I Tried Underoutfit Wire Free Bra: Here’s What Happened

Did you come across ads promoting the Underoutfit bra? The problem is, there are SO many on the market and it’s impossible to know which one shapes you the best. People raved about this bra and I’ve yet to find the perfect one, so I had to buy it.

I was asked to test Underoutfit bra, a brand making bold claims of adjustable straps and designed for all body sizes and here is my review after wearing.

About Underoutfit Wire Free Bra

Underoutfit.com is a brand that sells both shapewear and bras,leggings, sports bra, active wear etc. This wireless bra from Underoutfits claims to have special soft pads sewn-in promising to support your boobs without making any visible bumps. They say it hugs your body nicely, no matter your shape.

Some of our favorite bras from Underoutfit.com include:

  1. The comfort shaping bra with adjustable straps
  2. Full coverage comfort bra
  3. The comfort bra with straps

Highlights of the Underoutfit Wire Free Bra

  1. Wire-Free Lift
  2. No Uniboob Design
  3. Sewn-In Pads
  4. Adjustable Straps

Testing The Comfort Shaping Adjustable Straps

I’ve heard so much hype about this bra on Facebook, so I decided to give it a shot and ordered it from underoutfits.com. I got a 2X size, which is one size bigger than I usually wear, and it arrived pretty quickly, in just 3 days.


The fabric of the bra feels nice, and it fits around my torso okay. But I felt like there was zero support or lift for my breasts. At first, I thought maybe I just needed to adjust the shoulder straps, but there was nothing to adjust. Sadly, this bra feels just like any other. After a few hours of wearing it, I just wanted to rip it off! The only good thing about it is that it doesn’t have underwire, but apart from that, it’s as uncomfortable as any other bra. Also trying to return is a big problem.

Where To Buy

You can buy this product from Amazon and also from their off I a website Underoutfits.com. If you have any issues, reach out yo customer service via 1 (332) 239 1412 1or via [email protected].

There are discounts going on at the moment on their official website and websites like Wethrift.com with available coupon codes.

Do They Offer Returns

You’ve got 180 days from when you get your stuff to decide if you want to return it. If you do, just head over to the Easy Returns Portal, If they give the thumbs up for your return, they’ll send you a shipping label and tell you where to send your stuff.

Underoutfits Underwear Pros: Good things

  1. It stays in place pretty well, so you don’t have to worry about it slipping down.
  2. There are lots of sizing options available
  3. Comes in variety of colors and does not have a wire

Cons: Not-so-good things

  1. Customer support is poor
  2. The company is not true to sizing
  3. There are lots of customer complaints online

Is Underoutfit.com Legit

Underoutfit.com appears to be unreliable. When you try to return am item, you will be ghosted by the customer service.

Also they trick you into signing up for a membership, and then they keep charging you month after month. Trying to cancel it is a nightmare – they just keep on taking your money. They advertised hassle-free returns if you’re not satisfied, but clearly, that’s not the case for me.

Are Underoutfits Bra Worth It

Overall, I’m not impressed with Underoutfit’s customer service and their misleading  $10.00 membership scheme. The website boasts about returning after wearing is so easy. It is a lengthy process with constant attempts to get you to not return the product. Then, when you proceed with the return, it sends you an email but never sends you the actual UPS code. The underwear however is fine… but nothing special.

Underoutfit bra vs Shapermint

Shapermint makes bras and shapewear meant to be comfy and supportive for any outfit. Some people say their bras are great, but others have problems with size, comfort, and quality. Underoutfit, on the other hand, has faced complaints about their customer service and returns.

Overall, Underoutfit has its ups and downs, it is a bit better than Shapermint

Customer Reviews

There are lots of customer complaints on Trustpilot and Reddit about this underwear, here are some of the complaints.

I have contacted Underoutfit four times to try to return a bra that provided no support. One response that sent me a broken link (the reason I originally emailed them) and no follow up to my subsequent emails that included screenshots of everything. $30 is $30. Will never order from this company again.

the bras were very comfortable and seem to hold up good during the wash. I do need to exchange them for a size larger around, even with the extenders they are still a bit tight. 
The extenders are a little scratchy at times but all in all they are very comfortable.

Good customer service, okay product, poor sizing chart. As a busty gal, I had to put faith in your conversion of sizes. But, they are just not accurate. No size you have works for me and I am disappointed I didn’t see through the sizing chart’s obvious wide range all fitting one particular generic size. You all need to reevaluate just how many sizes really belong in one generic size.

Where Can You Use Underoutfit Bras?

Underoutfit bras are so versatile that I no longer need different ones for different occasions. They fit comfortably for hours, whether I’m at the gym, working all day, or going on a date night. They’re even perfect for nursing while staying comfy. Plus, they have options like strapless bras for special occasions. Overall, they’re my go-to bras for any situation.

Here are some other brands in the Shapewear and Bra Industry:

  1. Lounge Underwear: They have a virtual fitting room to help you find the right bras by asking about your current one. They also have a bargain section and collections for different occasions.
  2. Honey Love: They help women feel confident no matter their size. They’ve got bras like the Crossover for support and style, the Silhouette for a defined look, and the V-Neck Bra for lifted chests. They also sell shapewear, tops, and undies.

Should You Buy It: Final Words

We appreciate a lot of things about Underoutfit, especially their 180-day guarantee. But they don’t mention that returning the bra is not as easy as buying it in the first place or roping you into an unknown $10 membership. So if you buy a few bras and they don’t fit, it can be quite a hassle to return it.

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