TheWealthCore Review: Just another Pretend Broker?

Is a legit broker? Will you be safe entrusting your funds to a broker like this for forex trading? You would do yourself a favour to go through this review before attempting to make any sort of investment with this

Online businesses and investments get more popular by the day. Due to this, online scammers and false sites become increasingly difficult to detect. Thankfully, we have made it our duty to review websites, investments, etc. and keep you informed. This review covers all you need to know about thewealthcore broker.

What You Need to Know About TheWealthCore Brokers claims to be a leading trading group, and one of the most reputable platforms in modern forex markets. The fact that they are quite literally unheard of, is one of the reasons we became curious to know where they amassed this untold “reputation”.

However, in this review, we present to you, some of the reasons we believe it would do you good to not trade with thewealthcore brokers.

Why Should You Steer Clear of TheWealthCore Brokers?

Upon visiting the homepage of TheWealthCore brokers, you will notice that they have a simple enough UI. In fact, maybe a little too simple. It’s easy to navigate, and has good user experience as well.

However, you will do well to watch out for the following red flags while navigating

Deposit and Withdrawal

We noticed that the has a few absurd policies as regards their monetary terms and conditions. First of all, the only information provided concerning deposits in their terms and conditions is that it can be done via MasterCard, Visa Card, Bank wire and vitrual currencies. This is not even nearly enough information.

The only way you can get the rest of it is by calling either of their phone lines, one of which is Australian and the other, English. Recall that you cannot hold them to whatever promises they make over the phone as it is not a part of their terms and conditions.

Another thing to note about is that they charge an outrageous 1% withdrawal fee. This withdrawal also takes 7 to 10 working days to process, which is far longer than the 1 day required by reputable brokers.

Trading Platform

The trading platform for is one that’s quite unfamiliar to us. They do not offer the traditional MT4 or MT5 platforms. This is quite unreasonable for any serious brokers today.

Besides that, their patform has unimaginable spreads and is mostly unresponsive. This just spells red flag for us


While going through thewealthcore website, we noticed that they had conveniently left out any information whatsoever concerning their licensing. This is absurd considering how important a license is in forex trading.

Now, we could have checked the registry of the regulatory body in the country where they operate. But we discovered that there was no available info concerning their address. Hence, no way to confirm their validity. How convenient indeed.

TheWealthCore Review Conclusion

From our findings above, we have enough reason to think thewealthcore is nothing more that a pretend broker looking to scam unsuspecting victims. We cannot recommend any broker to our readers unless they show reasonable level of transparency. Even more important, we will not recommend until we verify that they’re licensed.

Having failed to meet these standards, we do advise you to steer clear of TheWealthCore brokers.

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  1. I have been literally waiting 4 months for my withdrawal to be processed 34k-usd.
    Fob after fob after fob. My money is still sitting on the platform with no trading since late July. They just took off with it. Don’t bother with wealth core they are into electronic bank robbery behind the curtain you see on your screen. DONT GO NEAR THESE PEOPLE

  2. The reason I signed up was due to the Bitcoin algorithm. I put 2k crypto in and low and behold a 1k profit after two weeks. Hmmmm if it’s too good to be true etc etc. So I searched and did my due diligence. Nothing, (hardly) any negative reviews. Scam watch etc nothing. So old mate says make it up to 15k then you can get ” the better” algorithm. So having found no bad stuff , I put it in. After two weeks the supposedly good algorithm made o money. I started to smell a rat. Tony , my broker says he’s got some good info about a couple of trades. Oh okay, why not , I didn’t really want to trade, I lost 12k on binary four years ago. I thought I could just ” park” the 15k on the algorithm to turn a profit. So we did one on crude which was a win, then I on Gold which was a win, so I’m happy. The balance is now 20k. So on December 24 2020 I wanted to go on the crude again as there was a lot of bullish press about it. Tony my broker says the Turkish Lira is safer, I go ok, your the expert. On December 27 I get an email saying my account is suspended as there is under 35 percent in it. So wot the? All I can think is he did a CFD to lose that much. The next day I get a call from Scott White , (senior account manager). He says now your balance is zero. !!!!! After many emails to the both of them I am being stonewalled. No explanation of what happened. (At the very least , as they said in the email once it goes below 35 percent it was supposed to shut down), so I thought at least I’d have 5k left. But no, no real explanation forthcoming and now they’ve gone to ground. So looks like they did me for 15k US, low life mongrels

    1. Tony and Scott I am sorry for this these people won’t take this down. I’m sorry, patience and timing are very important in trading as we all know. ( you live and learn) I was ignorant about some things. ..rule one in this game is expect the unexpected. ( except Bitcoin etc) patently obvious it is the future it’s currently at $37.5 US. It’ll make 100 this year easy. So sorry again guys.

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