Is A Legit Online Store To Buy Your Nail Polish? What We Discovered

Are you looking to buy quality nails? Did you come across Stay away from this website, It’s a fake online store trying to trick you. They promise to cheap gel nail sticker, but you might end up with fake stuff, bad quality, or even nothing at all.

What Is Nail Polish is an online store claiming to sell things like nail stickers in different colors and patterns, such as the Wessiny Aurora Series Semicured UV Gel Nail Sticker Kit, Wessiny Peritwinkle Blue Semicured UV Gel Nail Sticker Kit, and Wessiny Claret Semicured UV Gel Nail Stickers Kit. They even have an offer where you get a free UV lamp if you buy two nail kits. But what are customers saying concerning this product and the services they offer.

What offers

  1. Easy to Use: Stick them on your nails
  2. UV/LED Lamp Magic: Use a UV/LED lamp for just 60 seconds to make them stand out.
  3. Lasts Over 2 Weeks: Will stay put for more than two weeks.
  4. No Soaking Needed: Forget the soaking, wessinys are hassle-free.
  5. Say Goodbye to Nail Damage: Wessinys won’t harm your nails.
  6. Quick Drying: No more waiting around for your nails to dry.
  7. No Strong Smells: No stinky smells.
  8. Chipping? Not Anymore: Wessinys are chip-resistant.
  9. Mess-Free: No more messy nail polish spills. Keep it clean and easy! Red Flags

Fishy Location

  • The address they provide (Bureau 3, 6 Rue Des Bateliers, 92110 Clichy, France) is like a popular spot for scammy stores. It’s a big sign that the people behind Wessiny are keeping things secret.

No Customer Reviews

  • You can’t find any reviews on Wessiny. Legit places usually let people share their thoughts, so this absence makes you wonder if everything’s really as real as they claim it is.

Hard to Get in Touch

  • Wessiny’s only contact is an email ([email protected]), but good luck getting a response. And that phone number they give (+33744081417)? It’s as useful as a chocolate teapot. Trying to talk to these guys? Nearly impossible.

Safety Missing

  • Forget about Norton or McAfee seals, they’re missing. Your personal info might be like an open book to online troublemakers because of this.

Too Good Discounts

  • Wessiny’s discounts are like winning the lottery. But these places offering crazy discounts often end up being a bit dodgy.

Social Media Mystery

  • Clicking on those social media icons? They don’t take you to the real deal.

Low Trust Score

  • isn’t exactly topping the charts when it comes to trust. Low score means it might not be the safest spot to shop.

Copycat Products

  • The things they show off seem like they just swiped them from other websites. Originality? Not their strong suit.

Is A Scam Or Legit Online Store?

At first glance, seems like a real online shop with great deals on all sorts of items. But, it has lots of loopholes. They’re just trying to fool you into buying things and giving them your money or personal info and send you inferior products in return.

Things To Lookout For When Shopping Online

Unbelievable Deals

Watch for Crazy Discounts: If discounts seem too good to be true, like 75% or 90% off, be cautious. Scammers use this tactic to lure you in.

Alarming Sales Pitches

Be Wary of Urgent Messages: If the site claims to be “going out of business” with high-pressure sales tactics, it’s likely a scam trying to rush you into a purchase.

Limited Contact Methods:

Check for Contact Options: If the only way to reach them is through email with no phone number, it’s a red flag. Legit businesses provide multiple ways to contact them.

No Social Media Presence:

Look for Social Media Links: If there are no links to social media or any signs of real-world presence, it might be a scam. Legitimate businesses are active on social platforms.

New Websites with Copied Content:

Check Website Creation Date: Scam sites are often new, and their content might be copied. Look for the creation date and be cautious if it’s recently made.

Suspicious Details

Verify Address and Details: If the provided address seems fake or suspicious, be careful. Scammers often use fictional details.

If you’ve already bought something from, here’s what you should do

  1. Call Your Bank or Credit Card Company:
    • Reach out to your bank or credit card folks ASAP.
    • Tell them about the purchase from and that it seems fishy.
    • Ask them to look into it and maybe issue you a new card.
  2. Keep an Eye on Your Accounts:
    • Watch your bank and credit card statements closely.
    • If you notice anything weird or charges you didn’t make, report it right away.
    • Stay on top of your accounts to make sure no one messes with your money.

How To Report

If you think is a fake website, let the big guys know by telling the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Here’s how:

  1. Go to
    • Head to their website where you can report things:
  2. Pick “Online Shopping”:
    • Choose “Online Shopping” because that’s what we’re talking about, shady online shops.
  3. Reveal the details:
    • Tell them everything you know about Share all the details you’ve got.


It’s best to steer clear of because of the the secret address, no customer reviews, tough to reach them, weak security, too-good-to-be-true discounts, tricky social media links, low trust score, and possible product copying, it’s safer to keep your money away from Go for online stores you can trust instead.

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