Under Levered Meaning- Trump’s New Word!

The ‘Under levered’ word that Trump used repeatedly during the Town hall meeting has no meaning. Could it be he intentionally invented the word, or was it a mistake?

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Under levered vs Under leveraged- What does Under levered mean?

Most people believe that Under Levered is a mispronounced word “under leveraged” by Trump. This is because ‘Levered’ and ‘Leveraged’ seem alike, and is often interchanged.

Whereas Under leveraged refers to a company with little debt related to its assets. Under-levered has no absolute meaning. What we have rather is ‘Un levered’ which is a financial term referring to a free cash flow of money that a business has before paying its financial obligations

Trump was talking about loans for real estate.

Could there be a hidden reason why he used that particular word?

Why Trump Used The Word ‘Under Levered’

Below we have provided possible reasons why Trump used the word ‘under levered’ in his town hall speech.

– Was advised to say under leveraged and failed to say it correctly

– always pronounces leveraged as levered (so didn’t know he was making a mistake)

– Purposefully used a word that doesn’t exist that blurs what could mean under leveraged or un levered.

I think it is the latter, as he used the word repeatedly. He even asked the interviewer if she ” knew under levered”.

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