Web Envy Scam: Beware Of Fake Invoice From webenvysolutions.com

The Web envy scam is basically tricking businesses with fake bills sent through email or fax. It’s all a plot to make them pay for services that don’t even exist. The tricky part? These fake bills look so real that businesses often fall for it. To make matters worse, they use fake emails, pretending to be from e-fax services, to add a layer of deception.

What Is The Web Envy Solutions Scam

The Webenvy Solutions invoice scam is like a sneaky trickster trying to pull a fast one on businesses. This type of scam targets businesses through fax or email and attempts to trick them into paying for unknown services. This type of scam is built to steal money from businesses and people usually fall or it because it looks like a legitimate invoice.

If your company receives an email or fax that looks like a bill from Webenvy Solutions, be cautious. It might be a sneaky scam. These scammers act like they’re from Webenvy to make you pay for services that don’t really exist—they’re after your money.

The tricky part is, they make their fake bill look so real that many businesses fall for it. They even send fake emails, pretending to be from e-fax services, trying to make it seem legit.

Who’s Pulling the Web Envy Scam? Revealing the Mystery Behind the Invoices

Recent Website Arrival

The website webenvysolutions.com only showed up on the internet scene in March 2021. That’s suspicious because the invoices they send out claim they’ve been around since 2013. It seems like they quickly set up this site to seem legit for their sneaky billing scheme.

Hiding Behind Privacy Protection

When we tried to find out who owns the website, we hit a wall. The owner’s name is hidden behind something called Privacy Protect, LLC. It’s like they’re wearing a mask online, making it tricky to figure out who’s really behind this.

Phony Business Address

The address they give for their business is fishy. It’s in a shabby strip mall in Stafford, Texas. But if you actually go there, you won’t find any legit marketing agency. It’s like they made up a place to sound official.

Amateur Website Moves

Take a closer look at their website—it may look fancy, but it’s like they used a basic template and barely changed anything. It’s a bit like using a cookie-cutter for a website. And get this, they didn’t even bother to change the example names from the template. It’s a sign that they might not be the slick professionals they pretend to be.

Vague Services, No Details

They’re really sneaky with this one. The invoices claim you owe money for services like “SEO” or “Link Building,” but they never tell you exactly what they did for your business.

How The Web Envy Scam Works

Here’s how the Web Envy scam works:

Getting Your Info

They somehow get their hands on business details, like names, addresses, and fax numbers. We’re not sure how, but it’s probably not on the up-and-up.

Creating Fake Invoices

Next, they whip up fake invoices from a made-up company called Web Envy Solutions. These invoices claim you owe them money for services like “SEO/Link Building.” It’s all fake.

Sending Fake Invoices

They use fax machines to blast out loads of these fake invoices to different businesses.

Tricky Amounts:

The amounts on these fake invoices are usually not huge—around $100 or so. That’s on purpose. It’s small enough that busy business owners might just pay it without digging too deep into whether it’s legit or not.

Confirming Webenvy Solutions Legitimacy

  1. Double-check with Your Web Provider: If you’re scratching your head about a bill or invoice, give your web services provider a ring. They’ll set the record straight if it’s legit or just a sneaky scam.
  2. Inspect the Letter: Take a close look at the letter. Legit stuff usually has a certain vibe to it. If something feels off or looks fishy, it might just be.
  3. Verify with Your SEO Company: Contact your official SEO company directly. If they sent the fax or email, they’ll confirm. If not, you’ve got a fake on your hands.
  4. No SEO? Ignore and Report: If you’re not in the SEO game, just ignore the letter. Better yet, report it to the authorities. They’ll know what to do.

Reporting the Web Envy Invoice Scam

If you got caught in the Webenvy web, here’s how to fight back:

  • Complain to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Go to their Complaint Assistant page and spill the details.
  • Hit up your local law enforcement. They don’t like scammers either.
  • File a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3). They’ll pass the torch to the right folks for an investigation.
  • Even the IRS should know. Write them an email.

How To Protect Yourself

  • Don’t spill your personal info. Keep it to yourself.
  • Call up your SEO service to play fact-checker. They’ll set you straight.
  • Eye the website. If it looks like a kindergarten project or the domain doesn’t match Webenvy Solutions, it’s a red flag.
  • Lastly, steer clear of suspicious emails.

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Webenvy Solutions scam is all about playing tricks on businesses. They send out fake bills through email or fax, making it look like these businesses owe money for services they never actually got. The fake bills seem super real, and they even throw in fake emails pretending to be from e-fax services. It’s a sly way to grab money from unsuspecting businesses. So, if you ever come across a dodgy bill from Webenvy Solutions, don’t fall for it. It’s a scam, and we want you to stay savvy and keep your hard-earned cash safe.

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