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W5fek info Scam – USPS Scheduled Delivery Shipment Changed

Beware of the fake USPS text that claims the scheduled delivery for your shipment got changed, please confirm. The link attached to the text message is that of a fake USPS delivery website.

With online scams springing up every day, we have taken the responsibility of reviewing products, stores, websites etc for our reader’s financial safety.

This review expose everything you need to know about the text message, and why it is fraudulent.

How Does W5fek info Scam Text Work?

The text message is created by scammers who aim to steal account credentials, personal and financial information. When people visit the website to confirm the changed delivery schedule, they’ll be made to provide their credit card information for a service fee.

This is where the scam comes in. When you provide your credit card information, these scammers will delete every dime you have in your bank account. This is because they’re not the legit USPS delivery company, and they don’t have any parcel for you.

See the fake USPS text message below –

From 1-657-296-5340

USPS: the scheduled delivery for the shipment 1z47037 got changed. Please confirm here:

So far these scammers use the following phone numbers-

  • 1 619 673 7216
  • 1-657-296-5340
  • 619-673-7173
  • 619-673-7210

If you have submitted financial information on the fake website, immediately contact your bank for help.

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Wendy is an Entry-Level Security Analyst who's passionate about cybersecurity and dedicated to protecting people and organizations from emerging threats.

She has spent the past ten years writing articles that reveal the alarming rise of online scams, fake products, and misleading advertising. In 2019, she left her role as a Threat Alert writer and founded SabiReviews. With more Cybersecurity certifications bagged, she knows her purpose; To educate the public about cybercrimes, to provide genuine reviews about services and products, and to stop cyber crimes.


  1. I receive these texts about twice monthly; I’m not expecting a USPS delivery. Received the following text message from phone # 1-562-515-2244
    “USPS: the scheduled delivery for shipment 1z47246 got changed. Please confirm here:

  2. I just received one but knew the parcel number was all wrong for USPS. The phone number they used was 15627406398 Plus the email to confirm was You can add these new numbers to your list.

  3. never click on things sent to your phone the scammers have made that a dodgy prospect always go to the main website ,it was by going to the website that I found out about the scamming, the legit company’s hate them as much as we do and remember never give sensitive information about yourselves over the phone reputable companies will not ask for information of such a nature,if someone is asking for such info I would be very suspicious of them unless they were known to me and trusted 100% even then I would prefer to use some other method of payment remember if it takes a bit longer its your hard-earned that is at risk so take a bit longer and stay safe,

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