JacquieLawson.com: Scam or Legit Ecards Website

If you’re looking for an online card company for your next e-greeting, you might want to reconsider JacquieLawson.com. Despite making over $30 million each year, they only have five employees, which suggests they might not care much about making customers happy. And that’s not the only problem with this ecard seller. This article will expose everything.

What Is The JacquieLawson.com ecards

Jacquie Lawson is a website where you can find awesome online greeting cards for all sorts of occasions. there official website is found at jlcards.com or jacquielawson.com. They’ve got a bunch of really nice e-cards with cool graphics, cute animations, and pleasant music that makes everything feel special. The site is easy to use, so you can easily send personalized e-cards to your friends and family.

They also have an app and ayone can use the app for free. If you’re already a JL ecards member, just log in with the same email and password you use on their website.

Is JacquieLawson.com Legit Or Scam

Jacquie Lawson Ecards is totally legit. It’s a website where you can send e-cards for free. However we noticed some disturbing customer complaints concerning their services on pouoluar websites like Trustpilot and Reddit. The company is rated poor within average of 2.1 which is considered unreliable. If you’re hoping to use their services, brace yourself for the following below.

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What You Should Know About JacquieLawson.com:

Frustrating Technical Issues

Some users experienced persistent technical problems with slow software, buggy downloads, and calendar malfunctions. Customer support seems unresponsive.

Weird IT Help on Facebook:

They tried to help on Facebook, but it’s this “not official” IT support. Plus, it didn’t even work.

Customer Service Letdown:

Lots of gripes about bad customer service – no responses, no refunds and non-existent customer support. A customer said

JacquieLawson (jacquielawson.com) has been a firm favorite of mine for years. Their charming cards never fail to delight my friends, and the convenience of their address book and birthday reminders mean that I can stay in touch with loved ones who I don’t see as often as I’d like


Emails and Unsubscribing Drama:

People keep getting emails they don’t want, and hitting ‘unsubscribe’ feels like a never-ending game.

Card Delivery Problems:

The cards are showing “jacquielawson.com,” confusing everyone. Most cards end up unopened.

Renewal Headaches:

Trying to renew your membership? Good luck. Some even got scam warnings.

Unexpected Charges and Stuck Memberships

You will get surprise charges and trapped in memberships. They will start taking money without asking.

How to Stop Email Notifications: Newsletters and Card Alerts

If you don’t want want their newsletters or email alerts about sent ecards, it’s easy. Just click “unsubscribe” at the bottom of any newsletter or go to Email Notifications in My Details.

For ecards:

  • They will let you know when your ordered card is sent.
  • You get an email when the person sees the card. You decide if you want these emails. Log in, click My Details, and go to Email Notifications. The JL ecards app has this too in More > Email Preferences.

If You Got a Weird Email

  • If you were with them before and didn’t say “no” to newsletters, you might still get them. To stop, unsubscribe like I explained earlier.

Are JacquieLawson Ecards Free

Yes, all you need to do is create an account or sign in on the app to become a member. Once you do, you can send a few ecards for free. Remember, these free ecards are only in the app, not on the website.

Is Jacquielawson cards.com Safe for Sending Greeting Cards?

Yes, Jlcards.com is safe for sending Jacquie Lawson greeting cards. It’s the original short link used by the company since 2002 and is legitimately owned by them. Clicking on Jlcards.com links is safe and will take you to real Jacquie Lawson greeting cards.

Can I Customize

You can make the ecards special by adding the recipient’s name, crafting a personal message, choosing the music you like, and more. However, keep in mind that you can’t change the moving pictures in the card.

How Do I Reach Out To Customer Service

If you have a question, just go to the website and find the form. It’s like a little box where you can type what you want to ask. Or, if you prefer chatting, you can click on Live Chat to talk to someone right away. If these don’t work, you can always send them an email [email protected]

Watch Out for Fake Ecards That Could Cause Problems

Even though jlcards.com is safe, be careful because fake ecard scams exist, especially during holidays. Scammers create fake ecards that look like well-known companies, hoping you’ll click on harmful links. They might want to steal your information or trick you into paying money.

To protect yourself, don’t click on links from unknown ecard sites. Check if the sender is legit, and search online if something seems off. Remember, real ecards won’t ask for personal information upfront or pressure you to click on suspicious links. Stick to ecards from people you know.

How to Spot a Potential Ecard Scam

Here are some signs that an ecard might be a scam:

  • The sender is unknown or vague (like “a friend” or “secret admirer”).
  • The company name is misspelled.
  • The link has strange website addresses.
  • Urgent messages telling you to act quickly.
  • Requests for personal or banking info.
  • Charges a fee before letting you view the ecard.

What To Do If You Get A Fake Ecard

  1. Delete it right away without clicking.
  2. Tell the supposed sender about it.
  3. Report the scam to the FTC and FBI IC3.
  4. Check your devices for malware.
  5. Use security filters and software to stay safe.


Jacquielawson.com ecards is not a scam. Clicking on Jlcards.com links is safe and will take you to real Jacquie Lawson greeting cards. However there are lots of customer complaints concerning the company so proceeded with caution.

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