Hermes Reschedule and Cover £1.45 Service Fee Scam

Beware of the fake Hermes redelivery text that tells you to please reschedule and cover the £1.45 service fee. The link attached to the text message is that of a fake Hermes delivery website.

With online scams springing up every day, we have taken the responsibility of reviewing products, stores, websites etc for our reader’s financial safety.

This review expose everything you need to know about the text message, and why it is fraudulent.

How Does Hermes Redelivery Scam Work?

The text message is created by scammers who aim to steal account credentials, personal and financial information. When people visit the website to ‘reschedule the so called delivery they’ll be made to provide their credit card information for the £1.45 service fee.

This is where the scam comes in. When you provide your credit card information, these scammers will delete every dime you have in your bank account. This is because they’re not the legit Hermes delivery company, and they don’t have any parcel for you.

So far these scammers have used the following websites –


If you have submitted financial information on the fake website, immediately contact your bank for help.

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  1. received same text scam today
    realist website asking for personal id, credit card bank details
    DONE fall for this and click any links

  2. Iv just been sent this scam about 15 mins ago, here in Scotland. I did use hermes recently and jd sport but i knew this was a scam straight away as i had 1 tge other week from a different company with a fake website. I enter a hole pile of mis info and wrong card details and it went through, so i hope i jammed them up a little by this inconvenience. Personally i feel that alot of these companies are responsible aswel and should do a little more to stop this and also the country this is mainly happening from,like india!

  3. I just got this scam text to say I’d missed the delivery and need to pay for redelivery. really convincing-looking. Nearly did it, but stopped when I got to the payment bit. Phew.

  4. I just had one from number 07376791093 with a link to ‘ They must send out 1000s of these

  5. Got this message on the phone as i havent got anything to be delivered except from Amazon i wondered what it could be tried to phone them engage all the time so looked online & foun this page .

  6. 09:04:2021 Received same text at 1.41am !!! delivering parcels at that time in a morning? The time may indicate the message was sent from a different time zone.

  7. I received a text today from 07442150676, asking me to visit – definitely part of this scam. It would be so easy to fall for, I am waiting for a delivery so I did briefly think it could be genuine, but not for long enough to actually click the link! I checked the tracking number on my real delivery and it’s not even out for delivery yet, product appears to be still en route from China.

  8. Hi Folks i got the same text saying i missed a parcel,, it was from mobile number 07960519968,, it then leads you to a website to reschedule the delivery,,when you get there it asks you to confirm your postcode, then it takes you to the next page for reschedule new delivery, when you click that it asks your full name phone number d.o.b and address,, all looks ok until you click continue then it says its £1.45 to redeliver,, BUT it will only accept a bank card and NOT a credit card !!!! DO NOT FOR ANY REASON give your bank details !!!! this is a scam and they are trying to get your bank details and CVV number. delete the text and block the number 😉

  9. I’ve received a scam text “Sorry we missed you. Our driver will be redelivering tomorrow. Please reschedule and cover the £1.45 service fee here: https://hermes-deliver(dot)com” from 07983976448.
    I’ve received this message almost exactly 2 hours after Hermes received my parcel from overseas (checked using tracking data). There must be someone at Hermes or in customs who supplies scammers with phone numbers of people who are about to receive Hermes package so it’s easier to scam them.

  10. had a text from number 07950687015,saying driver missed you,please rebook and pay a fee,legit looking website,but,as others have said,asking for D.O.B.,to deliver a parcel?,I really appreciate the intel on this.

  11. Had this text today, i’m expecting a hermes delivery so clicked the link but stopped when it asked for payment details. lucky! It seems an unlikely coincidence that myself and others are receiving these messages on the same day as an actual delivery… inside job or hermes have been hacked?
    Number message came from: 07305007873

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