Voltizer Energy Saver 2022: 5 Things Reviews Wouldn’t Tell You

Have you been suffering high electrical bills and looking for a way to reduce the cost of electricity? Did you stumble on an Ad for Voltizer on YouTube or Facebook? Wondering if Voltizer power saver can reduce your electricity bill or if it is another fad product? This review is for you!

Voltizer Energy Saver

Voltizer Energy Saver

Many words have been used to describe this product. Some of the words include; ‘Contraption’ ‘Voltizer Energy Saver’, ‘Voltizer Power Saver’ ‘Get Voltizer’ etc. But the main question is; does it really do the work it claims to do?.

During our investigations, we discovered some inconsistencies about this product. Below are reasons why you shouldn’t think of buying this power saving device-

Bogus Claim

Getvoltizer.com advert claims there’s some kind of science behind the product.  However, not only is the ‘science’ complete hogwash, but even the photo of the ‘company founders at an expo in Berlin” is just a generic commercial pic you can download from Shutterstock, istockphoto, et al.

Meanwhile, Voltex, Voltbox, Watt Rescue, Ecowatt, Miracle Watt, are names which it was called in the past. A lot of users complained that these devices don’t save any energy or reduce electricity bill.

Not Equipped To Save any Energy

It only contains a capacitor placed across the power line. This actually might do a little bit of power factor correction, but you are not billed for reactive power at home. So it saves you nothing in money.

It probably has *just enough* effect that the statements in the ads are not complete lies, but the device is still completely useless in general.

Danger of Electrocution

Just like similar ‘power saving devices’ the capacitor inside the Voltizer is not rated for connection across the AC line. It is a fire hazard if there is a lightning strike nearby. Capacitors connected directly to the AC line are supposed to have an “X” rating for safety.

Negative Reviews

There are a lot of reviews online that are false and don’t give concrete info about this product. These reviews indicate that Voltizer energy saver does not reduce electricity bills.

Can Not Reduce Electrical Consumption

What you should know is this ‘There is NO WAY any device of this size can stabilize a home electrical AC supply or produce the savings advertised. Electrical consumption is based on total power consumed and NOT phase corrected VAR.

Is Voltizer a Scam?

Yes, it is. BBC has addressed the power saving device scam here

Energy saving devices like Voltizer and the likes  are unsafe and could cause a fire or electrocution.


  1. So glad I read this. I was considering buying the product, but now I know that it doesn’t work. Being on a Disability Pension I have to watch my spending. So I don’t have money to burn. Thanks for the information and I hope more people read this article and not fall for the false claims of the product.

  2. I love that the ads on this site are for the product you are giving a negative review of.
    Very meta. 😛

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