I Signed Up For Good Chop Meat Subscription Service: Is It Worth It

I often struggle to find the perfect meat at my local grocery store. Until I came across Good Chop that promises high-quality, grass-fed, and free-range services. But even when I find brands that claim to offer all this, I wonder if they’re really as good as they say.

That’s why I tried out Good Chop, a meat delivery service that promises both convenience and quality.

In this review, I’ll share my own experience with this meat service, from signing up to tasting the meat they deliver. I’ll cover where they get their meat, how to sign up, the range of products they offer, and most importantly, how good the meat really tastes and if it is worth it.

Good Chop
Good Chop

About Good Chop

Good Chop lets you subscribe to get meat and seafood from American farms and fisheries. They offer natural products without antibiotics or added hormones. You can pick what you want in your box, choosing from chicken, beef, pork, and seafood. They also work with local producers to be more eco-friendly.

How It Works

Signing up for Good Chop is easy. You choose between medium and large subscription boxes and pick the meat cuts you like. Your box arrives at your doorstep every 4 weeks, frozen and packed with dry ice in a recyclable insulated box. You can easily make changes, switch box sizes, or pause your subscription before each month’s shipping deadline.

Trying Good Chop For The First Time

I tried Good Chop twice, and it was hit or miss. The ranch steak was good, but the pork chops were dry. The bacon tasted fine, but the hamburger meat lacked flavor and had an odd texture. The chicken was okay, but not impressive.

The real letdown was the filet mignon. Mine was okay, but my relatives couldn’t eat theirs; it was tough and had a lot of gristle. Overall, I was disappointed with the meat quality, despite Good Chop’s promises of high-quality, organic meat.

Will I Order Again

Yes, though I didn’t have a great experience the first time, I’m giving good chop a second chance mostly because they are more budget-friendly, especially with the code ‘TQE120E’ giving you $120 off your first four boxes. Also Good Chop plan renews each month, but you can switch up your meat picks or pause your deliveries anytime before the next shipment date. This and lots of other reasons are why I’m giving it a second chance.


This meat service offers three box sizes: medium for $149, large for $269, and extra-large for $359, often with new-subscriber discounts. The number of servings and cuts you choose determines the price per serving, which can be as low as $3.74. In a medium box, you can select six cuts; 12 for a large box, and 18 for an extra-large box, with serving sizes varying by item.

What’s Great About Good Chop

  • High-quality American meat and seafood
  • No antibiotics or hormones
  • Easy home delivery
  • Customize your plan
  • Can cancel anytime
  • They offer a money-back guarantee

What Could Be Better

  • It needs freezer space
  • There are no gift options

Good Chop vs. ButcherBox: My Pick

After trying both Good Chop and ButcherBox, I found Good Chop to be the better choice for me.

Their services are more budget-friendly, Plus, they only use meat and seafood from American farms and fisheries that focus on quality and sustainability. I really appreciate how they support local businesses.

What I like most is the customization. You can choose from over 60 different cuts of beef, chicken, pork, and seafood. It’s just easier to get exactly what I want.

Who Might Not Like Good Chop

If you’re not a big meat eater or don’t eat meat at all, Good Chop might not be the best fit for you. Also, if you’re short on freezer space, it can be tough to use up all the meat before it goes bad, unless you freeze some of it.

Reviews From People Who Have Tried

I saw customer reviews of people who bought from this meal subscription on Reddit and Trustpilot and most customer reviews were positive. Here are some of them

I Love the beef products I’ve eaten, however; the last two ribeye steaks I ate were just a little bit tough. Nothing like what stores try to pass off as edible, but just a little tough. The ground beef is delicious as was the ribeye steaks. The pork is to die for, and I’m able to cut it with a fork. Keep up the good work.

I was mostly interested in getting high-quality steaks, but the ribeyes from Good Chop are only 10oz, which means they are very thin. I’ve watched 20+ videos on how to cook them so they’ll be medium rare, and even use a thermometer, but they are just too thin and end up medium well or well done. I had grass-fed ground beef in this order which was okay, and chicken breasts, which were scrawny. Next time, I’m paying more to try some filets. I can’t keep wasting money on meat that isn’t AMAZING. 

I enjoyed everything I received from Good Chop. The items I wanted most are what they consider “Prime” so it costs more. This limited what I wanted so for me the selection was limited and the same each time.

Final Words

Overall, we liked Good Chop and just like HelloFresh and would recommend it to those wanting quality meat and seafood delivered conveniently to their door.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I easily cancel Good Chop?
    Yes, you can cancel your plan up to five days before your next delivery.
  2. Where does Good Chop’s meat come from?
  3. They get their meat from family farms and ranchers across America.
  4. Is the Good Chop meat frozen?
  5. Yes, it comes frozen in vacuum-sealed packs with dry ice, all in a recyclable box.

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