reach that amount by withholding your cash back. It’s frustrating and hard to trust them.

Is Upside App Legit Or Scam

From my perspective it’s a total scam. it feels like this company is only paying out some of the time and making excuses when they don’t. They promise big savings, like 45 cents off per gallon, but then only deliver 20 cents. It’s like they’re playing tricks to keep us coming back, making us think we’re getting something when really, they’re just keeping most of the savings for themselves. Do not download their app or use them bc they are a complete joke.

Reviews From People Who Have Tried This App

Lots of people on Trustpilot have reported that this app is all hype and no money when it comes time to pay. There is no access to contact customer service to access accumulated funds. Here are some of the reviews online:

I feel like this is a scam. I haven’t received any cash back. This app sends you to gas stations that are higher priced but sure you what you’ll pay with the cash back. Only you actually get nothing back. I’m stick with Walmart+ and continue to get 10¢ off per gallon.

It’s a scam you go running to these places thinking you getting cash back when they so call process the transaction they say I dint qualify because you didn’t use the card attachment but when you go the wallet on the app your card is there then they say oh send a screen shot from your bank statement proving you use the card to pay for it the app is a.scam I used it for a month and haven’t gotten anything back

They have not paid me out for so many transactions. Because I didn’t upload proof of all these within 15 days they expired. What is the point off the app if I have to constantly be checking if I got my reward. Since January 2024 I have not been paid out for 12 of my 13 purchases. So disappointed.

Should You Use Upside

I suggest not to download it at all. Their referral program is bait&switch. The app is a disgrace full of problems including time zone issues and their customer service is next to nonexistent.

Its great at accumulating cash on your account, just dont expect to actually receive any of it.

Final Words

Upside is a complete waste of time and I strongly advise against getting involved with this shady company. They promise a lot but deliver very little, and their customer service is practically non-existent. It’s just not worth the risk of getting scammed.

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