There Is No Such Thing As A Wavemax Tv Antenna: How This Scam Works

You’ve likely seen ads for the Wavemax Tv Antenna device on social media, claiming to offer free TV channels without ads or monthly charges.

However, it’s a scam! There is no such thing as a digital or HDTV antenna.. We’ll quickly explain this scam, how the device truly functions, and what steps to take if you’ve already made a purchase.

Wavemax Tv Antenna
Wavemax Tv Antenna

About The Wavemax Tv Antenna

Wavemax Antenna claims to replace cable or satellite TV and give you access to watch tv shows for free. The truth is they’re tricking people into buying it. Basically, it’s just a simple antenna you plug into your TV to pick up local channels nothing more.

Do I Get A Tv Antenna

Yes, you get a TV antenna, but they make it sound way better than it actually is, almost to the point of misleading you.

Wavemax Tv Antenna: Fake Or Real

  1. Misleading Advertising: The ads for TV Antenna Boost are misleading. They make it seem like you’re getting something special, but it’s really just a basic digital antenna for local TV stations. It won’t give you as many channels as cable TV does.
  2. Limited Range If you live in a rural or mountain area, this antenna might not work at all. It’s not great for picking up signals in those places.
  3. Regular Antenna You can find similar antennas at stores like Walmart for $20 to $40. They might even have stronger options with amplifiers.
  4. NASA Technology Claims They say they use NASA tech to get you free channels, but that’s likely just a sales gimmick.

Have Real People Tried It

We saw fake reviews online about this Tv antenna from a website Here is a picture of what the fake reviews look like.

Fake reviews from

Why People Call It A Scam

Currently there are different websites claiming to be the official Wavemax website. I came across some of them as, and The website shows a TrustScore 4.9 | from 12,554 customer Reviews but of course it’s fake. When I checked out reviews on the same official website, they appear to be overly positive.

Tips to Avoid Scams Like Wavemax Tv Antenna

  1. Research Before Buying Before you buy anything, look it up online to see what other people are saying about it.
  2. Check Company Info Make sure the company has a real address and phone number. This can help you figure out if they’re legit or not.
  3. Read Customer Reviews Check out reviews from different places to get a better idea of the product’s quality and the company’s reputation.

Do We Recommend It

No, Don’t waste your money on the Wavemax TV antenna; it doesn’t work well. Save up and get a better TV instead. You’d get better results with a $150 metal antenna and mounting it on a pole outside.

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