Analyzing Visiolex Nano Coat One Way Mirror: Is It Legit or Scam?

So you probably came across Ads promoting Visiolex Nano One Way Mirror as an advanced technology that transforms a window into a one side mirror. There are claims it can either function as a regular mirror depending on lighting. Unfortunately, it’s pure sales gimmick, and not a real description of what the product really does.

As a Cybersecurity analyst actively fighting cybercrimes like fake products and misleading Ads, my investigations revealed Nano One Way by Visiolex is a scam.

Below are my findings, with images, reports and links to back up my verdict.

Exposing The Shoe Wax Polish Scam

I took a close look at the claims made by this product including the fact that ” Nano Coat” can magically transform regular glass into a one-way mirror. I did a reverse image search on the product, and discovered some interesting findings.

The search result showed it’s listed on Amazon, Alibaba, and AliExpress as shoe polish. The descriptions used as shoe polish, leather shoes cleaning sponge, electric shoe kit polish, etc. You might want to believe otherwise, but sadly there’s no science behind this so called advanced technology.

The wax doesn’t change anything about how clear the windows are or make it possible to see through them from one side only.

Fake Nano Technology Invention Story

Can Visiolex Nano coat transform ordinary glass to single side mirror? Is there really a Nano coat technology? These are the likely questions on your mind. My research showed there’s indeed an invention known as Nano-tech which creates a reflective mirror.

However, as can be seen from the image below, it isn’t shaped like a car polish. It’s rather a film to be applied on a mirror.

Red Flags Behind Visiolex Nano Coat One Way Mirror

It’s quite easy to spot that this product is a scam. The first red flag is the outlandish claims of new invention with keywords like “Revolutionary, Advanced”. When you search online there’s no research about this groundbreaking technology.

Secondly, new sought for inventions are rarely sold with huge discounts, however this product offers up to 60% ‘Discounts sales’, or ‘limited Sales’ these are actually marketing gimmick to create a sense of urgency.

Thirdly, this product was formerly listed on Amazon but was quickly brought down after it was blacklisted for scammy description. This is why it’s currently unavailable on

Right now, it is listed on,,, etc. All websites reported for false advertising, have low trust scores, defective products, and false money back guarantee.

In reality, the sites are owned by Drop shippers who buy items in bulk from Alibaba then use false marketing to sell the items.

Similar Nano Coat One Way Mirror Scams

This fake product is also advertised under various names –

  • Furzero
  • Seurico
  • Rosesilk

If you come across any of this product, just know they’re all the same.

What to Do If You Fell for This Scam

First thing you should do is inform the seller by cancelling your order. You’d likely be told that the item has already been shipped. If so, don’t panic. Immediately, request for a refund.

Then inform your credit card provider and dispute the charge. You can send them the link to this post, to back your claim of fraudulent purchase. You might need other evidence like screenshots of product (if you’ve already received it) showing it doesn’t work.

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