T.R.A.P EMP Vehicle Protection Reviews (2024) How We Tested This EMP Device By FARADAY

Can an EMP device continue to protect your car even when the vehicle is powered off? Can putting the T.R.A.P EMP Vehicle Protection on your vehicle help protect your vehicle from load changes?.

Some gadgets online claim to make your car safe from EMPs, but they’re not reliable. At best, they might protect some parts of your car from certain types of electromagnetic pulses (EMPs) one of such devices making wave is the T.R.A.P EMP Vehicle Protection device.

All these questions will be addressed in this review to help you decide if its worth your money and time.

What Is The T.R.A.P EMP Vehicle Protection

The T.R.A.P. EMP is a device designed to protect vehicles from electromagnetic pulse (EMP) damage and sudden changes in electricity caused by things like your air conditioner turning on, changes in your charging port, lightning striking nearby and other sudden electrical surges. It works for cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, RVs, and more.

The plug is built tough with bronze, nickel, and gold-plated parts. It handles high currents and power surges up to 5,000 Watts, and it’s 3 inches long.

Major Highlights

  1. Easy to use: Just plug it into your car’s socket.
  2. Quick reaction: Responds rapidly to changes.
  3. High capacity: Can handle up to 5,000 watts of power.
  4. Additional protection: T.R.A.P B connects directly to your battery.
  5. Enhanced safety: Ferrites can be added to battery wires for extra protection.


I’ve bought stuff like this before, even this exact item, and I’ve tried it out myself. Just to be clear, I’m not an electrician or anything close to it—I’m more like an amateur scientist. I’ve got some extra time and money to spare, so I like to experiment with things like this.

Basically, these gadgets are like big fuses or shields. If a lot of energy comes through, they’re supposed to take the hit instead of your battery or electronics. I kind of wish they were advertised that way, but they’re not.

My vehicle haven’t encountered any life altering changes since i installed this device. You probably don’t have as much extra money to spend as I do. So, if you ask me, instead of buying something like this, you might be better off using that money to get a bicycle.

Does FARADAY EMP Vehicle Protection Kit T.R.A.P Work: The Science Behind EMP Devices

Could they protect your car from an EMP? Maybe. We’re not sure yet. In theory, they could work, but sometimes what looks good on paper doesn’t always pan out in real life. Personally, this gadget haven’t made any life altering changes on my cars.

However, The U.S. EMP Commission tested cars and trucks in Colorado to see how they’d handle electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attacks. They borrowed the vehicles from other government agencies and had to return them in good shape. During the tests, they noticed that some vehicles had issues when exposed to EMP, but most could be restarted afterward. They found that a temporary problem called electronic latch-up caused by EMP rarely happens in normal car use. This means that EMPs generally don’t have a permanent effect on vehicles.

Red Flags About the T.R.A.P EMP Vehicle Protection

I discovered some red flags about this EMP device and the too good to be true wonders it promises.

The real question everyone wants to know is “Does it do what the marketing want customer to think it does”, while carefully avoiding to formally mention it.

Their site: Not many details on how the device is built beside some major claims and a bunch of impressive logos. We discovered there are no customer reviews to prove this device works too.

The truth is that this device is basically overhyped especially since cars are not that weak against EMP, and if it was a major case, chips would go anyway, just like a surge protection for your computer wouldn’t help if lightning struck it directly.

I don’t see the need for it but if I did I would certainly search for a company with more detailed specs than flashy selling points.

Where To Buy

Faraday Defense is the official website that sells T.R.A.P. EMP Vehicle protection products. You can also buy it from Amazon, Walmart and other select retail stores. The price for one is $70.00.

How To Use

To use T.R.A.P EMP vehicle protection, just plug the device into your car’s 12-Volt outlet (cigarette lighter) to activate it. This device is assembled by hand in the US and made from top-notch materials. They state on their website that their return policy does not apply.


The T.R.A.P. Is a handy device that you can plug into your car’s power outlet that helps protect it from sudden electrical surges. It guards against things like power spikes caused by changes in your vehicle’s electrical system or lightning strikes nearby. However there is no concrete proof yet that it works.

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